5 Best Shopify Themes Mega Menu And How To Build It

5 Best Mega menu Shopify theme

A mega menu is essential for improving the usability and navigation of an online store. It serves as a thorough guide that makes it easy for consumers to navigate through a wide range of items and categories in a specific online store.

Since an appealing and organized mega menu can truly have a huge impact on the customers, it is important to build a good one for your online store. With the help of some pre-made themes, the task of forming your ideal

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top 5 best Shopify themes mega menus that can help you build a perfect mega menu for your online brand. Additionally, we will also mention the essential steps to help Shopify merchants build a mega menu from scratch.

Top 5 Best Shopify themes mega menus 2024

Before proceeding to the detailed instructions on how to build your own mega menu, first, we will have a look at the five best Shopify mega menu themes that can assist this task effectively. Let’s wait no time and explore them below:

Theme name Price Website Theme style Average rating
Eurus $230 Shopify Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff 97% positive
Impulse $380 Shopify Modern, Clean, Bold 95% positive
Prestige $380 Shopify Allure, Couture, Vogue 90% positive
Pipeline $360 Shopify Clean, Bright, Dark, Light 98% positive
Warehouse $320 Shopify Metal, Wood, Fabric 85% positive

Now, it is time to investigate deeper into each option and see which is your optimal choice to build the ideal mega menu for your online store:

1. Eurus

Released on April 14, 2023, the Eurus theme is one of the best Shopify themes mega menu focusing on fast, mobile-friendly, and feature-fulfillment for online merchants.

Packed with various design features, the Eurus theme can easily support the customization of the mega menu. It allows users to simplify the mega menu creation process with its drag-and-drop function, helping save time and effort on the overall process.

Eurus theme- best shopify themes mega menu

Main features

  • 4-level mega menu: As several themes only offer a 3-level mega menu for a maximum, the Eurus enables users to set up the mega menu with up to 4-level layouts to showcase more product categories/ product tiles.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: As mentioned above, the drag-and-drop feature helps simplify the customization process of store merchants as they can simply drag the desired sections and drop them into the design.
  • Multiple Layout Options: The theme presents a considerable number of pre-made templates so that store owners can pick the style most appropriate for their stores’ products/ services.
  • Product display in the mega menu: Customers can directly add their preferred products to their cart without having to proceed to the product page. This helps save time and effort in choosing the desired products.
  • Contact form: Eurus theme guides merchants to show a contact form with contact information and a Google map inside the menu item. This makes sure that customers can get help quickly.
  • Show promotional banners/ blogs: The theme allows merchants to show up to 3 banners inside a menu item. This helps stores promote their promotional programs and featured blog posts right at the mega menu and enables customers to approach such content at the fastest pace.

Advantages of using the theme

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Multiple layout and style options
  • Advanced product filtering system
  • Seamless Shopify ecosystem integration
  • Free shopify theme setup

Disadvantages of using the theme

  • The initial user is overwhelmed due to customization options.

2. Impulse

The Impulse theme is one of the best Shopify themes with a mega menu feature supported. Store owners can integrate engaging content, like promotional titles, product names, etc., directly into the mega menu to allow customers to navigate to every section of the store at the fastest pace.

 Impulse theme - one of the best shopify themes mega menu

Main features

  • Customizable Menu Blocks: The function allows users to personalize their mega menu with different blogs, text, links, images, etc., to match the overall visual of the storefront.
  • Dynamic Promotion Tiles: The mega menu is integrated with promotional content to allow brands to highlight their special info like promotions, new arrivals, limited offers, etc., to attract customers’ attention while visiting the store.
  • Seamless Integration with Collections: Stores can directly link their product collections at the mega menu area to streamline customers’ experience.

Advantages of using the theme

  • Dynamic promotion tile support
  • Extensive menu block customization
  • Direct collection links in the menu
  • Modern aesthetic design

Disadvantages of using the theme

  • Time-consuming configuration process
  • Increased site resource load

3. Prestige

The prestige theme is tailored for luxurious and vintage online stores with its elegant design style to highlight the mega menu of the stores. It is a special Shopify theme mega menu that allows image integration into such areas and helps boost the visualization in an efficient way.

Prestige theme

Main features

  • Interactive Hotspots: This is an interactive function that improves customers’ engagement with the mega menu, as they can click on the hotspots/ dots to read the product information in detail or proceed to the link with detailed information about the product.
  • Elegant Design Options: The particular style supports stores selling luxurious and high-end products. The mega menu can absorb this elegant style to make it similar to the visual of the storefront in general.
  • Simplified Navigation Hierarchy: The organization of the mega menu is guaranteed to help customers find the exact product they want in a short amount of time.

Advantages of using the theme

  • Elegant design for luxury branding
  • Interactive navigation hotspots
  • Simplified hierarchy for large catalogs
  • Brand consistency across the site

Disadvantages of using the theme

  • Customization limitations for non-luxury aesthetics
  • Overwhelming design elements for some users

4. Pipeline

The pipeline theme delivers a minimalistic design style that assists store merchants in creating a clean, clear, and easy-to-navigate mega menu. It focuses mainly on the full-width layout to help maximize the navigation space for fulfilling more information in the area.

Pipeline theme - shopify theme mega menu

Main features

  • Wide Layout Coverage: The full-width mega menu option is an advantage of the theme, allowing the stores to create an expansive view of the product’s content, allowing them to showcase more content in a limited space.
  • Minimalist Design: The clear, clean, and uncluttered layout design allows the store’s navigation to be straightforward for customers.
  • Image Incursion Support: This function assists stores in adding more visuals to the mega menu, highlighting particular products or categories in the most desired way.

Advantages of using the theme

  • Full-width mega menu layout
  • Minimalist user interface design
  • Image inclusion for navigation
  • Responsive design across devices

Disadvantages of using the theme

  • Restrictions on intricate design creation
  • Higher bandwidth use due to image reliance

5. Warehouse

The warehouse theme is also the best Shopify themes mega menu that aims at online stores with large inventories since its mega menu is capable of presenting a vast number of products in an organized way. The theme also enables quick access and customized widgets to maximize the functionality of the store’s mega menu.

Warehouse theme - shopify theme mega menu

Main features

  • Bulk Inventory Display: The theme empowers online stores to handle and display different large inventories inside the mega menu, allowing clients to browse detailed product lists.
  • Quick Access Links: The inserted links inside the mega menu are a means for immediate navigation to specific areas of the store.
  • Customizable Widgets: The addition of custom widgets like search bars or HTML blocks can offer flexibility in searching for the most appropriate products for stores’ customers.

Advantages of using the theme

  • Effective large inventory display
  • Important section quick access links
  • Customizable widgets in the mega menu
  • Designed for inventory scalability

Disadvantages of using the theme

  • Complex setup for Shopify beginners
  • Risk of cluttered navigation experience

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How to build a mega menu in your Shopify store

After reviewing the 5 best Shopify themes ecommerce with a mega menu available in 2024, we will move on with the insight guides on directly building a mega menu in your Shopify store. After the guide, you can learn how to create a custom mega menu in Shopify,

We will divide the process into two main stages: Set up the drop-down menu for your Shopify store, and Enable the mega menu on your live store. Let’s waste no time and begin now.

Stage 1: Set up the drop-down menu for your Shopify store

With this instruction, we will guide you on building a 3-layer mega menu containing parent menus (level 1), child menus (level 2), and grandchild menus (level 3).

  • Step 1:

How to build a mega menu in your Shopify store

Proceed to the Shopify admin dashboard, view the Online Store area (at the left bar) → click the Navigation button.

  • Step 2:

In the Navigation area, you can click the Add menu button to start the process. Here, you can fill in the required information for the menu, including Title, Menu items, and Link (website URL, product type, product categories, blog posts, etc.).

how to create custom mega menu in shopify

  • Step 3:

In case you want to add the submenu item, simply hold the handle icon (::) next to the menu item, and drop it under the related parent menu. Once finishing all of the details and layouts of the mega menu, remember to click the Save menu button.

Stage 2: Enable the mega menu on your live store

Now it is the time to combine the previous mega menu setup into your current theme.

  • Step 4:

Return to your Shopify admin dashboard → Online stores → Themes → Select the theme you want to work with (like Eurus) and click the Customize button.\

step 4 - how to add image in mega menu shopify

  • Step 5:

Choose the Header area to customize → click the Select menu button to choose the nested menu you have just created.

step 5 - how to create custom mega menu in shopify

  • Step 6:

In the Desktop menu type field → select Menu menu → click the Save button (on the top right corner) to finish the process.

step 6 - shopify themes with mega menu

And that’s how you can create and add the Mega Menu to your Shopify store. If you have other exciting ways to do it, don’t mind to share with us! In case you want to set up additional features with your mega menu (like how to add image in mega menu Shopify), please refer to our instruction video here.

Final thought

We have gone through the review of the 5 best Shopify themes mega menus that you should take into consideration, as well as the indispensable steps to build the stunning mega menu for your own online store. Remember that if you do not have much money to afford a paid theme like Eurus, there are some free Shopify theme options to consider.

Our advice is that you should select the most appropriate theme with your demands and budgets and follow our strict guide to assist you in your mega menu formation for your online store. Seeking the ideal theme for your Shopify theme? Follow us at Omnitheme.com to stay updated on our latest posts regarding Shopify themes.