Eurus – One-Size-Fits-All

A theme covers 40+ customizable sections

Smooth & Conversion-Focused Navigation

4-Level Mega Menu

Able to show promotions, contact, banners, products, etc. right in the menu, making it easy for visitors to navigate in just a few clicks.

Enhanced Search & Filtering

Visitors can easily use advanced search & filters to find the exact products and deals within just a few steps.

Speech Search

Instead of typing, visitors can use voice to search for products. Shopping journey is now simpler than ever!

Highlight your mainstream product or collections right on the homepage for better navigation and increased engagement

Show your special offer and ongoing campaign at the top of website, combined with countdown timer, to create urgency and boost sales

Automatically generate related products and collections on the cart, product page, and collection page. Increasing the chances of cross-selling & boosting your revenue.

Improve user experience by keeping essential navigation and information easily accessible at the top of the screen as users scroll through a webpage.

Providing clear navigation, helps users understand their location within a website and easily go back to previous pages or higher-level categories.

Maximize your revenue and customer retention

Multiple Pop-ups

Shopify high converting theme deliver targeted and timely messages to your visitors with Per-page Pop-ups, enhancing conversion rates.

Product Labels & Badges

Our theme offers unlimited, pre-defined, easily-customizable product badges within our powerful theme.

Event Calendar

Notify visitors of your upcoming event and increase interaction at your store.

Product Bundles

By grouping items you can make your customers buy more than one product during a single purchase, which increases your average order value

Product Attribute Table

Provide detailed information about ingredients, functions, and product usage. Help visitors to make decisions easily.

Comparison Table

Empower visitors to evaluate product specifications and variants side by side effortlessly

Flash Sales

Create urgency with an attractive call to action and a countdown timer. Highlight your special discount and push visitors to take action

Coupon Code List

Easily view and manage all coupon codes in one convenient location, ensuring a seamless experience during checkout

SEO Customizable Features

Image/Video Alt Tag
Adjust heading levels (p,h1,h2,….,h6) for each block/section
Moveable collection descriptions

Effectively capture attention and drive engagement by visually highlighting important offers, products, or content, encouraging users to take specific actions on a website

Create urgency and scarcity, motivating visitors to take immediate action, thereby increasing conversion rates and engagement on a website.

Provide quick access to previously viewed items, allowing for easier navigation and an increase in conversions.

Capture visitor’s attention and drive engagement by prominently displaying special offers, announcements, or key messages.

View the product details without leaving the collection page, and adding the product to the cart with just one click.

Showcase media recognition, attract attention from a broader audience, and potentially drive traffic.

Recommend related products on the collection, product, and cart pages. Navigate visitors to browse your store longer and increase average order value.

Create urgency and inform customers of product availability in real-time, encouraging quicker purchasing decisions and reducing abandoned carts.

Provide an interactive way to locate places, plan routes, and access geographic information

Increase customer satisfaction and sales by notifying users when previously unavailable products are restocked

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and protect minors by restricting access to age-sensitive content and products on a website

automatically switched to RTL with no coding or changing CSS needed, ensuring a better user experience and wider audience reach. Fully RTL support for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, etc.

Eurus Theme Brings RTL Language Solution for BazarKom Website

RTL Shopify theme that works flawlessly straight out of the box, with no coding or changing CSS needed. Fully RTL support for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, etc.

Display your product with detailed information

Product Custom Options

Available in 11 option types, ensuring you can gather enough personalized information

Before/after Image Slider

Creating compelling visual stories and showcasing impressive product’s use

Estimated Shipping Date

Make information more transparent and help visitors make a buying decision

Product Specifications

Provide detailed, essential information about a product’s features, dimensions, and capabilities

Trust Badges

Visually indicating that your website is secure, reputable, and trustworthy

Multiple Product Variant Images

Allowing customers to see different versions of a product, such as various colors or styles, etc.

Allow visitors to click on specific areas of an image to reveal additional information, links, or multimedia content.

Display multiple images in an organized, easy-to-navigate format, allowing visitors to browse and appreciate content more effectively.

Showcase curated collections of products or styles in a visually appealing, magazine-like format, helping to drive interest and sales.

Provide clear and detailed sizing information, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction

Allow users to quickly view and select product variations in different colors, leading to more informed and satisfying purchase decisions.

Interactive experience where hovering over an image reveals additional views or details

Organize detailed information into easily navigable sections, allowing users to quickly access specific product details without overwhelming them.

Increase conversion rates by providing clear, detailed visuals of products

Closely examine product details, leading to better-informed purchase decisions

Bring different content types and diverse ways to display products to help users better understand features and benefits.

Optimize Cart & Checkout to avoid abandoned cart


Allowing your customers to place orders before they are available in stock, and notifying them when their orders are ready to be shipped.


Eliminating manual order process to help your customer save time and effort

Slide-out cart

Help users check their carts and checkout more easily on the product page. Improve UX and shopping journey.

Estimated Shipping Rate

Auto-calculate shipping rate based on selected destination

Enable users to communicate special instructions or preferences to merchants, facilitating personalized service and enhancing customer satisfaction

Keep the shopping cart visible and accessible as users browse a website, allowing for a seamless and convenient add-to-cart and speeding up the buying process.

Offer customers flexibility and convenience to order online and collect their purchases from a physical store location – a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Add value and personalization to purchases, enhancing the overall shopping experience, and facilitating gift-giving.

Allow users to swiftly add items to their cart and proceed directly to checkout without navigating through product pages, saving time and reducing friction in the buying journey.

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