Sense Shopify Theme Review: Pricing, Features, Alternative

sense shopify theme

As working in the eCommerce field for more than 10 years, we understand that choosing the proper Shopify theme is a true challenge for all merchants, especially the newbies who have little experience with such a mission.

To assist you in solving such different tasks, our experienced & professional staff have researched and tested some of the best Shopify ecommerce themes, including the free themes. According to our findings, there are certain free theme options that provide outstanding results, such as the Sense Shopify Theme.

If you are about to choose a free theme to get started, then the Sense theme could be one worth spending time on if you’re uncertain about which theme to use for your online store. To assist you in learning more about the Sense theme, we will examine its amazing features, advantages, and pros and downsides in this blog.

Sense Shopify Theme: Overview

The Sense Shopify Theme is a free Online Store 2.0 theme from Shopify that is clean and polished, making it ideal for health and beauty businesses of any size. Shopify launched the Sense in 2022, widely regarded as one of the finest Shopify themes of all time.

sense shopify theme

Sense is a vibrant theme with a long list of supporting features to make your storefront look outstanding when customers first enter the store. Along with being visually stunning, it is also completely free! Shopify will also provide free updates and support, ensuring your store remains up-to-date and efficient.


The Sense theme is fully compatible with all of the latest versions of Shopify, even the most recent. Furthermore, this theme has been connected with several Shopify applications, allowing clients to expand the features and functionality of their businesses.

Speed & Performance

The Sense Shopify theme has excellent loading speed and performance scores, which are rated by eCommerce experts. It achieved a 90% page performance rating for both the desktop and mobile versions, making it one of the best themes in regards to fast loading speed.

When it comes to loading times and performance, the Sense theme is beating its competitors with a superior score. It is a good choice for organizations that value a rapid and responsive user experience due to its well-written code, efficient image processing, and straightforward design.


If you decide to use the Sense Shopify theme, you will have access to essential theme documentation as well as relevant blogs and articles to help you maximize the usage of resources/ features of this theme. In addition to such support, you may join the Shopify community to ask questions regarding the theme’s utilization, and the Shopify professionals/ or community users can provide reasonable answers to your problems.

Shopify Sense Theme: Key Features

Advanced Mega Menu

The Mega Menu of the Sense Shopify theme makes it easier for online merchants to arrange and present a wide range of product categories and subcategories in their storefronts. As a consequence, consumers may find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily right on the homepage, which helps reduce the number of clicks necessary to obtain the desired item.

Advertising & Pop-up Banners

The Shopify Sense Theme’s advertisement banner/ pop-up capabilities are excellent for effectively promoting special bargains, new arrivals, and limited-edition beauty goods. Those promos capture customers’ attention as soon as they enter the business, motivating them to stay longer and eventually make a purchase.

In addition to improving the store’s appearance, this includes a potent marketing tool for increasing product recognition, consumer interaction, and sales.

High-Quality Graphics and Video

Online stores may use the high-resolution picture and video functionality to exhibit their selling items in a vibrant, sharp, and eye-catching manner. This is an important component in capturing clients” attention when they first visit your shop.

Quick Purchase & Cart Notes area

The Quick Buy capabilities allow customers to add things to their shopping baskets without leaving the current page. To be more explicit, shoppers may click the Quick Buy button to continue browsing without having to continuously navigate between the basket and product pages, making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

shopify sense theme review:Cart Notes

Meanwhile, Cart Notes is a unique tool that promotes client convenience when purchasing. When a customer adds a product to their basket, the Basket Notes feature shows what’s inside. This enables customers to keep track of their selected products, avoid forgetting anything, and complete a rapid checkout.

Various customization options

The Shopify Sense Theme is a highly adaptable theme that offers businesses several customization options, including logos, labels, images, parallax, and other design aspects. With a plethora of prebuilt features, you may create a superb online store without any coding skills.

Various information-displaying supporters

The Sense Shopify theme succeeds in producing a fulfilling experience in the minds of customers by including various sorts of information such as product information, delivery information, use information, and more. This is essentially important for beauty items, and these aspects may assist firms exhibit all of the information in a well-organized and appealing approach.

Cross-selling & Product suggestion

Suggested Items and Cross-Selling

The cross-selling and suggested goods features of the Sense Shopify Theme stand out because they allow online companies to present comparable or complimentary products to clients, improving their browsing experience and successfully increasing sales.

When a buyer is buying a T-shirt, for instance, the theme may suggest further products from the same line or complementary items, such as a shirt that matches the skirt. In addition to providing a comprehensive shopping experience, the Shopify Sense Theme helps shops increase their average order value, resulting in a win-win situation for both the customer and the store.

Sense Shopify Theme: Pros & Cons


  • Clean and Modern Design: Highlights goods with a minimalist style and plenty of white space.
  • Free to Use: You may test the theme without making any financial commitments to see whether it complements your brand.
  • Flexible Customization: Drag-and-drop parts allow for quick storefront customization.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Ensures excellent viewing across all devices, improving the user experience.
  • Health & Beauty Features: This niche benefits from thorough product sections as well as social proof, which increases trust and conversions.
  • Online Store 2.0 Compatibility: Supports the most recent Shopify capabilities for dynamic and effective site design.
  • Regular Updates: Helps ensure compatibility and security, providing piece of mind.
  • A large community provides access to a variety of information and help from other users and developers.
  • Quick Setup: Only a few steps are necessary for a rapid launch.
  • Visual Storytelling is ideal for showing visuals that showcase brand tales.
  • Sticky Navigation: Maintains the menu bar visible when scrolling, which improves usability.
  • Speed-Tested: Matches Shopify’s performance criteria, ensuring a fast purchasing experience.


  • Common Aesthetic: Health and beauty stores tend to have a clean, sophisticated aesthetic, which may make it difficult for brands to stand out.
  • Technical Knowledge Needed: Some familiarity with HTML and CSS may be necessary for advanced changes.
  • Limited App Integration: There may be workarounds required for some health and beauty applications that don’t interact effectively.
  • There are just three pre-configured text size options available in Fixed Text Size.
  • Non-configurable Email Form: The email form does not have any configurable features.
  • Text editing is inconvenient since it requires extra steps and must be done from a sidebar rather than immediately on the page.


You no longer need to worry about pricing if you take into account the cost of the Sense shopify theme. There is no cost associated with this theme! Using this theme might also have the benefit of not requiring any payments.

Who is it for?

For startups or online merchants who are just beginning the process of developing a brand, this is a focused and optimized option. The Sense theme is user-friendly and offers basic functions. With this theme, you may sell anything, even internet services, and you can be confident that it will be a huge success. However, there is a limit to how many items you may have in your store using this theme. Thus, it’s perfect for stores that don’t have a lot of inventory.

Sense Shopify Theme’s Alternative: Eurus

Without a doubt, one of the most thoughtful substitute themes for the Shopify Sense theme in recent years is the Eurus theme. This theme’s affordable pricing when compared to other premium Shopify themes makes it your ideal ally on the e-commerce path.

Because of its exceptional features, speed optimization, a wide range of theme variations, and several other sophisticated features that the free Sense Shopify theme lacks, the Eurus theme is regarded as an alternative to the Sense theme. Online retailers looking for a feature-rich, conversion-focused theme have a strong choice in Eurus.

Main features:

  • Product Recommendations: Online stores can suggest goods and collections that consumers are likely to enjoy based on previous purchases, browsing behavior, and what others are interested in.
  • Quick View/ Add: Customers may view a product’s important information and add it immediately to their basket from the product listing page. This saves time for people who already know what they want to buy.
  • The 4-Level Mega Menu: This feature arranges a large product catalog and website information in a user-friendly manner. Your consumers may simply navigate through categories, subcategories, and even individual collections with just a few clicks.
  • Diverse Theme Styles: The theme provides five distinct presets, including Whiff, Puff, Breeze, Breath, and Swirl, that are appropriate for all business sizes and sales reasons. Moreover, the Eurus theme delivers over 40 drag-and-drop parts and 80+ built-in templates to simplify the customization time & effort of users.,
  • Estimated delivery date: This function lets clients know the proper time of receiving items from your online stores.
  • Pre-ordering function: The Eurus theme allows retailers to provide pre-ordering for either current out-of-stock or forthcoming items. It will provide shoppers the opportunity to own their favorite things as soon as they are introduced in stores or when they are back in stock.
  • Pop-up banners/ promotions: Store owners may create an endless number of pop-ups showing the news they want consumers to see, such as new arrivals, flash specials, shopping holidays, and so on, to assist in increasing engagement between stores and their customers.
  • Color/image swatches: Online businesses may give clients a selection of visually appealing product alternatives at a glance by organizing different visual possibilities.
  • Store locator: Merchants can present the exact location of their physical stores to raise the interaction of clients between online and offline shopping. Clients can either shop online or shop directly at the physical stores.
  • Event calendar: This works as a reminder to recall or inform customers about the upcoming special events of your online stores, like flash sales, new items incoming, holiday seasons, etc.

Final words

As a whole, the Sense Shopify theme is an excellent starting point for new merchants and one-product businesses in the health and beauty industries that are on a tight budget but want to stand out from the crowd due to its simple yet dynamic design, great customizability, and SEO compliance. However, this theme has a product restriction for your business. In this instance, a paid premium theme, such as Eurus, can provide you with more advanced capabilities to assist you in improving your business and earning balanced regulating operations.

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