Shopify Parallax Theme Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing

shopify theme parallax review

As you can see, the current Shopify collection is busy with a range of different themes from many companies. However, The Shopify Parallax Theme still stands out in a unique way. Before we jump into the detailed review about general information, pros & cons, noticeable features, prices. Have a look at the user’s reviews, which is reliable data that proves that it is a legit store.

Parallax received 97% positive feedback, which is an impressive number from all of the buyers, including strengths and drawbacks. While most users were interested in the UX design of the theme, the remaining groups had some problems with theme performances.

Shopify Parallax Theme: Overview

What is Parallax Theme ?

Parallax theme, created by Out of the Sand Box, offers visually enhanced innovative storytelling features to elevate your brand. Providing for you a storefront that transforms products browsing into an immersive experience. Parallax is the best fit product related to fashion, art, photography, jewelry, restaurants, and more.

Parallax Theme is not only an impressive design theme, it’s also a packed theme which includes all necessary tools for enhancing your online visibility to customers such as promotion or SEO features.

So, is Parallax right for you ? In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into all of the outstanding features, pros & cons, pricing, theme styles, to help you decide whether Parallax theme is your future store or not.

How many styles of Parallax theme ?


Aspen Style

  • Styles: Clean and modern with a focus on large, high-quality visuals.
  • Purpose: Stores want a simple and elegant layout to showcase their products effectively.
  • Possible uses: Photography studios, art galleries, homeware stores, or any store with a focus on visual storytelling.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

  • Styles: Bold and vibrant with a focus on lifestyle branding.
  • Purpose: Stores with a strong brand identity and a focus on creating a unique Ideal customer experience.
  • Possible uses: Activewear stores, surf shops, music stores, or any store targeting a young and energetic audience.


  • Styles: Warm and inviting with a focus on product collections and storytelling.
  • Purpose: Stores with a curated product selection and a focus on building customer relationships.
  • Possible uses: Jewelry stores, craft stores, specialty food stores, or any store with a focus on handcrafted or unique products.


  • Styles: Sophisticated and classic with a focus on product details and information.
  • Purpose: Stores selling high-quality products that require detailed descriptions or specifications.
  • Possible uses: Watch stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, or any store selling luxury or technical products.


The 4 typical styles above offer a breath of fresh air for your brands at a competitive price point.

shopify theme parallax -Pricing

Priced at a one-time fee of $240 USD, you can unload attractive long-format home pages with parallax scrolling, fully responsive design, seamless customization, marketing tools, etc. So, the Parallax themes offer a powerful combination of affordability and functionality, allowing you to create a website that converts without breaking the bank.

Pricing is crucial for your decision ! But don’t take it so seriously, you should go through all this article to get the best view instead of only focusing on price.

Parallax Shopify Theme: Features

Visual Storytelling

The ultimate goal of Parallax is to transform your online store into a captivating story, in order to create a concrete relationship to your visitor, and transform them to loyal customers

The parallax effect creates a dynamic, layered experience as customers scroll, drawing themes into the brand narrative.

Parallax’s capabilities allow you to showcase captivating visuals right from the homepage, setting the brand’s tone, and grabbing attention. This focus on visuals goes beyond simple product layout, there are no barriers for you to craft a unique brand experience for customers.

Responsive Design

Parallax  ecommerce Shopify theme offers a mobile optimization to ensure your store’s layout, design elements, functionalities translate perfectly to any devices. This concentration on mobile responsiveness enhances customer satisfaction, your store presence, and a ranking factor from search engines.

Responsive Design Features

Have a look at these interesting reports  !

According to the report by Bright Pink Agency in 2018, more than 80% of internet users owned mobile devices. increased more than 20% of revenue when their website was optimized for mobile

That’s a crazy number right ? The expanding of mobile devices required all online businesses to include a quality website, which supports responsive design for all devices from smartphones, laptop, or PC. The Parallax’s responsive design not only helps you to enhance the buying experience, it also plays a vital role in your conversion rates.


The parallax theme understands that role of seamless checkout process, and that’s the reason for this game-changing feature. When your customer browses your product, they are captivated by the images and features. With just a simple click, a convenient panel slides out, displaying their shopping cart. Creating for your customer the best spot for selections, adjusting quantities, and adding promotions code without leaving a page.

This amazing feature eliminates the attention-span from your customer to navigate away from your product listing, and lose their buying momentum. This is the key for the final step when selling any products ! Enhance faster checkout, minimize frustration, and optimize your conversion effectively. This features of Shopify theme Parallax promises to user-friendliness and driving sales, create a winning combination for your online store

Quick Shop

45 seconds is the duration that customers spend on your website ! That’s the average number by the latest research from Sevell + Sevell. The customer nowadays needs fast services, immediate response, and directly fit with their buying purpose. Therefore, the Quick Shop feature by Parallax is a wonderful tool for you.

shopify parallax theme: QuickShop Feature

Your customer just needs to click or hover to reveal a detailed product information window on the current page. After that, the windows will show all the essential details like descriptions, high-resolution images, colors, and customer reviews. This feature is perfect for highlighting new arrivals, featured products, and special sales, encouraging the purchases and customer engagement.

Just a simple click or hover reveals a detailed product information window right there on the current page. This window showcases essential details like descriptions, high-resolution images, size and color options, and even customer reviews. It’s like a mini product page popping up to satisfy their need for information in a flash. This feature is perfect for highlighting new arrivals, featured products, or special promotions, encouraging impulse purchases and keeping customers engaged within your store.

Enhanced Search

A powerful search function is the key for a happy customer. Strong search functionality gives the correct answer to your customer immediately, even if the phrase does not correct 100%. Parallax Shopify theme will deliver exact products to your customer by its enhanced search feature. It goes beyond the keywords matching, utilizing filtering options, auto-complete suggestions, and difficult words such as synonyms.

parallax shopify theme: Enhanced Search features

When your customer types for any of the characters, the Parallax’s search bar will immediately respond with different results with high-resolution images, title, and prices.

Saving your customer precious time directly related to your conversion rate. If your customer navigates your store with ease, satisfied with the shopping experience, you’ll see that the store revenue enhances dramatically.

Parallax Shopify theme: Pros & Cons


Enhanced User Experience and Engagement

Parallax theme goes beyond the boring static displays by core element, parallax scrolling dynamic browsing experience. Generating for 3D effect when visitors scroll down the page, and the background element moves at a slower pace than foreground content.

This captivating movement encourages your client to explore deeper to your products, brand’s stories, and keep them engaged with your story. Imagine a visually stunning homepage where high-resolution product images seamlessly blend into captivating video backgrounds, all layered with interactive elements that showcase product features and benefits. Fostering the immersive experience for a  stronger connection with your brands, leading them to more enjoyable and memorable shopping journeys.

Maximum Impact for Your Store

The Shopify theme Parallax puts your products front and center, allowing them to truly shine. Forget static product grids; parallax empowers you to create a visually stunning showcase that highlights the best features of your offerings.  Imagine using high-resolution zoom functionality to allow visitors to explore product details in stunning clarity.

Maximum Impact for your store

Combine this with parallax-scrolling product carousels and strategically placed video demonstrations to create a dynamic and interactive experience. This level of visual focus not only grabs attention but also allows potential customers to connect with your products on a deeper level, ultimately leading to increased conversions.

Highlighting Products in a New Dimension

Parallax offers a product presentation beyond simple grids and flat images. It’s creating dynamic showcases that seem to float on the screen, and catch immediate attention. Combine these features with high-resolution zoom functionality provides for customers a place to explore product detail in stunning 3D clarity.

When compared to traditional themes, parallax allow you to use advanced elements such as  video demonstration seamlessly along with the browsing experience. Showcasing your product in a mul-ti dimensional way of deeper level, ultimately leading to increased sales.


Complexity for Beginners

For new users or non-experience sellers might be overwhelmed because of the Parallax advanced customization options. While the pre-designed sections give a starting point, creating a truly unique and attractive store can require significant technical knowledge or design expertise.


This theme often requires ongoing maintenance to ensure your store has optimal performance and avoids glitches. Theme updates, plugin compatibility, potential code adjustment can add to your workload, if you’re not familiar with these technical aspects. You must consider your comfort level with ongoing maintenance before choosing Parallax

Parallax themes often require ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and avoid glitches. Keeping up with theme updates, plugin compatibility, and potential code adjustments can add to your workload, especially if you’re not comfortable with technical aspects. Consider your comfort level with ongoing maintenance before choosing a parallax theme.

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Alternative to Shopify Parallax Theme

While the Shopify Parallax theme includes a variety of high-end features and benefits for online stores, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks like completed customization for effective launch, and consistent maintenance.

We will suggest to you a theme with clean design, cutting-edge features, diverse theme, and especially competitive price compared to Parallax. Have a look at Eurus theme by BSS Commerce below


Beyond the controversy, Eurus is the considered alternative choice to Shopify Parallax theme due to reasonable prices, outstanding features, unlimited customization, and more. Eurus theme not only supports basic tools, this theme also provides remarkable features.

Eurus shopify theme

Highlight features of Eurus:

  • Lifetime support and free updates: offers lifetime support, and usual updating which are essential for long-term development. Ensuring your online store remains optimized and competitive in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.
  • Effortlessly Customizable Design: uses 40+ drag-and-drop sections, 80+ built-in templates. Eurus allows anyone to create a visually stunning store by simple setup steps.
  • Mobile-first Approach: enhance customer experience by responsive design, which excellent compatible with all type of devices
  • Powered by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: with lightweight design and simple syntax, Eurus promises robust performance, boasting an impressive over 90 Speed score on all stores using the themes.
  • Feature-rich Theme: offers unique features such as per-page pops-up, pre-order & re-order, cart-upsell, countdown timer, smart product filtering, etc,. pProviding you everythings to boost conversions effectively.

While both Parallax and Eurus are capable themes, Eurus stands out with its focus on long-term store optimization, user-friendly customization options, mobile-first design, and exceptional loading speed.

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Wrapping Up

Shopify theme Parallax showcases compelling ways to engage your audience and create an immersive online shopping experience. However, it’s important to weigh the potential drawbacks like performance limitations, maintenance, and the complexity of using. If you want to explore more Shopify themes, Omni Theme is a helpful site with tips, blogs, themes reviews that you must have a look at.