Boundless Shopify Theme review: Features, Pros and Cons

boundless shopify theme review

The creation of an eCommerce theme involves several steps, such as UI/UX design, testing, and development. For new merchants joining the eCommerce industry, the entire procedure may be very complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, a number of Shopify ecommerce themes are available to help online retailers with this work; among them, the Boundless Shopify theme is among the best options.

Shopify boundless theme is a minimalist Shopify theme that makes content editing and design simple. Put simply, the limitless Shopify theme ensures a gorgeous, striking, impactful, and professionally contemporary Shopify website while saving time and money on design. Let’s examine each issue in more depth.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about the Boundless theme within this article.

Boundless Shopify theme: Overview

Shopify Boundless theme is a free theme with an emphasis on photography. Because it emphasizes mobile shoppers more than other themes in the Shopify Theme Store, the Boundless theme is also mobile-friendly. The Boundless theme also functions flawlessly with other Shopify apps and is search engine optimized.

The theme makes it possible to integrate several applications and items to enhance the functionality of the Shopify website. Unrestricted customization of the Shopify theme enables smooth app integration and adapts to mobile shopping to provide a remarkable customer experience.

If you want help configuring your store with the Shopify Boundless theme, you can access all the documentation or get in touch with Shopify support.



There are two primary types of preset for the Boundless theme Shopify: Vibrant and Black & White. The black and white version, as the name implies, solely uses that color palette. 

shopify boundless theme review

With the exception of some vibrant color in the header and text link, the Vibrant version’s main design is still primarily black and white. Users can concentrate on the visuals with this design without losing sight of your brand’s color samples.

Boundless Shopify theme: Main features

Here are some of the key features that the Boundless theme can provide to clients:

Designed to display large images

One of the key features of the Boundless theme is its ability to let online merchants display high-quality product images across their whole online shops. Additionally, in the majority of elements, every picture will be displayed full-width.

It is possible to adjust the size, aspect ratio, and inter-photo padding. You may resize the picture to display more goods at once (up to six products per row), depending on your product inventory.

Please remember that the laptop/ PC version is the only one with this degree of customization. You can only have one or two goods shown per line in the smartphone version.

Fading Effect Slideshow

Fading Effect Slideshow

The Boundless Shopify theme has a very feature-rich slideshow, in contrast to other free Shopify themes. If you just include a few attractive pictures in the slides, first-time customers will undoubtedly get a fantastic first impression of your shop in just five seconds.

The slideshow provides an excellent fade effect throughout transitions. A certain amount of customization is possible (you may add text, overlay, a CTA button, etc.). The slideshow’s height may also be adjusted to fit the width of the screen or to be based on the first image.

Single product gallery

Huge, high-resolution images in a separate product gallery may be found on Boundless’ Product page. This feature might be a wonderful addition to items with limited picture galleries and minor versions.

You may also include the product suggestion element in the product list. The theme will, however, determine this aspect, and the product list cannot be edited manually.

Product image collection in full-width

boundless shopify theme-Product image collection in full-width

The collection of product images appears best as full-width grids, which is perfect for showcasing product pictures. Like with the “Optimized for showing huge images” option, you may customize a lot of the image aesthetic characteristics to fit your needs.

Some crucial CRO elements, including the Add to Cart button and color swatch indication, have been removed to maintain the minimalist style. Users discover that this feature pervades the Boundless theme design method after using this theme.

Sticky announcement bar

By using a sticky navigation feature, the Boundless Shopify theme makes sure that clients get the greatest possible purchasing experience. To make it simpler for customers to locate what they want, it features a menu option.

The announcement bar is a great way to subtly launch your promotional campaign, such as a sale, free delivery, or seasonal discount. The introduction bar is easily recognizable when visitors first visit your page since it is coupled with the fundamental design of Boundless.

The Boundless theme has a major advantage over other free themes in that it has this feature.

Pros & Cons of Boundless Shopify theme

Below are some popular pros and cons that users will encounter when using the Shopify Boundless theme. Let’s view them in detail:


  • Enhanced Conversion Rates
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • High-Quality Image Display
  • Regular Quality Checks
  • No Hidden Fees
  • User-Friendly
  • Free Theme Availability
  • Customizable Features


  • Restricted Customization
  • Limited Conversion Tools
  • Suboptimal Image Layout on Product Pages
  • Lack of Advanced Features
  • Page-Specific Customization Limits

Shopify Boundless theme: Pricing

You may use the Boundless theme for free. Installing it is possible through the Shopify Theme Store.

Who should use the Boundless Shopify theme?

The Boundless Shopify theme is appropriate for several target audiences, including:

  • Small-to-Medium Inventory Stores
  • Visual Storytelling Brands
  • Visual-Driven Retailers: Decor, Jewelry, Fashion
  • Product Showcase Venues: Galleries, Exhibitions
  • Low-Competition Market Stores

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Best Boundless Shopify theme’s Alternative: Eurus

Although the Boundless theme offers an impressive array of features, tools, and design, there are still certain concerns that require attention. We’ll recommend the Eurus theme to you in this part; it addresses the majority of Boundless’s drawbacks, including its sophisticated features, performance enhancement, and intricate customization.

Because of its major benefits to online merchants, and owning an affordable theme price of only $230 USD, Eurus theme is regarded as Boundless’ substitute. Online retailers looking for a feature-rich, conversion-focused theme have a strong choice in Eurus.

Eurus theme

Key features

Let’s view some of the key features that the Eurus can do better than the Boundless Shopify theme:

#1. 4-layer mega menu

Other Shopify themes might only enable a maximum of a 3-level mega menu; however, Eurus allows users to build up the mega menu with up to 4-level layouts to show more product categories and product tiles. With this function, store merchants may highlight all of the products or categories within their header section.

#2. Color Swatches

Online stores may showcase the items with a variety of color and texture options thanks to the Eurus theme’s color swatches. Customers may sample product variations of those color choices and select their preferred ones, which is advantageous for online retailers offering things with various color possibilities.

#3. Auto-switching Light/ Dark

Businesses may provide their customers with the most experience possible by customizing the auto light switching option, which alternates between the Light and Dark modes. Depending on the lighting circumstances when a consumer makes a purchase, this switching mode may enhance their shopping experience.

#4. Pre-order mode

The Eurus theme enables store owners to enable pre-ordering features for their future or out-of-stock merchandise. Customers will benefit from having the opportunity to purchase their preferred items as soon as they are restocked or introduced into stores.

#5. Products and collections suggestion

Product suggestion

Store owners may display similar collections or goods that go with a product or collection that shoppers are seeing. This encourages customers to make larger purchases and supports their spending habits.

#6. Promotions through pop-ups

To increase connection and interaction between online businesses and customers, store managers/owners may set up an infinite number of pop-ups that convey news they want customers to approach, such as flash deals, new arrivals, shopping holidays, etc. Customers are likely to shop more when they can view those discount events on your homepage.

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In conclusion

Overall, The Boundless Shopify Theme is a simple theme that facilitates hassle-free content renovation and seamless design. It guarantees a gorgeous, impactful, professional, and up-to-date Shopify website while cutting down on design time and expenses.

If you want a free theme to enhance the UX/UI aspect of your storefront, the Boundless theme shopify is a good option to begin with. In case you want a theme with advanced features and lots of customization options, paid Shopify themes like Eurus are one of the best options we can recommend. Make sure you choose the theme wisely to decorate your online stores in the most stunning way.