10 Best Shopify themes for single product (Free & Premium)

10 Best shopify themes for single product (Free & Premium)

It is not always ideal to sell multiple products in your online store since operation and inventory management can be very difficult. Focusing on selling one product can help your business enter a niche market where you can be the front-runner and dominate the industry.

With the increase in the number of single-product stores, the demand for decorated themes for such shops is getting higher than ever. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 best shopify themes for single product (Free & Paid) available in 2024.

Remember to read till the end to understand in depth not only the 10 themes but also the tips on which types of themes to choose from, free or paid.

10 Best Shopify Themes for single product stores

We are going to have a quick look at the 5 best free Shopify theme for one product, as well as the 5 paid options  in the list in this table:

Theme name Main categories Price Website Reviews
Publisher Book product Free Shopify No reviews yet
Crave Food product Free Shopify 9 reviews
Sense Health and beauty product Free Shopify 55 reviews
Refresh Health-care product Free Shopify 22 reviews
Spotlight Trendy and youth fashion product Free Template Monster 17 reviews
Eurus All types of products $230 Shopify 39 reviews
Startup All types of products $240 Shopify 99 reviews
Be Yours Industrial products $320 Shopify 431 reviews
Broadcast Accessory products $360 Shopify 209 reviews
Venue Clothing products $360 Shopify 475 reviews

Let’s dig into the details and see whether the free version or paid version is the perfect match for your single-product online store.

1. Publisher (Free)

Publisher is one of the best free one product shopify theme that we would like to suggest for stores selling simple products or stores focusing on one single product only. With clear, clean, and straightforward navigation, customers can enjoy a simple and seamless shopping experience when stores apply this theme.

Publisher - best free shopify theme for one product

Highlight functions:

  • Mega menu: The Publisher theme allows store merchants to set up a detailed mega menu that allows clients to view all of the store products in one place. They can have a simple shopping experience without having to switch to different pages on the store’s website.
  • Slide-out cart: The function enables stores to make the checkout experience less complicated for customers. Customers can fill in the necessary information quickly and efficiently so that the buying journey can end in a short time.

Who is it for?

  • Fashion bloggers
  • Independent authors and creators

2. Crave (Free)

Crave Theme is one of the best free shopify single product theme store with lots of interesting features. It understands the importance of highlighting products for a single-product store. The theme introduces a vibrant and colorful design to help stores create a unique branding story and later draw customers’ attention.

Crave - free one product shopify theme

Highlight functions

  • High-resolution image display: The theme focuses on showcasing the product image in the finest way, which can bring customers an appealing and engaging feeling regarding the store’s single product.
  • Cross-selling feature:  The theme enables merchants to suggest similar items within the product line so that stores can maximize their revenue based on the limited types of goods/services on sale.

Who is it for?

  • Health and wellness brands
  • Gourmet food and specialty snacks

3. Sense (Free)

Sense is one of the rarest free one-product Shopify themes that can offer SEO-compatible features to online stores selling one-product types. Its clean, simple, but elegant design style allows the theme to create a professional look for the stores.

Sense - Free shopify themes

Highlight functions

  • SEO-supported tools: features like social media integrations, keyword optimization, fast loading speed, etc., allow the stores to promote their brand effectively and earn good results for either the Google ranking system or any other search engine.
  • Clear product understanding: the Sense theme introduces built-in functions like customer reviews, video instruction, detailed product descriptions, etc., to help clients get a straightforward understanding of the stores’ products/ services.

Who is it for?

  • Beauty and skincare products
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable goods

4. Refresh (Free)

The Refresh theme delivers a simple, clean, but modern storefront design. The theme focuses mainly on highlighting the store’s products with emphasized headings and a minimal color palette. As such, it is considered the best free Shopify theme for one product store at the moment.

 Refresh - best free shopify theme for single product

Highlight functions

  • Advanced product filtering: Stores can set up different product sorting factors, like size, color, type, material, etc., to help clients find the exact product matching their preferences.
  • Image rollover: Customers are likely to utilize the image rollover feature to view the product in an appealing, active way. The detailed information of the products can be highlighted easily with such a feature.

Who is it for?

  • Fitness and sports equipment
  • Health-focused food and beverages

5. Spotlight (Free)

Spotlight is known as the best free Shopify theme for one product in terms of producing an eye-catching storefront design but still being able to deliver every single piece of information regarding the product. Moreover, the theme brings an easy & swift loading speed for a seamless customer navigation experience.

5 Spotlight best free shopify theme for one product

Highlight functions

  • Video introduction & promotion: There is no better way to introduce a product through interactive video. With such a function, online merchants can deliver an immersive and informative shopping experience for clients in their stores.
  • Availability of stock: The function allows stores to update the real-time situation of the product availability automatically. Customers can save time by checking the quantity left of the products and make a quicker purchase decision if they notice that there is only a low number of items left available.

Who is it for?

  • High-end electronics and gadgets
  • Luxury home decor and accessories

We have managed to go through the top 5 best free Shopify themes for single product. Now it is the time to move on with the 5 paid options, which have more supreme functions and better support for your one-product online stores.

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Eurus (Paid)

One of the best shopify themes for single product in the Shopify theme marketplace is Eurus.  The Eurus theme has a ton of built-in features, such as a giant menu, infinite product labels, pop-ups, flash deals, and cross-selling, to satisfy the needs of a one-product business owner.

Eurus - best shopify themes for single product

Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff, and Breeze are the five unique theme designs that allow customers to customize the stores to fit their preferences & demands easily. Users may tailor their brand to the items or services they target by matching any style to a particular pet shop style.

Highlight functions

  • Quick-view button: The quick-view capability lets customers closely inspect the products and make any required alterations before purchasing.
  • Dark/Light switch mode: The theme enables the auto-detected customers’ displays to decide when to transition between the Dark and Light modes in order to improve the viewing experience for consumers in a particular environment.
  • Pop-up discount/ sales: Store owners can utilize the pop-up to promote their upcoming sales programs or new arrivals to draw customers’ attention to their brand.
  • 4-level Mega-menu navigation options: If the product you sell has multiple variants or labels, the organized navigation through the mega menu can help clients find the exact product type they want.
  • Quick shop functionality: This function helps customers save effort on choosing their ideal product and proceed to the checkout process in a short amount of time
  • Color swatch displays: Since you are selling a single product, the color swatch can help create a dynamic and engaging view through the product displays.
  • Event Calendar: This is a special function for store merchants as it will remind them to schedule for the upcoming events/ shopping seasons. The sales programs can be set up in advance so that stores will not have to run such events manually.
  • Enhanced product detail section: If a client wants to view the product in detail, this is a must-have function. This theme allows stores to set up images in grid form, product specifications, pickup availability, etc., so that clients can clearly understand the product they are viewing.
  • Customizable homepage sections: With more than 40+ drag-and-drop sections and 80+ built-in templates, store owners have the variety in choosing the most appropriate outlook for their store layouts.
  • Pre-order: Sometimes, stores may run out of the products clients wish to buy. This function allows them to pre-order in advance the products they like so that when the stores have them back or newly imported, they can approach those items first.

Who is it for?

  • Fashion and apparel retailers
  • Modern home goods and furniture

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Startup (Paid)

As designed by Pixel Union – one of the leading theme designing agencies, Startup is a top-rated choice for stores with small catalogs or one-product sales only since it offers everything to design such a store.

Startup - shopify theme single product

Highlight functions

  • Simple shopping navigation: With a multiple-column dropdown menu on the homepage, the customer experience can be straightforward as they can figure out the product section they are interested in and then navigate to those areas with a simple click.
  • Superior customer service: The fast and efficient Startup theme’s customer support team will solve the stores’ concerns. The high-rated service feedback is proof of the quality that their customer service delivers.

Who is it for?

  • Innovative tech gadgets
  • Unique gift and novelty items

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Be Yours (Paid)

This paid theme is built quite similar to the Dawn theme (the best shopify single product theme FREE), making it one of the most versatile Shopify themes for building one-product stores. It is a perfect match for a variety of niches like fashion, industrial products, arts, home equipment, and so on.

Be Yours - best single product shopify theme

Highlight functions

  • Conversion rate boosting: The theme presents various conversion-boosting features like quick buy, quick view, slide-out cart options, abandon cart reminders, etc.
  • SEO-supported features: The theme cares about boosting the stores’ SEO statistics and wants to enhance stores’ search engine results through tools like NLP keyword focus, meta title/ description optimization, mobile-friendly interface, and optimized page loading speed.

Who is it for?

  • Personalized gifts and custom products
  • Wedding and special events items

Broadcast (Paid)

With the modern, professional, but easy-to-setup theme functions, the Broadcast theme is a shopify theme for ecommerce, a perfect match for small-to-medium businesses or one-product shops. The theme aims at showcasing the product in the most impressive way, and helps the stores to attract customers through their signature brand stories.

Broadcast - Best single product shopify theme

Highlight functions

  • Mobile-devices optimization: The theme centralizes on helping mobile users to utilize an all-in-one shopping experience. with all stores’ features showcased on a single screen.
  • 20+ custom sections available: The store owners can choose to keep or eliminate any function in the pre-made function list, including social media integration, discount-supported features, language translations, press coverage, etc.

Who is it for?

  • Music and entertainment merchandise
  • Influencer and personal brand products

Venue (Paid)

Coming last on the list is Venue, one of the best shopify theme single product targeting merchants aiming to open one-product online stores. The theme’s competitive advantages come from several factors, like an easy-to-use design, lots of pre-made customization features, and amazing customer support.

Highlight functions

  • Support age-restricted function: This is one of the special features that not all Shopify have. Store merchants can set up the appropriate ages for specific products requiring a certain age commitment.
  • Drag-and-drop interface: The setup of presets, buttons, theme styles, etc., is very easy since the theme enables the drag-and-drop mode. Users can customize a complete storefront within a few simple drags or drops.

Who is it for?

  • Event tickets and experiences
  • Restaurant and café online orders

Which to choose to start a one-product store | Free or Paid theme

The choice of either the best free shopify theme single product or a paid Shopify theme to start a single-product store depends on particular factors like demand, budget, customization options, advanced features, etc.

With the free themes, they are a good choice for new entrepreneurs or small businesses with limited budgets. The free themes can offer a simple, clear but modern layout, enabling stores to focus solely on the one product they aim to sell. However, the free options may not come with advanced features and customized designs.

On the other hand, paid themes have such advantages with lots of customization options, premium features, dedicated support, etc. which can make your online stores stand out in the crowd. The paid theme is a good option if you want to build your one product in the long run. Nevertheless, most of the themes have a very expensive cost, as not many businesses are willing to pay.

So it is up to you to decide which option is optimized with the development of your one-product store. Choose a free theme if you do not want to pay lots of money for the theme but still want the basic features. Select a paid option if you demand more for the theme to help your store stay ahead in the game.

To sum up

After examining the 10 best Shopify themes for one product, you can have some ideas for selecting the most appropriate options for the design of your storefront. Seeking the ideal theme for your Shopify theme? Follow us at Omnitheme.com to stay updated on our latest posts regarding Shopify themes.