Expanse Shopify Theme Review: Advantages & Disadvantages

Review expanse shopify theme Advantages & Disadvantages

When you step into the e-commerce market in general or any type of selling platform, the website is a vital element in your selling process. It represents your business, and the point of your customer engagement. The Expanse Shopify theme might be your future partner on this journey, this theme, and display showcases you visual interaction of your brand, and your product stand for.

Choosing a correct theme that can boost your online presence is crucial, it must align with your brand purposes. Carefully checking for a theme design is not enough, the built-in feature also contributes mostly to your success. Therefore, the perfect theme for your brands should be a balance of these factors.

We know you love to explore more about the Expanse theme, this comprehensive article will provide everything you need to build your online brand, including the Expanse’s pros & cons, special features, user reviews, pricing, styles, theme’s insight.

Expanse Shopify Theme Review: Overview

What is the Expanse Shopify Theme?

Shopify Expanse theme is a high-end Shopify Theme for ecommerce which provides almost top-features, and impressive design. This easy-to-use theme offers all the features you need to create and manage your store. Plus, it’s packed with customization options for a unique look. While designed for high-volume stores, Expanse looks great with any inventory. Launched in 2021, this versatile theme boasts a clean design and comes in multiple presets.

Here is a list of typical business types that might fit with the Expanse theme.

  • Businesses with a Large Product Inventory
  • Fashion & Apparel Stores
  • Homeware & Decor Stores
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Brands
  • Electronics & Gadget Stores

Expanse Shopify Theme: Styles

This theme’s current support for 3 presets are Classic, Modern, Contemporary. These theme styles represent different designs, theme styles, vibe, selling purpose, business size, and more. However, as one of top themes, Expanse Shopify Theme provides for you an easy customization immediately.

Checking out these theme analysts to get the best point of view for each.


Expanse Shopify Theme Shopify Review

This style shows a foundation neutrality, prominently featuring like black, white, gray. These brand’s signature colors can be strategically incorporated to establish brand recognition while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

Clear and concise menu labels guide customers effortlessly through product categories, enabling intuitive product browsing and a seamless shopping experience


This style throws convention out the window, embracing a bold and contemporary color palette. Vibrant hues or eye-catching gradients can be utilized to create a sense of energy and excitement.

Products are displayed in a variety of captivating formats, from dynamic carousels displaying multiple products simultaneously to staggered grids that add a touch of visual intrigue. Large product cards with interactive hover effects can be utilized to showcase products in greater detail.


Pops of color can be strategically used to add visual interest, or a more muted color palette with a focus on texture and pattern might be employed to create a sophisticated ambiance.


Balance remains a key consideration, but the contemporary layout incorporates subtle touches of modern flair. Classic grid elements provide a foundation for organization, while asymmetrical sections or subtle animations can be employed to add a touch of dynamism.

Note !

Carefully considering the provided information above will help you to choose the correct styles which reflects most your brand identity, and resonates with the target clients. The perfect preset for your brands is the one that aligns seamlessly with your vision, and creates a captivating shopping experience.


The Expanse Shopify Theme now prices at $360 USD, which might be a big investment for start-up, new sellers, or even experienced sellers.

The analyst below will help you to answer the core question: Is its price completely commensurate with what it offers?

Expanse Shopify Theme review: Features

Navigation & Filter

In the fast thriving e-commerce industry, the need for a user-friendly shopping experience is higher than ever, this effect on both the sellers and buyers on many sides.

Clear and intuitive navigation menus allow customers to effortlessly navigate product categories and subcategories. This increases the likelihood of them finding the products they seek, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Showcasing your design structure in a logical manner, making your brand look more professional and trustworthy. As a result, there’s nothing can’t stop the succeed of these kind of perfect theme like that

Filters that allow for precise product selection based on criteria like size, color, or price range ensure buyers find products that perfectly match their needs. This instills confidence in their purchase decisions. It empowers brands to showcase your products effectively and create a user-friendly experience, while allowing buyers to navigate seamlessly and make informed purchasing decisions.

Boost upsell & cross sell

I’m sure that you are a businessman, or maybe you’re a beginner, or an entrepreneur. And our ultimate purpose is to increase sales for the highest revenue possible. And any types of features like boost upsell & cross selling should get a certain amount of attention.

Elevate your online store’s earning potential and transform customer interactions from simple purchases into delightful shopping experiences with Expanse’s seamlessly integrated upsell and cross-sell functionalities. For example, if your customer is browsing for new shoes, this Expanse theme upsell feature immediately suggests a premium shoes cleaner kit, or related products to them. It makes the customer towards a potentially more satisfying (and profitable) purchase.

Furthermore, Expanse allows you to tailor these suggestions based on specific purchase criteria, ensuring the upsell and cross-sell recommendations are relevant and enhance the core product, fostering a sense of value and encouraging customers to perceive the additional items as a natural extension of their initial purchase.


By CMSWire Mobile ecommerce sales reach $2.2 trillion in 2023, creating a main shift in consumer shopping habits for mobile-first experience. Therefore, equipped your store with mobile-first design is required. It’s capturing customer attention and maximizing sales requires a seamless shopping experience on smartphones.

expanse shopify theme- review feature - Mobile First

Expanse, a mobile-first Shopify theme, understands this perfectly. Its integrated upsell and cross-sell features are designed to work flawlessly on any screen size, transforming casual browsing into delightful shopping experiences for your mobile customers.

This one-stop-shop approach on mobile isn’t just about increasing average order value. By showcasing complementary items, Expanse empowers you to provide a complete solution for your customers’ needs, fostering a sense of thoughtful service and building trust.

Quick Buy

Quick Buy - shopify expanse theme review

If your store includes a ton of products, especially for dropshippers, this feature is your saver. Quick buy lets your customer grab items from anywhere on your sites without navigating to other pages. This seamless checkout process offers them a happy experience, time saving, and boosting your sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify Expanse Theme


Effortless Setup and Management

The Expanse intuitive interface helps you create a seamless setup process, optimizing the time for running a store. This is suitable for sellers who want to launch rapidly. Moreover Expanse’s well-organized and structured code ensures a smooth user experience for both you and your customers. You can edit, add products, update content effectively, saving your valuable time and eliminate the risk and errors.

If you don’t have a technical background, don’t be worried. The user-friendly expansion of Expanse allows you to manage the store without extensive knowledge at all. Just for simple customization, you can personalize the theme wil all control and ease.

A Modern & Appealing Storefront

Grabbing customer attention is the key ! People nowadays are likely to decrease their attention, therefore you must catch their attention quickly by an attractive store design. It’s true that no one will stay in an antiquated website design.

A Modern & Appealing Storefront

A sleek and modern design fosters a professional and trustworthy perception of your brand. This attracts customers and sets you apart from competitors with outdated store presentations. Providing a visually appealing store with a focus on clean layouts and high-quality product images is more likely to capture customer attention and keep them engaged, leading to a more positive shopping experience


Expanse isn’t just about aesthetics; it boasts a robust feature set that translates to tangible benefits for your online store. Some noticeable features like quick buy buttons, advanced navigation filters, and inventory management tools can streamline your store’s operations. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Expanse Shopify Theme also offers powerful features like upselling and cross-selling recommendations that can nudge customers towards higher-value purchases or complementary items, boosting your average order value and increasing your overall sales potential.


Limited Theme Styles

Expanse provides a clean layout, powerful features for sales to become a good theme for Shopify store owners. However, considering the limitation of theme styles of Expanse Shopify Theme is crucial.

At the top-price in the Shopify theme collections. Expanse offers only three pre-designed layouts. While these styles cater to a range of aesthetics (classic, modern, contemporary), some users might find this selection restrictive.

If you have a specific vision for your store’s look and feel, the three offered styles might not provide enough creative room. You might end up needing to pay for additional customization work to achieve your desired outcome This also could potentially affect brand recognition and customer engagement.


Expanse’s $360 USD price tag is definitely one of the premium theme categories. If you’re just starting out, a $360 theme might feel like a hefty upfront cost, especially compared to free Shopify themes. While Expanse can grow with your business, the initial investment might be a barrier for those on a tight budget.

The Absence of Live Chat Support

It’s the fact that Expanse does not offer live chat support for users, currently this theme only includes the documentation, and video tutorials. The lack of live chat support might be a big concern for many users.

Technical difficulties or theme-related questions are inevitable. Without live chat support, troubleshooting issues might take longer. You’d need to rely on email support or forums, which can lead to delays in resolving problems. Creating a sense of uncertainty for those unfamiliar with Shopify themes.

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Alternative theme to Expanse Shopify Theme

Looking for the amazing design and features of Expanse Shopify Theme but still not decided by its downsides. Eurus, a rising star by BSS Commerce might be a considered theme for you. Eurus offers a compelling alternative that caters to your budget without compromising on functionality or support.

Eurus Shopify Theme

It is undeniable that Eurus theme is one of the best considered alternative themes to the Shopify Expanse theme because of favorable price, cutting-edge features, lifetime support, diverse styles, and more.  This theme promises to be your best partner on the e-commerce journey.

Eurus shopify theme

Have a look at these noticeable features of Eurus ⚡

  • Products & Collections Smart Recommendations: uses AI technology to suggest products and collections that customers are likely to love, based on their past purchases, browsing habits, and what others are interested in.
  • Quick View & Quick Add:  allows customers to see a product’s key details and directly add a product to their cart from the product listing page. This saves time for users who know exactly what they want to purchase.
  • 4-Level Mega Menu: organizes a vast product catalog and website content in a user-friendly way. Your customers can easily navigate through categories, subcategories, and even specific collections within a few clicks.
  • Diverse Theme Styles: offer 5 different presets are Whiff, Puff, Breeze, Breath, Swirl which are suitable for all business size and selling purposes.
  • Powerful Customizations: With over 40 drag-and-drop sections and 80+ built-in templates, anyone can achieve a stunning design, even without coding experience..

Eurus sales up to 35% off at $230, which is a price worth considering for all these features and the theme design offering.

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Wrapping up

Expanse is undeniably a strong contender with its impressive features and sleek design. However, if budget is a concern, Eurus emerges as a compelling alternative, offering similar functionality and a modern aesthetic at a more attractive price point.

If you still want to explore more themes, Omni Themes offers a variety of resources like theme review, theme tips, comparisons, and more. These sites empower you to make an informed decision and select the perfect theme to propel your online store to success.