Venture Theme Shopify Review: Key Features, Pros, Cons, And More

venture theme

Shopify offers hundreds of various themes, allowing you to easily select the most aesthetically pleasing one and give your online store the greatest appearance for attracting consumers. However, if you already have a theme that improves the quality of your items but are not selling as much as you planned, a visually appealing theme may not be enough.

As always, a best Shopify ecommerce theme may give your online business a dynamic design that stands out and captures the attention of all visitors that you wish to attract. Among Shopify themes, the Venture theme shopify is a popular choice, and it is known for its flexibility and usefulness.

This thorough review dives into the Venture Theme’s features, benefits, issues, and alternatives. Overall, this article will give you enough information to make an informed decision about using this for your online business.

Venture Theme Shopify: Overview

Venture is a free theme created by the Shopify team. Overall, this Venture theme is a strong yet basic theme that is ideal for big-volume retailers with an extensive inventory. It uses vivid colors and features without being overbearing, making it simple for customers to comprehend what the company sells.

Its clean and well-organized structure is responsive to several devices, offering a consistent shopping experience. A multi-column menu for extensive collections, advertising banners to emphasize bargains or discounts, and a slideshow to showcase top goods or brand graphics are all notable features.

Theme styles

The Venture theme has three distinct theme designs, each catering to a particular sort of eCommerce store: snowboarding, outdoor, and boxing. The layout for these designs is the same in both desktop and mobile versions. The color pallet is the primary distinction.

We’ll go on to learn more about each of them below.

Snowboarding style

Snowboarding style

The first choice is the Snowboarding style, which features a blue tint accented by a gray palette and is great for selling snowboarding and related snow equipment. It’s also ideal for advertising water-related items.

Outdoors style

Outdoors style: venture theme shopify

The second option is the Outdoors style, which is intended to convey a sense of exhilarating adventure through its layout. This layout has a rough appearance, making it ideal for online retailers specializing in camping and hiking gear.

Boxing style

Boxing style: shopify venture theme

The final option is the Boxing style, which features a self-explanatory layout and a dark red color palette. This design is ideal for selling t-shirts and accessories related to boxing, martial arts, MMA, and similar sports.

If you want to open a business that specializes in winter sports or aquatic activities, use the blue-colored Snowboards style with a gray palette. Adventure and boxing-related merchandise, on the other hand, would complement the Outdoors’ thrilling layouts and the Boxing styles’ dark and red palette.

Venture Theme Shopify: Key Features

Collection List

Collection List

The collection list is a basic function of most online themes since almost every online store needs this feature to group similar products into particular categories/ departments. These categories allow clients to proceed directly to the types of products they are interested in, saving time and effort for searching individual items.

On PCs and tablet devices, homepage feature collections may be expanded to six layouts, allowing retailers to display as many goods as feasible. Meanwhile, clients using mobile devices will view your store’s main menu, which provides a more comfortable browsing experience.


The first thing clients see when they enter your online store is a slideshow of the greatest products you have to offer, and Theme Venture Shopify has done an excellent job of showing their top selections in a fashionable manner. Venture’s slideshows are dynamic enough to instantly adjust the size of your photographs on different viewing devices.

To be more specific, Shopify’s Venture theme allows you to present your full collection on the homepage using its dynamic slideshow. Furthermore, the slideshow is horizontally occupied, so there will be no vacant space on either side of your page. As a result, since each item image may include a clear title and a subheading, a shopper can determine exactly what products he or she is seeking simply by glancing at these slideshows.

Multi-column Menu

The majority of Shopify themes are created with a single sub-menu that appears when the user moves/ scrolls their mouse over it. With the Venture theme, Shopify will display product data and photographs in a big, multi-column drop-down menu.

To be precise, the menus appear on each side of your product, allowing consumers to swiftly examine its data or photographs without having to navigate through a slew of other content. As a consequence, your consumers will be able to view the collection’s content exactly when they want to.

Promotional Banner

The Venture Shopify theme allows you to place a banner above the slides on your site. It might be a stunning promotional banner that allows you to highlight your greatest items, bargains, discounts, offers, and much more.

At the same time, you’ll be able to use these pop-up banners to develop urgent promotions to encourage your clients to interact with such events and ultimately shop more to take advantage of those discounts. Remember to put those promotional banners strategically so that consumers aren’t frustrated by the number of banners you display.

Product Filtering

Similar to other Shopify themes, The Venture theme introduces the product filtering function to support the shopping journey of online customers. Your customers will be able to filter items by criteria such as top sellers, most relevant, price from lowest to highest, and so on, allowing them to see only the things that are of interest.

As a result, visitors to your page will be able to locate the things they are searching for without having to search for each product individually or scroll through all of the accessible pages of your online website.

Dynamic Check-out Button

Checkout buttons are a great way to increase sales by making it easy for customers who need something right now. They may just click “Checkout” to complete their purchase without going through any more steps. This strategy saves consumers time throughout the payment procedure, and they are more likely to return to your online shops in the future.

Product Recommendation

The Venture theme Shopify aims to optimize the sales of every online shop by allowing them to suggest clients with related items that customers are purchasing on their orders/ carts. The AI algorithm integrated within the theme can support online stores by automatically generating relevant suggestions to help customers fulfill their purchase journeys with all of the necessary products/ services.

Some Shopify free themes may generate product suggestions without requiring any coding experience. The Shopify Venture theme is a powerful and pre-configured theme that shows product suggestions by default, so you won’t need to change any backend settings.

Venture Theme Shopify: Pros & Cons


  • Dynamic and Unique Design: The Speedfly Shopify theme is suitable for every business kind, boosting your store’s visual appeal and making it stand out.
  • Time-Efficient and Optimizing: This theme is designed to simplify processes, saving you time while increasing the efficiency of your store.
  • Conversion-Boosting Features: Includes important tools for increasing conversion rates and making each visitor count.
  • Designed for large inventories. Tailored for retailers with diverse product offerings, making it easier to manage and traverse big inventory.
  • Multi-Column Menu: Includes a dropdown menu that displays numerous categories at once, making product search easier and increasing the consumer experience.
  • Promotional Banners: There are spots for promotional banners to highlight promotions, new arrivals, or featured goods, which attract consumer attention and increase sales.
  • Cost-Effective Flexibility: As a free theme, it offers cost savings and customizable designs appropriate for a wide range of companies.
  • Responsive across different platforms: The theme ensures a consistent and seamless purchasing experience across all platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.


  • Extensive Customization Time: Because of its extensive features, it takes a long time to modify, which might delay store updates.
  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Some sophisticated functions need a little technical understanding.
  • Basic style Perception: The simplistic style may be perceived as overly generic or lacking in a unique flare, deterring clients from seeking a visually distinct web presence.
  • Limited Personalization Options: When compared to premium themes, there are fewer customization options available, making it difficult to fully customize the store’s design.
  • Risk of Overwhelming Smaller Inventory: Although meant for big inventory, it may overwhelm smaller stores or those that prefer a basic style.
  • Lack of Some Advanced Features: Advanced choices such as fast view and complex filtering are normally found in paid themes.

Venture Theme Shopify: Pricing

The Venture theme Shopify will charge you no fee when you view it on the Shopify theme marketplace.  Furthermore, Venture does not compel consumers to pay the monthly cost. It is an excellent choice for a free theme that may provide you with a wide range of features to help you design your storefront and successfully support your store’s operations.

The fact that the theme is free does not decrease its quality or wealth of features. It features a variety of tools, designs, and customization possibilities, providing users with a comprehensive and adaptable platform for establishing, adjusting, and refining their online presence for free.

Venture Theme Shopify’s Alternative: Eurus

Let’s take a closer look at how the Eurus Shopify theme may fix the limitations of the Venture theme while also improving your internet visibility.

Eurus shopify theme

Main features

Let’s view some of the key features of the Eurus theme that can either deal with the cons of the Venture or offer you some advanced features that the Venture does not provide:

  • Highly Customization: As the Shopify Venture theme is a free option, it can’t supply a wide range of prebuilt templates and sections as paid. premium theme. Eurus, meanwhile, offers more than 40 drag-and-drop sections, along with 80+ pre-built templates to allow online stores to customize their storefront with ease.

Especially, the Eurus theme offers up to 5 different presets (Whiff, Puff, Breeze, Breath, and Swirl), each with a unique style to match some specific fields/ categories like Fashion & Beauty, Home decor, F&B, etc.

  • Blazing-Fast Loading Speed: The Eurus theme can deal with one of the major cons of the Venture theme – long customization time – since the theme is built based on the Alpine.js & Tailwind CSS. With a 98 rating score on PC devices and over 90 scores on mobile devices, Eurus promises to deliver a fast-loading experience for shoppers in your online shops.
  • Blog Post: Blog post is one of the missing advanced features that the Venture theme can’t offer to online merchants. Meanwhile, the Eurus theme allows merchants to build their own content area to share news, tips, updates, etc., regarding the store’s activities. This is a great way to boost interaction between stores and clients.
  • Lifetime support and free updates: Free Shopify themes usually require more time to respond to a client’s issue since they have a large number of tickets from different sources (like apps, services, admin).. Meanwhile, the Eurus theme offers lifetime and prompt support to respond to users’ questions quickly, along with frequent system updates to make sure your online store is optimized and upgraded with the latest features.
  • Built-In Promotional Tools: While the Venture theme does support several promotional tools like homepage banners, it still lacks several crucial functions like cross-selling, event calendar, lookbook, countdown timer (to create an urgent promotional event to attract customers to the store), etc.

Luckily, Eurus theme has all of those advanced features to offer, allowing brands to spread the latest store’s promotional events to shoppers at the fastest pace.

  • Language translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES): The Venture theme is not ideal for stores aiming to go global as it is not equipped with the language-translation tool. On the other hand, you can count on Eurus theme to offer you such features to help eliminate the language barriers and assist foreign shoppers in clearly understanding what your store is selling.
  • 4-Level Mega Menu: Even some of the best-paid themes can not deliver a 4-level Mega Menu like what the Eurus theme can offer. While the Venture theme users find it difficult to customize their homepage mega menu in detail, the Eurus theme allows merchants to set up the menu with banners, store details, categories, subcategories, and even a list of products – all presented in that mega menu.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Eurus can help customers receive the estimated delivery date for all of the orders within your online stores’ product and shopping cart page. Your customers can expect to receive the orders at that estimated time. This is something that the Venture theme can not support.
  • Dynamic Color Swatches: This is one of the advanced features that the Venture theme Shopify can’t support online merchants. It allows your customers to preview several product variations in different color patterns, which provides them with a clear visualization of the products they intend to buy.


While some paid Shopify themes can cost you up to $300 or higher, the Eurus theme has a very reasonable price at only $230 for a one-time purchase. Users can grab the theme easily on the Shopify theme marketplace. Before making the purchase, you can view the demo stores or register for the trial period for references.

Final words

In conclusion, after analyzing the Venture for a long time, I believe this theme is still worthy of use. If you are creating a business centered on outdoor activities or other types of athletic activities, or if you are just starting out and have a lot of things to sell, this theme is the perfect answer.