Pipeline Theme Shopify Review: Pricing, Pros & Cons, Features

pipeline theme shopify review

Most online store owners who wish to sell as many products as possible tend to focus significantly on the design of the storefront. Some might want their online brands to look engaging, and lively with lots of integrated features/ custom sections so that customers can explore everything they need at ease. While others prefer a minimalist style with a main focus on the products to shine on their own.

If you are looking for a Shopify theme for ecommerce that can combine both sophisticated and minimalist styles, the Pipeline theme Shopify is a must-view option. Its modern, clean style immediately improves your website’s polished appearance and draws users in with an eye-catching interface.

But before we decide if Pipeline is the right theme for your company, let’s take a closer look at some of its main characteristics and how to use it to build up your Shopify store.

What is Pipeline Theme Shopify?

The popular Shopify theme Pipeline was made especially for high-end companies. This stylish theme, which is well-known for its smart and attractive appearance, has a ton of features that improve user experience. For companies looking to showcase the uniqueness of their brand, the Pipeline theme is the appropriate blend of elegance and substance.

For online firms seeking to create a lasting online presence, Pipeline is a top-tier e-commerce solution because of its aesthetically pleasing homepage layouts and flawless navigation.


If you want to apply the Pipeline Shopify theme to your store, it will cost you $360. Nevertheless, the Pipeline Theme offers an unrestricted free trial before committing. You are free to experiment with the Pipeline Shopify theme during this time with your own items, custom brand colors, and customizations—all without any cost.


The Shopify Pipeline theme delivers 4 main presets in total, including Light, Bright, Dark, and Clean.


Pipeline Theme Shopify ight preset

The Light style represents the essence of a simple, light design. It has a simple navigation design with dropdown menu items oriented to the right and the logo positioned to the left. The site gives a quick introduction to the company in a matter of seconds with a full-width banner image presenting the product, collection listings, and a highlighted collection.


Bright, as the name suggests, has a more vibrant color palette than Light, and its overlay header gives the site a contemporary yet straightforward appearance.

Bright preset in Pipeline shopify theme

The Bright setting showcases highlighted items together with a personalized banner presentation, culminating in a ‘news’ segment and personalized information blocks. As promised, Bright uses a more vivid color palette than Light, and the overlay header gives the site a contemporary yet basic appearance.


Dark preset

With its sticky navigation and prominent video banner, the Dark preset design stands out from the other two. It also fosters an adventurous shop look and a raw sense. The clean design philosophy is still in play despite the distinctive feel, with modular content blocks creating a tidy and uncluttered look.


Dark preset

Sleek and contemporary, the Clean preset emphasizes muted colors and a user-friendly structure to convey a feeling of luxury and professionalism. Its minimalist-inspired design gives the objects on display a refined appearance.

Pipeline Theme Shopify Review: Features

Feature 1: Multi-column menu/ mega menu

The mega menu is extremely crucial for online stores since it is the area where customers can view all of the available stores’ items and make the purchase decision quickly. For now, the Pipeline theme Shopify delivers a multi-column menu function that supports store owners to design an eye-catching mega menu with multiple-layers.

This is a gift for online stores that have numerous product catalogs or categories. Those stores can easily display every product item inside the mega menu in an organized way, allowing clients to save time searching for their wanted items right on the brands’ homepage.

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Feature 2: Modular-style homepage function

This is one of the signature features of the Shopify Pipeline theme that many other paid themes can not provide. The modular-style homepage enables online shops to showcase the products, services, and content in an organized way through different trending blocks and sections.

With the capability to customize the store’s layout and block designs, you can establish a one-of-a-kind visual look for the storefront, encouraging customers to visit and experience your online shops.

Feature 3: Quick-view mode

Similar to the quick view button of other Shopify themes, the Pipeline theme Shopify also provides a handy quick-view function to allow customers to instantly view the details of specific items/ goods without navigating away from the current shopping page.

Pipeline Theme Shopify Features

Customers can save plenty of time when scanning through the list of different products and selecting the most appropriate ones. Store merchants can set up the quick-view button that leads to a pop-up window displaying crucial product information like pricing, types, images, etc.

Feature 4: Image parallax effect

The Shopify Pipeline theme introduces the image parallax effect to empower online stores to generate engaging/ eye-catching scrolling effects to key images in their stores. Customers can enjoy a dynamic & lively shopping experience when viewing those parallax effects, which ultimately set your stores apart from the marketplace.

Moreover, all of the store’s images can be placed at the highest resolution for the best visualization impact on customers’ experiences.

Feature 5: Smart product filters/ sorters

When adding a sidebar menu containing some primary elements of your products, such as color, size, branding, shape, material, etc., customers can utilize those filters to sort for the items that are appropriate to their preferences. In some cases, smart filtering can help clients find unpopular products in your store when they can not find them directly.

Feature 6: Different content sections in the product page

The Pipeline theme Shopify aids users in creating different content sections on their product pages in a structured way.

You may successfully showcase the benefits and significant selling aspects of your offers by breaking up the facts, features, and descriptions of your items into parts that are simple to read. This feature improves the user experience and eventually increases conversions by giving consumers a thorough grasp of each product.

Feature 7: Loyalty program

The theme enables online merchants to build their own loyalty programs to tribute the current customer segments and attract potential shoppers to come and experience the stores. The details of the loyalty programs can be customized based on the demands and requests of users.

Pipeline Theme Shopify: Pros & Cons

Here is a brief of the benefits and drawbacks that you may encounter when purchasing and applying the Shopify Pipeline theme to your online store.


  • Modern Minimalist Design
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Comprehensive Support Resources
  • Clean Contemporary Aesthetics
  • Seamless Mobile Experience
  • Flexible Customization Options
  • High-Quality Image Support
  • Quick Load Times
  • SEO Optimization
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Visually Appealing Interface
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Detailed Setup Guides
  • Custom Page Support


  • Email-only Support
  • No Cart Customization
  • Higher Price Point
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Basic Feature Set
  • Minimalist Design Limitation
  • Limited Cart Tailoring
  • Restricted Content Editing Flexibility

Pipeline Theme Shopify: Where To Grab It?

Similar to other Shopify themes, you can easily grab the Pipeline Theme Shopify in the Shopify theme marketplace. Before making the purchase, you can click the “View demo store” button to preview the visuals and functions of the theme. If everything is ok, you can click the “Buy theme” button to purchase the theme.

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Alternatives To Pipeline Theme Shopify


With the main focus on delivering the best, fastest shopping experience to customers, the Eurus theme is stacked with multiple built-in features, over 80+ pre-made layouts and template options, and a mobile-friendly interface. The theme is an ideal choice for new merchants who have first experience with online themes or store owners who want to build a fully functional store.

With the cost of only $230, The Eurus theme has a very reasonable price in comparison with other Shopify themes at the moment. Moreover, when purchasing the theme, users have already unlocked all of the features, so they will not need to spend money on external or 3rd-party apps, which helps save money efficiently.

Eurus theme

Key Features:

  1. 4-level mega menu: The Eurus allows users to build up the mega menu with up to 4-level layouts to exhibit more product categories and product tiles, although other themes only allow a maximum of a 3-level mega menu.
  2. Multiple Layout Choices: The Eurus theme offers a good variety of pre-made templates, allowing store owners to select the layout that best suits the goods and services offered in their establishments.
  3. Quick view/ quick add mode: Any online retailer that wants to provide its clients with the easiest possible shopping experience must offer quick view mode. With only one click, they may see the items and decide whether or not to buy them.
  4. Design animations: The Eurus theme also has advanced animation features like slideshow, high-resolution images, or parallax effects to allow online stores to add special visual effects to attract customers’ sight.
  5. Product filter: With the advanced filtering & sorting mode, customers can click on the desired key variants like size, shape, color, material, price, etc., to quickly unveil the products that match all of those conditions.
  6. Color/image swatches: Online retailers may present customers with a variety of visually attractive product options at a glance by arranging distinct visual options.
  7. Product customization options: With this capability, retailers may display an infinite number of product alternatives for customers to choose from.
  8. Light/ Dark switching mode: With the auto light switching option, businesses may customize the best possible experience for their patrons.  The customer shopping experience can be satisfied with this switching mode, depending on the conditions when they make the purchase (in dark/ light conditions).

>> Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme.

In conclusion

The Shopify Pipeline Theme has shown to be a reliable and adaptable resource for companies looking to expand their online presence. Its user-friendly interface and sleek, contemporary style make it a desirable option for a range of e-commerce endeavors. Additionally, Shopify’s Pipeline theme performs exceptionally well with quick loading times, which is essential for lowering bounce rates and improving user experience.

In case you want to explore other theme collections besides the Pipeline one, don’t forget to visit Omnitheme.com regularly. You can find plenty of information related to alternative choices like Eurus or Kalles so that the final decision can be made easier.