10 Best Shopify Themes for Beauty Products in 2024

best shopify theme for beauty products

Are you ready to explore the success awaiting you in the cosmetic industry yet? In this article, I’ll give you the general market context, and the theme’s installation steps, and showcase the role of the best Shopify theme for beauty products.

Based on the latest survey of Bizrate Insights and Digital Commerce 360 in 2023, there were about 1,053 buyers who were interviewed about their online purchasing behavior. The positive data show that almost all shoppers frequently test and replenish products, and more than 70% have returned monthly. In other words, leveraging the online platform for beauty products expands your visibility to customers and creates huge revenue.

There are no obstacles to launching a website for cosmetic brands by the collection of the best Shopify theme for cosmetics below. These themes support features to make your products shine like diamonds and drive sales effectively. Just pick up your favorite theme and go through 3 steps of installation.

Explore 10 Best Shopify Themes for Beauty Products

Check out this informative table to choose the best-suited theme by price, style, and rating.

Name Prices  Theme Styles  Rating 
Eurus  $230 Cutting Edge Features, efficient 97% positive 
Combine $360 Minimalistic, mobile-friendly 94% positive 
Essentials $250 Sleek, value-oriented 91% positive 
Colors $240 Dynamic, feature-rich 95% positive 
Blum $170 Luxurious, performance-driven 90% positive 
Frame $140 Efficient, elegant 90% positive 
Icon  $280  Animations, modern  90% positive 
Cama $210 Modern, efficient 93% positive 
Berlin $320  Dynamic, Storytelling  98% positive 
Blockshop $320 Sleek, versatile 94% positive 

1. Eurus

Eurus theme deserves to be at the forefront of the best Shopify theme for beauty products because of a variety of superior features along with favorable prices.

Eurus Theme- the best Shopify themes for beauty products

This outstanding theme has diverse theme styles for almost all of the industry, especially for selling beauty products. Have a look at the Puff style of Eurus, placing your main products in the best position with attractive promotions, to help you drive sales efficiently.

Eurus provides top-notch features, it reaches the highest score of website speeding for both computer and mobile platforms. Dark mode and responsive design are supported in Eurus, these features are essential for brands nowadays. Create the most comfortable shopping experience and radically increase revenue.

Highlight features ⚡

  • Product Presentation: Enhanced with animation, before/after image sliders, color swatches, galleries, hotspots, rollovers, zoom, lookbooks, and multimedia support.
  • Cart and Checkout Enhancements: Including cart notes, gift wrapping, in-store pickups, pre-order options, and quick buy functionality for streamlined checkout experiences.
  • Marketing and Conversion Tools: Featuring age verifier, back-in-stock alerts, blogs, countdown timers, and cross-selling.
  • Promotional Features: FAQ pages, in-menu promos, press coverage sections, product badges, reviews, and promo banners.
  • User Engagement: Ensured features like recently viewed items, countdown timer, flash sales. 

For simple steps of setup, you will effortlessly launch your dream store immediately with 40+ drag-and-drop sections, and over 20 apps integrated. Moreover, there are more than 80+ built-in templates for different visions. And I have to say that Eurus is worth a fortune.

>>> Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme. 

2. Combine

Combine shopify themes for beauty products

Combine is a great theme for brands that need minimalism for the product display. Your customer will immediately focus on your product image due to the reasonable order of features.

It plays a crucial role in user experience and drives conversion for your business. With the outstanding price, your cosmetic brand will be well-supported by up-to-date tools such as EU translations, stock counters, color swatches, trust badges, etc.

Highlight features:

  • EU Translations: Reach a global audience with EU translations
  • Countdown Timer: Create urgency and drive sales
  • In-Menu Promos: Easily promote special offers and discounts directly
  • Bundle Builder: Sell more products with customizable bundles, kits, upsells, cross-sells, and more
  • Highly Versatile: With over 25 sections and flexible design options, achieve your desired look effortlessly

3. Essentials

Essential shopify theme

Essential offers you diverse theme styles for different purposes such as product spotlights, promotions, slide-out carts, etc. With clean design and a focus on efficiency, this theme fully supports showcasing products and engaging customer’s attention. This theme helps you to create an invisible relationship with customers through amazing storytelling support.

Highlight features:

  • Slide-out cart:  convenient access during browsing
  • Sticky cart: ensure easy access to the cart
  •  Blogs feature:  engage content and storytelling

4. Colors

Colors shopify theme

Like its name, Colors offers you many choices of theme styles, leveraging this diversity to make your store colorful with outstanding beauty products. On the homepage, customers will wallow in your brand story through attractive visual storytelling design. 

Beyond the basic features listed as real-time stock updates, color swatches, and color transform, Colors also includes high-resolution images, image galleries, image zooms, product tabs, and more. 

Highlight features:

  • Vibrant EU translations: support for all the popular EU languages
  • Intuitive store locators: create logic in arranging product context
  • Dynamic color swatches: offers a variety of choices for different purposes

5. Blum

Blum shopify theme

Blum’s display strongly impresses users with cutting-edge features that are crafted for seamless online experiences. It captivates shoppers’ attention with attractive text design, and high-respond websites by optimized code. Focusing on shopping engagement, Blum easily adjusts the shopper’s behaviors which boosts your conversion immediately. Some essential features that Blum supports are flash sales, storytelling, visual brand, marketing strategies, etc.

Highlight features:

  • Quick View: preview product details without leaving the current page for the customer
  • Quick Setup: Minimal setup steps for a fast launch
  • Visual Brand Storytelling: Showcase images to engage users
  • Flash Sales Features: Tools tailored for running time-based promotions

Along with the core value of the cosmetic website and competitive price, Blum can be a serious rival to become the best Shopify Theme for skin care products in this list. 

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6. Frame

Frame Shopify theme for beauty products-min

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, Frame will be the best choice for creating a sleek and efficient online store. Priced at just $140, Frame support for a lightweight and minimalistic theme to streamline your setup process.

Highlight features:

  • Affordability: offers an incredibly budget-friendly option for creating your online store.
  • Efficient Setup: get your store up and running in no time, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Visual Storytelling Support: empowers you to tell your brand’s story effectively through elegant visual storytelling elements.
  • Essential Features: Despite its affordable price, Frame includes essential features such as EU translations, color swatches, etc.

Frame focuses on affordability and usability, ensuring that every new seller publishes a new business. Showcase your brand’s stories through visual elements, and optimized promo banners, driving the most engagement and sale conversion. 

7.  Icon

Iconic shopify theme

Still not decided on the best Shopify theme for cosmetics brands? Check out Icon now!

Icon is a perfect sample for visually striking brands who are image-focused content. This feature supports all necessary features for informative-providing, giving your customer your message easily. Supporting features include drop shippers, high-volume stores, rapid launch, marketing tools, and shipping/delivery real-time information. 

Icon offers frequent updates for your themes annually, friendly code, and understandable for everyone. Dedicated support and relevance updating with your commerce journey are Icon purposes. 

Highlight features:

  • Upsell & Cross-sell: Boosts products within products with meta fields to drive upsells, and increase average order value.
  • Filter and Refine: Enhance product visibility with built-in OS2to  break down large collections into manageable
  • Fast and Accessible: Icon is well-supported and updated routinely with great features, offering increased accessibility

8. Cama

Cama Shopify theme for beauty products-min

Cama, the best picture of modernity and sophisticated design, was crafted by Trafik Plus. For brands seeking to achieve success in the digital landscape, these themes provide a contemporary approach to e-commerce tailoring. 

With fair prices, Cama helps your business’s presence, reaching closer to your ideal client through EU translations, a quick view, a sticky bar, and a back-to-top button. Ensuring seamless operation and convenience, making your business to be the busiest brand in the world.

Highlight features

  • Visual Storytelling: Captivate your audience with stunning imagery and compelling narrative.
  • High-Volume Stores: Built to handle the demands of high-volume transactions, One-Time Investment.
  • Built for Speed: With a mobile-first approach and optimization for performance and conversions.

9. Berlin

Berlin Shopify theme for beauty products-min

While Berlin is new on the market, it still provides a range of innovative features to boost your beauty brand. Offering a blend of essential features and sophisticated design, Berlin, still chosen for its performance, shines through potential. With the top functionalities, your customer won’t feel bored by slow, ineffective features. Reducing these drawbacks increases your conversion.

Looking for the best Shopify theme for skin care products, especially for male-products. Give Berlin a try!

Highlight features:

  • Slide-out Cart: Enhance the user experience by implementing a slide-out cart
  • Blogs: Share engaging content, industry insights, and updates with your audience
  • Product Reviews: Encourage trust and credibility by enabling customers to leave reviews and ratings for products
  • Enhanced Search: Improve navigation and product discovery with an enhanced search feature
  • Sticky Header: Maintain consistent branding and navigation.

Berlin already integrated dark mode in the theme setting. Enhancing your brand visuals to attract and expand your presence. It also reduces eye strain and encourages longer browsing interaction.

10. Blockshop

Blockshop Shopify theme for beauty products-min (1)

Blockshop, an ideal Shopify theme for ecommerce, is made by Troop Themes. This theme is packed with powerful features and outstanding performance. If you looking for a sleek design and robust functionality

Highlight features:

  • Promotional Features: Promote sales and discounts
  • Mobile Optimization: Designed with mobile users
  • Storytelling: Create a relationship with your customer through interesting stories
  • Quick Setup Process: Effortlessly set up steps for rapid launch

Block Shop will be poised to increase your beauty store to achievement. Provided by its dynamic promotional features, Blockshop enables you to simply promote any sales, discounts, or product adjustment, across all pages to drive conversions.

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3 Steps to Set Up Your Best Shopify Theme for Beauty Products

We just go through the 10 best Shopify themes for beauty products with competitive prices to the most expensive themes with different styles and features, creating a multitude of choices for your brand’s goal.

However, If you’re still unsure which is the best suited for your store, let’s have a look at the table above.

Step 1: Select the Perfect Theme

Browsing through Shopify’s extensive collection, paying attention to themes that are designed for healthy and beauty brands especially. You should carefully refer to visually stunning design, easy customization, and built-in SEO, support for mobile. These core factors contribute the most to your customer experience and conversion rate.

Step 2: Optimize Your Content

If you want your store to be sustainable and become the best store for skin care products, you should enhance customer engagement by contents.  After choosing a suited theme, it’s the right time to optimize your content both product content and website content. Focus on understandable and SEO requirements by utilizing keywords, optimized images, alt text, etc. Incorporating such keywords as beauty products, organic skincare, or luxury, also enhances online presence. Maybe you need: Top 9 best Shopify themes for SEO update 2024

Step 3: Enhance User’s  Experiences

Make sure your customers have a seamless experience throughout the buying process. This is essential for driving conversions and boosting revenue. Adjust the Shopify theme to make sure for easy navigation, fast loading, and mobile responsiveness. Incorporating features like quick views, and product categories is also crucial for engagement and encouraging purchase.

Personal Message

As you can see in the current competitive market, choosing the perfect website help is crucial to helping your business gain an advantage in conversions. Therefore, carefully choosing your best Shopify theme for beauty products, and applying the 3-step tutorial above are vital. Create a strong foundation to reach higher achievement for your business.