Testament Shopify Theme Review: Pros & Cons, Features.

testament shopify theme

You spend a lot of money on basic themes but the conversion is not as expected ? Are you checking for essential features of many Shopify themes for ecommerce, but it is not effective ? Maybe you should refer to advanced themes for wider needs.

This comprehensive sharing will help you to own an overview and detailed information of the Testament Shopify theme. This theme promises to offer a range of top-features and attractive design to boost your online store effectively. Spending your precious time for this blog will definitely figure out what your future store will look like

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What is The Shopify Testament Theme ?

The Testament theme, created by We are Underground offers an attractive display, and suitable layouts. It’s easy to recognize this theme is likely to focus on image display. By providing the best position for your main products or images, The Testament Shopify Theme to attract customer attention effectively.

Check out these suitable niche that shines with Shopify Testament theme here 👇

  • Jewelry and accessories: highlights visual appeal
  • Interior design agencies: emphasizes visual storytelling
  • Art galleries: focuses on visuals
  • Print-on-demand businesses: highlights product customization
  • Original artisan works: emphasizes product individuality
  • Green stores: focuses on visual storytelling
  • Home decor: highlights product aesthetics
  • Gardening: focuses on visuals

Styles of Shopify Testament Theme: Review

Currently, this Testament Shopify theme supports 4 styles: Genesis, Exodus Revelation, Deliverance.


genesis theme

  • Focus on: Cleanliness and minimalism
  • Ideal for: Stores that prioritize high-quality product visuals.
  • Possible uses: Fashion boutiques selling luxury clothing, jewelry stores showcasing intricate pieces, or minimalist furniture stores.


  • Focus on: Boldness
  • Ideal for: Stores that want to grab attention and make a statement. Perfect for highlighting special offers, new collections, or featuring specific products.
  • Possible uses: Sportswear stores promoting new collections, electronics stores showcasing the latest gadgets, or stores with frequent sales and promotions



  • Focus on: Classic elegance and sophistication
  • Ideal for: Stores aiming for a timeless and polished look that inspires trust and conveys heritage.
  • Possible uses: High-end fashion stores theme, stores selling traditional or heritage products, or stores targeting a more mature audience.



Deliverance  is one the the most favorite style of Shopify Testament theme because of images optimization, and reasonable layout.

  • Focus: Modernity and trendsetting style
  • Ideal for: Stores that want to project a cutting-edge image and appeal to a fashion-forward audience.
  • Possible uses: Stores specializing in streetwear or contemporary fashion, stores selling the latest tech gadgets, or stores targeting a young and tech-savvy audience.


testament shopify theme review Pricing

Currently, It’s priced s at $300, it’s a relative value when compared to other premium Shopify themes at $230-$500.

Testament Shopify Theme Review: Feautre

Images priority

As we just mentioned above, Testament is the best theme to create a captured storytelling. Providing various designs that let you adjust, and create high-quality images everywhere on Shopify. It’s effortless for you to scroll further down comfortably by parallax scrolling effect.

Testament allows you to create stunning detailed products, choose from full-width banners on a bold statement or side-by-side image displays for a dynamic and engaging look. This flexibility allows you to tailor the presentation to each product’s unique characteristics.

Empowering you to go beyond simply displaying products. It allows you to craft a captivating visual narrative that draws customers in, educates them about your brand, and ultimately converts them into loyal fans.

Quick view

In present online words, all customers need a streamlined and efficient shopping experience.

Testament Shopify Theme understands this need and offers a powerful tool is Quick View

to enhances user experience and potentially boosts conversions

The Quick View function appears on hover or click (depending on your settings), allowing customers to see key details about a product on the current page they’re browsing. This reduces unnecessary clicks and keeps them immersed in their shopping journey.

Moreover, your customer will get the essential information by the first glance, the quick view window typically displays a prominent product image, allowing customers to get a good visual impression.Additionally, it often includes essential details like: Product name and description, color swatches, available sizes or variations, etc.

Responsive Design

The expansion of mobile devices will reach 80% of the worldwide internet usages. On the other hand, the latest report of Google claims that more than 61% do not tend to return to the worst mobile website support. As you can see, any online store nowadays must include responsive design nowadays because of the popularity of mobile devices.

Responsive Design

Testament Shopify Theme understands this and developed the perfect responsiveness design, making sure that your store will synchronize function across devices. Testament automatically adjusted its layout based on the screen size of the devices being used, and such problems related to space, readability of text will not happen anymore.

Advanced Marketing and Conversion Tools

Testament empowers you to go beyond beautiful visuals and delve into the world of strategic marketing and conversion optimization. The theme equips you with features like cross-selling and recommendations, promotion and testimonial displays, social proof integration, wishlist functionality, and potential integrations with marketing tools. By leveraging these tools, you can capture customer attention, boost sales, and create a strategic online store that thrives on customer engagement.

Blog Post

Blog Post is a crucial part for any successful content marketing strategies, and website presence. A powerful blog post features Testament Shopify Theme, helping to transform your store into a content hub that attracts customer attention, enhances brand’s visibility, and the whole SEO strategies.

Blog Post

Testament goes beyond only selling products, this theme is a helpful feature to share your brand story, showcases your products unique. Leveraging the Testamnent’s blog post features, you can craft a dynamic content strategy for your campaign about specific products, and your business goal for long-term success

EU translation

There’re many studies that show that customers are likely to buy from stores which translate content, leading to a concise conversion boost. Support for a seamless browsing experience with translated descriptions, titles, and menus create a specific trust for your brand.

In a competitive market, EU translations for your Testament theme give you a clear edge. Selling products on Shopify platform not only for the local customer at all, Eu translation also eliminates the barrier of languages to your international client. Therefore, it is a strategy that unlocks significant optimization for your customer experience.

Other noticeable features 

Product Page Optimization Tools: offers features to optimize your product pages for conversions. This might include options for displaying customer reviews, product variations, and clear calls to action for adding items to the cart.

Presentation: allows you to integrate features like customer testimonials and trust badges, reassuring potential customers and encouraging them to purchase.

Rich Text Editor: creates visually appealing product descriptions and engaging content for your store’s various pages, even without extensive coding knowledge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Testament Shopify Theme

The Testament theme by We are Underground supports diverse styles which suit all industries. Especially for the cosmetic niche, the Exodus styles of testament shines with captured images, and reasonable display, helping your customer find your product immediately for higher conversions.

Beyond the Exodus theme, the Testament theme for Shopify provides 3 other themes: Genesis, Revelation, Deliverance. Covering all business purposes through every industry.


Ease of Use and Customization

No coding-experience required for Testament theme owner because of intuitive interface and user-friendly features that are already integrated. It also offers a good degree of customization without requiring extensive technical knowledge. You can personalize the look and feel of your store to match your brand identity. With a few clicks and drag by drag-and-drop features, Testament allows you to personalize the store by drag-and-drop interface, adjust your layout immediately without technical barriers.

Advantage of testament shopify theme

Aesthetics and Design

This theme supports a clean and visually appealing aesthetic that focuses on user experiences, and responsive design. Testament embraces a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines, ample white space, and a focus on high-resolution product images. Your products will take the center stage and create a sense of sophistication and reliability. This approach draws the customer’s eye to details and design of your offerings.

Conversion-Boosting Features

All of the Testament Themes are designed to enhance your conversion rates. Testament comes loaded with features specifically designed to increase your conversion rates. Including strategically placed calls to action, product page optimization tools, and functionalities for building trust and credibility. Blog post built-in features also effectively contribute to your conversion.

User-Friendly Theme Settings

Even beginners can effortlessly create stunning and comprehensive stores thanks to the theme setting panel. This panel utilized a drag-and-drop functionality for arranging content sections, products layout, and other design elements with no coding at all.


Limited Customization for Advanced Users

While user-friendly, Testament might not offer the ultimate level of customization for highly technical users seeking a completely bespoke online store experience. This might be the biggest barrier for some specific niche that include many variants during the selling process such as restaurant, clothing, services.

Potential Speed and Performance Issues

While the average reviews of Testament Shopify Theme reach 97%, which is an impressive percentage on Shopify, this theme received some feedback related to the theme’s performance.


Testament is a premium theme priced at $300, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious businesses.  For new sellers without specific experience in e-commerce, it might be hard to make a decision for this big investment.

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Alternative to Testament Theme Shopify

While the Testament theme provides a compelling set of features, tools, and design, it still includes some issues that need improvement. In this section, we will suggest to you a theme that solves most of Testament’s limitations such as price, speed issue, and complicated customization.x


Eurus theme is the considered alternative theme to Testament because of its advanced customization, outstanding features, speed optimization, diverse theme styles,  and more competitive pricing at $230 USD. Eurus provides a compelling option for online stores who are seeking for a feature-rich and conversion-focused theme.

Eurus Shopify theme

Let’s explore why Eurus might be a good choice for your brand through these noticeable features.

Eurus’s special features:

  • Superior Speed by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: Showcase lightweight design and clean code. This translates to a smooth user experience and impressive speed scores, exceeding 90 on average for stores using the theme.
  • Unlimited Customizable Design: Empowers you with over 35 dynamic sections, 80+ templates This extensive level of customization allows you to craft a visually stunning store that perfectly reflects your unique brand identity.
  • Built-in Marketing & Conversion Tools: Provides top-promotion features such as Pop-ups, countdown timer, event calendar, bundles, and collections recommendations, etc.
  • Diverse choice of theme styles: supports 5 theme styles for products and selling purposes such as Breath, Breeze, Swirl, Puff, Whiff.

Eurus provides basic features from advanced features such as mobiles optimization, highest speed, diverse presets, dynamic customization. Eurus ensures both selling processes, and seamless browsing experience for customers will be handled smoothly. Eurus reach to 98% positive reviews from buyers thanks to its comprehensive layout and dedicated support team at any time

👉 Eurus sales up to 35% right now❗Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme.

Wrapping up

Embarking on your ecommerce journey? Look no further than the Testament Shopify theme! Testament empowers businesses of all sizes to establish a polished and thriving online presence. If you haven’t decided yet, have a look at Omni Themes, which provides a lot of helpful information about apps, features, and special themes.