Ella Shopify Theme Review: Explore Everything In Detail

ella shopify theme review

If you’re looking for best Shopify ecommerce theme that can take your online business to the next level, there are plenty of options to explore in 2024, including the Shopify theme Ella.

Ella Shopify Theme, a well-known ThemeForest theme, is well-known for its diverse layouts and styles at a low price. In this article, we will provide an in-depth Ella Shopify theme review and explain why it is an outstanding choice for online retailers.

Shopify Theme Ella: Overview

The Shopify theme Ella, released by the HaloThemes development team, is one of the best-selling themes on ThemeForest within the last year, The theme has a range of standard design options and functionalities, which are very easy to get used to with either newbies or experts.

Furthermore, Ella offers a wide range of advanced, professional, and creative design options, allowing store merchants to create a visually attractive e-commerce website that represents their company identity. With a reasonable price compared to other premium Shopify themes, Ella is still one of the most popular theme options in the marketplace.

Ella Shopify Theme: Key Features

Different types of prebuilt designs and layouts

The Shopify Ella theme provides a large number of layout possibilities. The Multiple Layout part of the Theme options allows you to select alternative designs for the header and footer, list collections, category page, product page, blog page, and even the password page. We can see that the Ella theme creator prioritizes the user customization experience; thus, they provide a variety of choices to fit your preferences.

ella shopify theme review

When using these prebuilt layouts, you may also customize the theme’s images and documents to match your own needs. Alternatively, if you don’t want to make any adjustments, these sites can be utilized immediately. All of these layouts are available for free at Ella’s standard pricing. Many current Shopify stores choose to utilize child themes since they are simple to use and convenient to set up.

Here are some of the prebuilt design functions that the Ella Shopify theme can offer:

  • 30+ homepages: After several testing of the theme, we discovered more than 28 dynamic homepage alternatives. You may customize your shop by adding sections such as navigation bars, featured product presentations, and an Instagram gallery.
  • 10+ Product Page Templates: Our hands-on expertise shows that each product page layout goes beyond simple descriptions, allowing you to effectively showcase your brand and the distinct value of your items through a selection of modern and wide-image gallery designs.
  • 6+ category page templates: The theme has many ready-to-use category page layouts, which we found useful for cleanly grouping items and ensuring a seamless browsing and purchasing experience for clients.
  • 6 blogging Layouts: When we looked at the Ella theme, we liked the variety of blog page themes offered, which allows you to fill your site with high-quality content that engages users and promotes engagement.


If you have a vast product catalog with several product lines, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the Ella theme’s clean and modern mega menu. This will help them to find what they need without having to leap back and forth, which may be confusing and exhausting. Maybe you need: 5 Best Shopify Themes Mega Menu And How To Build It.

AJAX Navigation & Cart Features

shopify theme ella review: Megamenu and AJAX Navigation

To improve the experience and increase brand engagement, your business needs handy and adaptable cart options. The Ella Shopify Theme now has Ajax cart functionality, which improves the user experience by allowing them to add goods to their cart without having to reload the page.

Below are several Ajax-supported features that you can find on the Shopify theme Ella:

Ajax Cart Popup

With the support of the Ajax cart popups, customers can save time by being able to alter product variations and other items before adding them to their basket without having to refresh the website or navigate to the cart page.

Merchants may also use the “You may also like” section in the pop-up AJAX cart to promote upselling. You may choose a drop-down cart that appears when users hit the bag or wishlist icons. This allows them to quickly review their cart and proceed to checkout without delay.

Ajax Sidebar Cart

The Ajax sidebar cart functionality makes it easier to manage your online store’s content. It allows your consumers to easily alter and update amounts while browsing, as well as add new goods to their shopping baskets, all without the annoyance of page refreshing. Ultimately, this will improve usability and user experience when customers browse your store to locate the goods they want.

Sticky Add to Cart

Your customers can see the Add to Cart recommendation even if they scroll past your product images when using the “Sticky Add to Cart” feature. That is why it is an excellent choice for increasing shop efficiency. Offering this option in your shop allows you to display short descriptions of the goods that consumers have added to their carts while they browse your digital store. Furthermore, the one-click checkout option ensures that clients can complete their transactions quickly and easily.

Many Languages & Currencies Support

Languages and currencies are two subjects that many other themes and businesses sometimes neglect. Multi-language support is essential if your store offers items created in or imported from other countries, if your company caters to a diverse variety of clientele from other countries, or if you want to expand your business in the worldwide market.

ella shopify theme review

Currently, the Ella Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 has these two features to offer to users. The language support function provides a better customer experience by instantly translating store information into another language, eliminating the need for customers to wait for assistance from the support crew.

Support for currencies feature provides similar benefits. Customers will certainly offer a store with these characteristics favorable feedback, and that store will distinguish itself from competitors in the marketplace.

Advanced product filtering

Ella’s extensive product filtering tool will come in handy if your e-store has hundreds of goods to offer, each with a unique color, size, price range, and so on. The theme allows you to include a sophisticated sort and filter on your catalog pages, as demonstrated below, allowing your customers to simply filter and sort for what they want.

Sale-boosting features

Besides having exceptional UI-UX-friendly layouts, the Ella theme has several sale-driven tools to help you optimize your business for conversions. Let’s view some of the most common sale-boosting functions below:

  • Sale badge: Use prominent sale badges to highlight your reduced items and appealing promos.
  • Frequently bought together: Display product bundle discounts on your product pages to increase your average order value.
  • Size Chart Options: The Ella theme allows retailers to enter size charts and specify whether they should be shown on all product pages or just certain goods. Again, this is a useful feature because it eliminates the need to install Shopify size chart software. The size chart choices are integrated into the Ella Shopify theme. You no longer need to search for and install pricey size chart programs to insert your size charts. You can also display them on all product pages or just certain.
  • Cart upsell: Highlight a discount threshold on your customer’s cart page to encourage them to ‘buy more, save more.’
  • Hot stock (stock availability) If you want to generate a sense of urgency among your customers and encourage them to make ‘impulse’ purchases, Ella’s hot stock section can also help. This is a feature for your online store that you may use to assist in a discount or promotional event.
  • Product Custom Tab: If you want to arrange product descriptions and provide important information to your customers, you may use the product custom tab. The Ella theme may help you add tab components for product descriptions to organize your material on the product page, such as “product info,” “shipping note,” “customer review,” and so on.

Ella shopify theme review: Pros & Cons


  • Clean, Modern Design: Streamlined and contemporary aesthetic suitable for various online businesses.
  • Responsive Across Devices: Adapts smoothly to different devices, enhancing the shopping experience on mobile.
  • SEO-Friendly Code: Optimized for search engines to help improve site visibility.
  • Customizable Design Elements: Offers adjustable colors and fonts to match brand identity.
  • Diverse Layout Options: Features over 28 homepage layouts, plus multiple options for category, product, collection, and blog pages.
  • Multilingual Support: Accommodates a global audience with multi-language capabilities.
  • Integrated Blogging: Built-in blog to engage customers and share relevant content.
  • Product Display Enhancements: Includes product sliders, countdowns, and size charts to boost sales.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Well-documented and supported with step-by-step guides and image files.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, even for beginners, with simple theme settings and customization.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordably priced with built-in features, reducing the need for additional apps.
  • Conversion-Focused Navigation: Fast, intuitive browsing that helps increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Intelligent Search Functionality: Advanced search with autocomplete suggestions to enhance user experience.
  • Automatic Image Resizing: Saves time by automatically adjusting images to fit various device screens.


  • No Free Trial: Ella requires purchase for initial access, lacking a trial period to test before buying.
  • Overwhelming Layout Options: Numerous layout choices may confuse some users.
  • Complex for Beginners: The theme’s complexity can be daunting for newcomers, requiring time to learn.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Extensive features and customization options demand significant learning to fully utilize the theme.
  • Potential Slowdowns: Abundant features may slow down site performance if not optimized well.
  • Third-Party Apps Required: Some functionalities might need additional third-party apps, increasing costs and complexity.
  • Confusing Backend Interface: Settings and section naming can be unclear, particularly in collection grids.
  • Redundant Settings: The settings menu includes duplicate sections, making it cluttered and less user-friendly.
  • Limited Support Options: Support is only available via email, with reported delays in response times.
  • Short Support Period: Support is provided for only 6 to 12 months.
  • Reliance on External Page Builders: Advanced modifications require third-party page builders.
  • Installation Issues: Some users face minor problems during installation, potentially delaying setup.


Ella Shopify theme provides 2 main pricing plans. You can select the plan that is most appropriate for your store’s development & planning.

ella shopify theme review: pricing

  • Regular License – $89: This option is appropriate for individual users or small organizations who want to use the Ella theme for a single final product and are not charged for access. The normal license costs $89, which includes a buyer charge and the item price.
  • Extended License – $2800: The extended license is ideal for individuals who need more broad usage rights. This license, which costs $2800, permits you or your customer to use the Ella theme in a single-end product that users can pay for access. The total cost includes the item price as well as a buyer charge, just like a conventional license.

Shopify Theme Ella’s Alternative: Eurus

There are several additional theme options that users can consider to be the substitute of the Ella Shopify Theme. Eurus Theme by BSS Commerce is a suitable option for enterprises with large product catalogs and short-term operations.

To be more precise, Eurus Theme is suitable for enterprises with a diverse product portfolio since it has lots of standard-to-advanced features to satisfy different users’ demands on store design. Other Product Discovery features include Collection page navigation, product filtering and sorting, sticky headers, and better search, among others.

The Eurus Theme, in particular, is compatible with the latest coding standards of Shopify and will surely remain as the platform’s capabilities expand. Let’s find out in detail the key features of the Eurus theme to see why it can be a good replacement for the Shopify theme Ella.

Main features

Eurus shopify theme

  • Unlimited trial period: While the Ella theme does not support a free trial, the Eurus Shopify theme introduces an unlimited trial period with full functionality available. This allows users to sample the theme carefully in detail to see whether the theme is appropriate for their online store and then later make the purchase decision if everything is fine.

Moreover, with a one-time purchase, Eurus users can enjoy lifetime support through various channels such as emails and social media.

  • Powered by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: The Eurus theme can easily handle the slow loading speed and low site performance issues of the Ella theme. When powered by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, the design of your store can be lightweight; the navigation is very smooth between different pages.
  • Lots of customization options: While using the Ella theme, users might not get support with necessary customization options that they require to build their online stores.. With the Shopify Eurus theme, the theme is integrated with lots of basic-to-advanced features, combined with a collection of 40+ sections and 80+ templates to offer merchants lots of customization choices.
  • Store locator: Customers may enhance their shopping experience by incorporating an interactive map that displays store addresses, contact information, and working hours. This function is especially useful for omnichannel shops that provide both online and offline purchasing alternatives since it bridges the gap between digital and physical stores.
  • Estimated shipping rates: This is an advanced function that the Ella theme does not have to offer. When placing the order, customers can immediately view the estimated shipping rates right from the minicart/cart page without having to go to the checkout page to check; and can select the shipping companies with the most reasonable price possible.
  • Cart upsell: Cart Upsell allows you to market extra goods or special offers straight within the purchasing cart. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight complementary goods or unique discounts that will entice clients to add more to their baskets.
  • Event calendar: Enhance your storefront with the Event Calendar feature, a dynamic tool for highlighting your events, promotions, announcements, and new releases. This feature has various notable benefits, such as allowing users to add events to their personal calendars and keeping them informed and involved in forthcoming activities. Allow you to properly announce critical dates and involve your audience in forthcoming events.

Final words

Hopefully, this post has provided you with enough information about the Ella Theme for Shopify to help you decide whether to use it for your online business or not. In addition to researching the Ella Shopify Theme, it is critical to investigate alternate alternatives such as Eurus, which caters to a variety of sectors and product categories.

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