10 Best Shopify Themes For Clothing | 2024 Update

best shopify theme for clothing store

As you may be aware, the number of online merchants participating in the Shopify platform is on a gradual rise yearly, and a variety of themes choose clothing categories to start the online stores. As a result, selecting the appropriate Shopify theme for clothing is an important thing to consider while setting up Shopify online stores.

Exploring the 10 Best Shopify Themes for Clothing below to give you reliable choices on picking up the astonishing outlook for your online store. Continue reading to explore each theme’s main features, pros, and cons to make an informed decision that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and functionality needs.

10 Best Shopify Themes For Clothing

Here is the overview of the 10 best Shopify themes for clothing that we are going to explore today:

Theme name Price Website Theme style Average rating
Eurus  $230 Shopify Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff 97% positive
Blum $170 Shopify Celia, Solie, Mondo, Crafts 100% positive
Mavon $280 Shopify Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Jewelry 100% positve
Streamline $360 Shopify Core, Luxe, Hype 95% positive
Symmetry $360 Shopify Chantilly, Salt Yard, Beatnik, Duke 93% positive
Be Yours $320 Shopify Beauty, Trendy, Peace, Sweet, Dark 99% positive
Stiletto $340 Shopify Vogue, , Chic, Organic, Craft 94% positive
Motion $360 Shopify Classic, Elegant, Minimal 97% positive
Highlight $280 Shopify Modern, Single, Art 95% positive
Impulse $380 Shopify Modern, Clean, Bold 95% positive

1. Eurus 

Eurus theme- best shopify themes for clothing

Eurus is the best Shopify theme for clothing stores specialized for medium-to-large online stores. With a focus on speed, functionality, and mobile-first design, Eurus was created with Shopify’s stringent technical, maintenance, and support needs in mind. It was formally released in April 2023 through the Theme Store. 

All merchants purchasing the Eurus theme can experience lifetime support with some significant benefits such as:

  • Receive assistance with any inquiries about the Eurus theme.
  • Use the contact form to get assistance with any questions you may have about the Eurus theme. Within two business days, one of our support representatives will respond to the ticket.
  • Get updates for a lifetime: If the theme has any serious technical problems, our staff will resolve them as soon as possible. After that, merchants can upgrade the patched version for free.

Main features:

  • 2 flexible theme modes: Dark/Light.
  • Super mega menu with four tiers.
  • Quickview for a speedy scanning and buying procedure.
  • Adding as many badges and product labels as you like.
  • Extending product options with unlimited customizable options
  • Adaptable pop-ups and a countdown clock for sales campaigns.


  • Simple setup.
  • Unlimited trial period.
  • Free theme updates regularly.
  • Updated with the latest Shopify functions.
  • High speed & functionality.
  • Support brand storytelling with multiple built-in features.
  • Specially, FREE shopify store setup & design consulting


It’s not appropriate for small businesses.

2. Blum

Blum theme shopify

Blum is a theme tailored for the fashion, health, and beauty sectors, emphasizing image-rich presentations vital for sales conversion in these industries. Unique for its mobile-first design, 

Blum ensures an optimal shopping experience for mobile users, featuring fast load times and customizable pages to highlight your collection. It combines intuitive navigation, quick view options, and a clean design, making it an excellent choice for fashion eCommerce, ensuring your store stands out.

Main features:

  • EU Translations: Provides support for several European languages, improving accessibility for a more extensive European audience -a vital component for global sales.
  • Store Locator: An application that connects online and offline purchasing experiences by helping users locate actual store locations.
  • A countdown timer may provide a sense of urgency and expedite decision-making, particularly useful for sales or limited-time promotions.
  • Color Swatches: Enhances the purchasing experience by letting customers view items in several hues straight from the product list.
  • Quick View: Simplifies surfing by allowing a glance at product details without having to leave the current-viewed page.

Pros :                

  • Beautiful and elegant layout that tells a narrative.
  • Promotional design elements include featured product carousels, programmable pop-ups, etc.
  • Adaptable to mobile platforms.
  • Superior page speed.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Assistance.
  • Navigating intuitively.
  • Completely harmonious Features of Online Store 2.0.


  • Having so many customizing options might overwhelm consumers.
  • Distinction between the three offered styles.

3. Mavon

Mavon theme shopify

Mavon can be considered a trendy Shopify theme for modern fashion firms seeking a clean image. The theme is ideal for businesses with high-end graphics due to its simple layout and precise lines, which allow items to shine. Thousands of online merchants have implemented the theme into their stores, helping boost conversion rates effectively.

Main features:                                 

  • Advanced filtering: The more filters the theme offers, the better chance that customers can find the products that match their preferences
  • Color swatches: Many color options can create a better visualization of the store’s products.
  • Quick view: Consumers like us love to have a quick view of the product before making the purchase decision, and the Mavon theme can support this function very well.
  • Mega menu options: Access to various functions within this Mavon theme is very convenient, and the menu options are friendly.
  • Blogs: The blogging area is an indispensable part of a successful store, and the theme can assist merchants in creating a fantastic blogging space to provide customers with useful information


  • Design minimalism with a focus on products.
  • Seamless multi-device purchasing encounter.
  • Navigating the product efficiently.
  • Endless free trials.
  • Theme license that never expires.


  • Limited appropriateness for vivid aesthetics.
  • Little ability to customize creatively.
  • Absence of sophisticated features for intricate retail demands.

4. Streamline

Streamline theme shopify

Streamline is one of the best shopify themes for clothing in terms of mobile-optimization. It is excellent for apparel stores that emphasize mobile consumer experiences. It immediately pulls customers in, emphasizing flowing animations and a dynamic layout. Because of its emphasis on visual storytelling, the theme is ideal for businesses with a vital lifestyle component.

Main features:

  • Homepage Slideshow: Captivates visitors immediately with striking visuals of your latest or featured clothing lines. This function helps online stores to feature some of their latest fashion collections, limited items, or sales promotions on their homepage, helping to boost customer engagement with the purchasing experience.
  • Multi-level dropdown menu: The dropdown menu is always a useful tool to assist customers with finding their desired things/ items. The streamline theme supports a multi-level dropdown menu to help stores create a detailed shopping experience.
  • Product filtering system: Any shopper can utilize this function to select the matching clothes based on preferences like size, color, or style, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Visual storytelling: The images and layout designs are a great means of transporting the brand’s spirit to customers


  • The best possible mobile shopping encounter.
  • Animations that engage users.
  • Solid support for the visual identity.
  • Regular updates with an endless free trial.
  • Unique built-in features, such as portfolio pages, flash sales, social networking integrations, etc.


  • Unsuitable for establishments with a lot of goods.
  • Strong demand for the production of high-quality content.

5. Symmetry

Symmetry theme shopify

Main features:

  • Different homepages and collection page layouts: The theme allows merchants to set up different clothing collections, which cater to diverse branding styles. 
  • Customer testimonials and reviews: This mode provides customers a way to check the quality and authenticity of the products that they are about to purchase
  • Pre-designed pages: With hundreds of pre-designed pages, merchants can save lots of time and effort on building the entire store with multiple pages. Each page can showcase a unique style that the brand wants to deliver.
  • Product zoom functionality: Zooming is a way to help clients view in detail the products they are searching for. The Symmetry theme can provide several zooming features that match different clothing items from different stores.


  • Minimalist yet appealing design.
  • Balanced design for large catalogs.
  • Multi-column menu for the organization.
  • Customizable content sections.
  • Elegance in product display.


  • Complexity for small inventories.
  • Not suitable for stores with large inventors.

6. Be Yours

Be Yours is an interesting Shopify theme for ecommerce since it can offer a wide range of customization choices for different design purposes. The theme provides a simple but modern design to assist online merchants in building a contemporary style to draw the attention of Gen Z or millennials. Significantly, the theme is a perfect choice for owners with several physical stores or who work in the dropshipping niche. 

Main features:

  • Multiple Homepage and Collection Page Layouts: Various pre-made homepage and collection page layouts can help merchants quickly figure out the design style they wish to apply for their stores.
  • Customizable Headers and Footers: Currently, not many Shopify themes can offer a customized header and footer area. However, the Be Yours theme is the exception since you can customize these two critical areas’ information, position, and layout.
  • Product Filtering: Simplifies the search process for customers, making it easier to find clothing by size, color, style, or other attributes.
  • Pre-order Function: This is one of the most valuable functions every store should have, and the Be Yours theme is doing great with this feature. Customers can order their preferred clothing items before the store sells them. 
  • Product & Trust Badges: Stores having several product or trust badges usually attract more clients since these signs show that the stores are reliable. The Be Yours theme supports store owners to place their earned badges at any position they desire on their online stores.


  • Romantic and modern design.
  • Detailed product displays.
  • Enhanced storytelling capabilities.
  • Intimate online atmosphere creation.
  • Regularly updated and unlimited free trial.


  • Specific aesthetics may not suit all brands.

7. Stiletto

Stilleto is one of the best shopify theme for clothing

Stilleto is the best shopify theme for clothing specialized for high-end fashion & apparel brands. With two signature functions: exquisite lookbooks and interactive product pages, the theme offers customers a fascinating purchase experience with joy and luxury. Some famous clothing brands like Naturel USA, Eleven by Venus Williams, and Heidi Merrick are applying this particular theme for customizing their storefronts.

If you want to run your own boutique store, the Stiletto is also the best Shopify theme for clothing boutiques as reviewed by various merchants and users.

Main features:

  • Navigation of the Collection Page: Streamlines user experience by allowing efficient browsing and filtering within clothing collections.
  • Timer Countdowns: Encourages quick purchasing decisions by creating urgency for time-limited offers or sales.
  • Dynamic product Pages: Enhances customer engagement with interactive elements and detailed views of clothing items.
  • Promotions Inside the Menu: Increases visibility of deals and special offers without disrupting the shopping experience.
  • Lookbooks and Photo Collections: Offers style inspiration and showcases clothing in lifestyle contexts, aiding visualization and potential outfit combinations.


  • Luxury and functionality combination.
  • Elegant lookbook integration.
  • Sophisticated online shopping enhancement.
  • A variety of delivering promotions.


  • It is not appropriate for simple-designed stores or owners who wish to apply the ordinary design style.

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8. Motion

Highlight theme Best Shopify Themes For Clothing

If you are looking for a minimalistic design theme for your clothing store, Motion is a perfect option to consider. The theme offers exciting features like animations/ videos to help the stores’ products become more “live.” Customers can view how fit and style the piece of clothing can offer and quickly make the purchasing decision. The customer experience is boosted to a new level with this captivating imagery. 

With 97% positive reviews, this is the best Shopify theme for fashion brands as rated by many previous and current users.

Main features:

  • Video and Animations: The clothing visuals and engagement are set in motion, creating a dynamic shopping experience for every customer.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: With detailed search filters, customers can choose the appropriate paints, shoes, shirts, etc. based on their preferences.
  • Zoom and Hover Features for Images: Lots of clients would like to view the clothing items in detail to see their texture, color, shape, etc. And this function can provide clients with product insights into all those features.
  • Customer Product Reviews: Customers like us love reading real feedback and recommendations for the products, and the Motion theme knows how to help online stores in building this area
  • Promotional Pop-up Notifications: This feature of the Motion theme can help capture customer attention with timely offers and deals, encouraging immediate engagement and potentially boosting sales. 


  • Dynamic video and animation usage.
  • Engaging product presentation.
  • Immersive shopping experience creation.
  • Customer reviews for boosting trust & reliability.


  • Requires high-quality video content.
  • Relatively high price

9. Highlight

Highlight theme - best shopify themes fore clothing

As the name implies, the Highlight theme allows the brands to showcase their signature points to the public and highlight those key points so that clients will remember them. With a large range of filtering options and sophisticated search choices, online stores can let their clients customize their selections, and pick up the best ones with ease. The theme is also highly recommended for its optimized loading speed as rated by the PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. 

Main features:

  • Advanced Search Functionality: Like any advanced search function, the Highlight theme allows merchants to set up different elements and filters to support customer experience.
  • Showcase Lookbooks: A lookbook is what customers can utilize to visualize how the piece of clothing can match their body or outfit. The theme offers several selections of lookbook styles for diversification.
  • Multiple Language Support: This benefits any store wishing to go international or enter different continents. The theme supports various types of languages that store demand for.
  • Inventory Level Display: Builds trust and improves the shopping experience by informing customers about the availability of items, preventing disappointment from selecting out-of-stock products.


  • Enhanced visual impact.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Comprehensive filtering and sorting.
  • Easy product discovery.


  • Visual-heavy design demanding.

10. Impulse

Impulse theme

The Shopify Impulse theme is being used by millions of online merchants around the globe since it provides features like configurable promotional pop-ups, cross-selling across items, and a robust user review system. We, as well as many merchants, find it convenient to use the theme to customize the store’s layout in an appealing & stylish aesthetics.

Main features:

  • Product Cross-Selling Features: This helps encourage consumers to conduct additional purchases by suggesting related clothing items or accessories that complement what the shopper is currently viewing.
  • FAQ Section Availability: The Questions & Answers area helps reduce customer service inquiries by answering common questions about sizing, materials, and care instructions for clothing.
  • Language Support Options: The multiple choices of language can truly make the online store more accessible to a global audience by offering translations in multiple languages, broadening the customer base.
  • Product Highlight Badges: This assists stores to draw attention to specific attributes of clothing items, such as “New Arrival,” “Bestseller,” or “Limited Edition,” influencing shopper decisions.
  • Customer Review System: The review system is essential to build trust and credibility by showcasing real customer feedback on the quality, fit, and style of clothing items.
  • Promotional Pop-Up Alerts: The pop-up assist captures customer attention with timely offers and deals, potentially increasing conversion rates and average order values.
  • Inventory Display Indicators: This function helps inform shoppers about the availability of clothing items, enhancing transparency and reducing frustration over out-of-stock products.


  • Flexible marketing strategy support.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Product cross-selling features.
  • Customizable promotional pop-ups.
  • Robust customer review system.


  • Potential for pop-up overuse.

How to choose a perfect Shopify theme for clothing

Selecting the perfect Shopify theme for a clothing store is not an easy task. Here we will introduce several tips to help you solve this task with ease:

  • Consider speed and seamless device integration as your priority when choosing the theme since this is a critical factor when picking the best Shopify theme for clothing brands.
  • Pick up the theme(s) that assist with various customer-supported functions like advanced filters, zooming, quick view, etc.
  • Multiple language & payment gateway supports are two crucial factors to consider if your brand aims to go global.
  • Plan for themes in your budget, and select the most appropriate option with that budget: either free themes or paid themes. The best free Shopify theme for clothing stores can be a good option if you do not have a lot of money to spend on the theme selection.

In conclusion

It is crucial to pick up the best Shopify themes for clothing stores since it can be game-changing for your online business. Try to pick up your favorite options among our suggested choices and share what you think about them. Remember to visit Omnitheme.com for more updated information.