Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Pros, Cons and More

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In the e-commerce field, the design of your website is critical in gaining clients’ initial impressions. On the other hand, a well-designed and optimized theme may improve the shopping experience, increase consumer engagement, and ultimately raise revenue for your online stores.

Choosing a visually appealing and user-friendly Shopify ecommerce theme may have a big influence on an online store’s business and leave a positive first impression on your visitors. If you want a stylish theme that is SEO-optimized and user-friendly to help you raise sales and conversion rates, Kalles Shopify Theme is a wonderful option that we would like to introduce.

This in-depth analysis of our expert team will explain why the Kalles Theme Shopify is the best option for retailers using the Shopify platform.

Kalles Shopify Theme: Overview

The Kalles theme was created by a professional team of designers and developers at The4, a recognized theme development firm. It is a wonderfully designed theme that will make your online business stand out with its blend of simplicity and beauty.

Shopify Kalles Theme has several features that help to keep clients and entice them to remain longer. Every design element is purposefully placed to capture consumers’ attention, keep them engaged, and encourage participation.

What distinguishes it is its multi-functional design, which is simple to tailor to your preferences and type of shop.

Kalles Shopify Theme Review: Key Features

Now is the time to explore all of the main features that the Kalles theme can provide to online merchants. Let’s look to the end to note down the features that can complement the development and management of your online store.

Advanced Mega Menu

kalles shopify theme - Advanced Mega Menu

After experiencing the theme for more than a year, we noticed that the Kalles theme’s Advanced Mega Menu feature can offer a well-organized mega menu system with numerous layers for displaying crucial elements like product categories, promotional banners, and highlighted products in the same area.

This simple menu improves shopping navigation by allowing consumers to quickly identify desired goods, resulting in a better shopping experience and satisfaction within your online stores.

Storefront Filtering

This “one-of-a-kind” feature enables clients to swiftly and effectively see their items in various forms, including huge grids with increased picture focus. Customers may also refine their product search according to their preferences, such as price range, colors, form, materials, etc., to quickly approach their preferred item options.

Product Customization Field

The Product Customization Field functionality allows Shopify store owners to customize the information displayed for each product. By emphasizing the most appealing product specifications, online retailers may actively direct customer attention to certain aspects, possibly influencing purchasing decisions when customers lean towards a particular item.

Furthermore, this customization capacity of the Shopify Kalles theme enables online shops to differentiate themselves from their rivals by providing unique product insights that are consistent with their brand story and ideals.

Pre-order features

The Pre-order button empowers customers of your online stores to order items that are not currently in stock, which helps businesses estimate the demands for such products. Furthermore, pre-ordering provides an opportunity to reward loyal consumers by giving them first access to new or exclusive items within your online shop.

Frequently Bought Together

kalles theme shopify review: Frequently Bought Together

The “Frequently Bought Together” function recommends shoppers with the commonly purchased products alongside the currently viewed item, reminding shoppers to add things to their basket and increasing the average order value. Furthermore, this feature carefully promotes specific goods, maintains inventories, and raises visibility for new or less popular products.

Search and Discovery

Similar to some premium themes like Eurus, the Kalles Shopify Theme introduces Advanced Search and Discovery capabilities to assist online companies in making product discovery easier for customers during their shopping experience.

By applying the “latest” AI-advanced algorithms, we acknowledge that this feature provides exact and relevant search results, reducing the clients’ attempt to find the desired goods.

Product Upsell

When a consumer adds a product to their shopping cart, the Kalles theme Shopify automatically recommends related and complementary goods/ items that they might be interested in. Customers are more inclined to purchase similar things to meet their needs, which may significantly increase sales and conversions for your online shop.

Store Locator

This feature is exceptionally great for stores with both online and offline selling activities. The Store Locator feature allows companies with actual storefronts to display information like addresses, working hours, and interactive maps. This integration combines digital and physical retail, creating a seamless multichannel purchasing experience.

Color Swatches

Color swatches enable shoppers to examine multiple color or style options for a product immediately on the product listing page without having to browse to individual product pages. When using this function of the Kalless Shopify theme, you also gain gallery and picture swatch capabilities, which improve the user experience by allowing consumers to view product variants and make rapid purchasing decisions.

Countdown timer

shopify kalles theme: Countdown timer

The Countdown Timer feature promotes a sense of urgency by displaying a countdown to the end of a sale or the expiration of a special offer. Countdown timers can also generate anticipation for upcoming products or events, helping to keep customers interested and excited.

Video thumbnails and 3D

The Video Thumbnails tool is great for improving product presentations by demonstrating the product in action, explaining its benefits, and allowing clients to imagine owning it.

Meanwhile, the 3D models provide a unique shopping experience by displaying a lifelike portrayal of objects. Customers may engage with the product from various perspectives, acquiring a feeling of its dimensions, which helps to reduce returns and increase overall customer happiness.

Kalles Shopify Theme: Pros & Cons


  • Optimal Mobile Viewing
  • Seamless App Integration
  • User-Friendly Customization Panel
  • Variety of Stunning Layouts
  • Extensive Features and Support
  • Customizable Storefront Design
  • Easy Setup for Startups
  • High-Converting Theme Design
  • Blendable Demo Designs
  • Growave Compatibility
  • Responsive Mobile Experience


  • Upfront Cost Requirement
  • No Trial Available
  • Expert Help Needed for Advanced Features
  • Lack of Unique Designs
  • High Extended License Cost
  • Costly Extended Support

Kalles Shopify Theme: Pricing

Kalles currently provides two license choices. Understanding these choices is essential when contemplating purchasing the Kalles theme.

The license options for the Kalles theme on ThemeForest are commonly classified as follows:

  • The regular license is the most popular and cost-effective option for various audiences like individual website owners, startups, and small enterprises. This grants you permission to use the Kalles Shopify theme for a single-end product, which is often one website or online store. This license permits you to alter and display the theme on a single domain, making it appropriate for most small-scale projects. It’s priced at $89.
  • The extended license is intended for bigger enterprises, developers, or agencies who may need to utilize the Kalles theme for several projects or clients. The extended license grants you the same rights as the ordinary license but also allows you to use the theme in various final products. This option is ideal for individuals who need the theme to be flexible and versatile enough to be used on several websites or applications. The extended license costs $4,750.

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Kalles Shopify Theme’s Alternative: Eurus

Eurus theme, a recommended alternative to Kalles, offers outstanding functionality and a selection of designs to help you drive conversion rates successfully. By concentrating on these key aspects, our unique method ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers and a simple design process for business owners.

Furthermore, this theme helps you effectively showcase your products and convey your story, whether you are a streetwear brand or another sort of business that employs images. Eurus also caters to various sorts of vendors, including new merchants, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and even huge corporations.

As a consequence, it is one of the top Shopify themes available in the Shopify theme shop in 2024, with overwhelmingly good feedback.

Eurus theme shopify review

Main features

  • Free trial & lifetime support/ update: With a single purchase, Eurus users can benefit from a premium theme whose quality and performance are verified by the Shopify Theme Review team. They can also enjoy lifetime theme support free of charge and can try the theme for as long as they want. More importantly, the Eurus development theme regularly delivers new updates to help store merchants upgrade their brands with the latest improvements.
  • Color Swatches: Buyers may see items in various colors or photos and select their preferred alternatives from the list.
  • Event calendar: Informs clients about forthcoming events, specials, or product launches, keeping them interested in the shop.
  • Up to four-level mega menu: The Eurus theme allows users to create mega menus with up to four levels to display more product categories and product tiles, whilst most themes only allow for a maximum of three levels.
  • Multiple Layout Options: With more than 40 prebuilt sections and 80+ built-in templates, anybody, even without coding knowledge, can create a breathtaking design. The Eurus theme has a wide range of pre-made layouts, allowing store owners to choose the layout that best matches the products and services supplied in their facilities.
  • Quick view/ add feature: Any online business that wishes to give its customers the most convenient shopping experience possible must provide quick view mode. With only one click, consumers can view things quickly and decide whether or not to purchase them.
  • Design animations: The Eurus theme also has complex animation elements, including slideshows, high-resolution images, and parallax effects, allowing online retailers to create unique visual effects to capture consumers’ attention.
  • Built-in blog area: The Eurus Shopify Theme includes a blog area on the business website to keep your customers up to date with the newest information. This allows you to distribute information about promotions, updates, news, etc., resulting in increased brand loyalty and natural traffic back to your online store.
  • Theme Mode Flexibility: The customer shopping experience in online websites will be optimized with Eurus’ two modes – Light/Dark – paired with device auto-detection. You may allow your customers to automatically switch between dark and bright modes based on the user’s device system or manually to suit different brand or campaign color orientations.
  • Unlimited Product Labels: The feature highlights unique marketing elements such as “Organic Cotton,” “Free Shipping,” and “Limited Edition.” These labels operate as visual markers that attract client attention and emphasize excellence.

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Final words

The Kalles shopify theme demonstrates fascinating methods to engage your customers and create an immersive online buying experience. When first starting out in e-commerce, you may want to look at the Kalles Theme Shopify. Kalles allows you to construct professional and profitable online businesses.

However, it is critical to consider the potential downsides, such as performance restrictions, maintenance, and ease of use. In such instances, a replacement theme, such as Eurus, might be an excellent option. If you’re still not sure what your future shop will look like, check out Omni Theme for helpful insights on applications, features, and distinctive themes.