5 Best Free Shopify Themes For Clothing 2024

5 Bes Shopify theme Free

After the Covid pandemic, there has been a large switch from direct shopping to online shopping due to the booming of the online marketplace, especially in the clothing marketplace. More and more fashion brands & retailers are moving online to approach a wider customer segment, leading to the rising need for visually appealing, user-friendly eCommerce themes.

Shopify clothing themes are the ideal choices for either newbies or experts planning to build a visually stunning online store with fully-packed features. In this article, we will go through the top 10 free and paid Shopify clothing themes (with 5 best free Shopify themes for clothing and 5 paid options). Let’s wait no time!

Top 5 Best Free Shopify Themes For Clothing In 2024

First, we need to take a quick look at the 5 listed free Shopify themes to help you build your clothing brand:

Theme name Main categories Website Reviews
Ride Outdoor and adventure clothing brands Shopify 9 reviews
Dawn Fashion and Accessories Shopify 171 reviews
Origin Handmade Clothing and Accessories Shopify 12 reviews
Spotlight Luxury Fashion Shopify 17 reviews
Taste Ordinary Clothing Shopify 5 reviews

1. Ride

As the name implies, the Ride theme is one of the best free Shopify themes for clothing related to outdoor and adventure categories. The robust layout and vibrant visual elements are the signature points of the theme, allowing stores to showcase a lively and active storefront.

Key features:

  • High-Resolution Image Galleries: The theme is ideal for brands to showcase every single detail of the clothing items and allows customers to be approached with crucial information like textures, fabric quality, etc.
  • Mobile-First Design: This function is beneficial for stores targeting mobile customers as the shopping experience in such devices is straightforward, fast-loading speed, quick navigation, and user-friendly.
  • Customizable Color Swatches: Store merchants can display different color options of a single apparel product, enabling customers to find the exact color and style they want from the item.

2. Dawn

In general, Dawn is the best free Shopify theme for clothing store due to its popularity among the Shopify merchant community, fitting with different shopping categories, including fashion and apparel.  The theme offers a clean, clear design to present a simple, minimal style that highlights the products themselves.

Dawn - best free shopify themes for clothing

Key features:

  • Minimalist Design: The target of this theme is to draw customer attention towards the product itself, with no complicated decoration or misunderstanding messages delivered.
  • Quick Buy Option: This helps simplify the purchase process as clients can quickly add their favorite items to the cart without having to enter the product page. Customers can save lots of time on shopping, and they might want to buy more.
  • Flexible Product Grid: Store merchants can alter the product grid in any way they prefer to showcase different product sizes, types, etc. The feature is ideal for stores displaying clothing items and their related accessories at the same time.

3. Origin

Origin focuses on delivering a unique branding story through product display, allowing brands to weave their signatures directly into the customer experience. As such, the theme is perfect for stores that want to connect customers through their own brand’s stories.

Origin - best free shopify themes for fashion

Key features:

  • Storytelling Layout: The stores can set a description framework to introduce the product stories behind the brands’ clothing lines. Customers may be interested in such information given.
  • Overlap Text on Banner Images: This function is useful whenever stores want to highlight special occasions like sales, new arrivals, limited items, etc., and helps draw customers’ attention effectively.
  • Dropdown Navigation Menu: This is crucial for stores owning multiple clothing categories since they can present all of those existing categories in a single area for better site navigation. Customers can find their preferred clothing items in no time.

4. Spotlight

As being used by many online merchants, Spotlight is among the top-rated free Shopify themes for clothing brands, aiming at stores that want to highlight their best-selling items or exclusive collections.

Spotlight - best free shopify theme for clothing store

Key features:

  • Focused Product Highlighting: The theme is designed to spotlight key products like bestsellers, upcoming items, special limited items, etc., which allows store owners to highlight their special deals.
  • Video Integration on Product Pages: There is no better way to introduce a piece of clothing through video, and this function allows store owners to showcase items in motion and provide a better sense of fit to clients who are interested in the products.
  • Testimonial Features: Merchants can integrate reviews and ratings of the products next to their descriptions to guarantee the quality and validity of those items.

5. Taste

Taste is considered as of the best free Shopify themes for fashion since it can deliver a chic, modern design for contemporary fashion clothing stores. Its sleek design and intuitive navigation are the key factors that make it suitable for modern clothing brands.

Taste- shopify theme free

Key features:

  • Clean, Modern Aesthetic: This is ideal for high-end clothing stores since the product display is very clean, clear, and sophisticated.
  • Dynamic Search with Filters: Customers can filter their clothing choices based on different elements like size, color, material, price, etc., which improves the overall customer experience, and helps them save time in searching for the appropriate products.
  • Promotional Banner Space: This function creates rooms for online stores to promote their discount programs, sales events, and new clothing collections, ensuring that clients can approach critical information first when they come across the store.

Disadvantages Of Using A Free Shopify Theme For Clothing

Users may face some drawbacks when utilizing the free Shopify themes for clothing. Let’s break down these cons in detail and decide if we can accept them or not:

  • Limited Customization Options: There are not many pre-made designs or layouts available in such a theme.
  • Common Design Templates: As for the limited number of design options, most stores using the free Shopify themes for clothing may look the same, making it difficult to stand out in the marketplace.
  • Basic Functionality: These free themes do not provide the necessary tools & measurements to operate a fully-functioned store like SEO, analytics, payment support, social integration, etc.
  • Lesser Support and Updates: The level of support and updates for free themes are likely to be lower than paid options since most theme developers focus mainly on updating paid themes.
  • Scalability Issues: When a business grows, a free Shopify theme may not be enough to help manage/ control essential elements like traffic, conversions, marketing, inventories, etc.

With the drawbacks listed above, you may have to think again about choosing the free Shopify themes for clothing. Luckily, there are still lots of paid themes with huge improvements to the free choices. Let’s explore the top 5 paid Shopify clothing themes that you can rely on!

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Top 5 Paid Shopify Themes For Clothing

1. Eurus

After its release a year ago, Eurus earned lots of great reviews and soon became one of the best premium themes for the clothing online sector.  The theme is preferred by lots of users due to its various customization options, built-in features, fast loading speed, mobile-first experience, and other benefits.

With 5 different layout settings (Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff), the theme can serve a variety of shopping categories besides the main Fashion and Accessories category, including Sports and Recreation, Home and Decor, Health and Beauty, and especially high-volume stores.

Eurus Shopify theme

Key features:

  • 80+ built-in templates & 40+ drag-and-drop sections: With numerous pre-built templates, as well as drag-and-drop sections, users will find it very easy to customize the storefront with those existing choices.
  • Promotional countdown timer: Store merchants can set up the countdown timer to announce upcoming discount events or new-arriving pieces of clothing that will blow customers’ minds.
  • 4-level mega menu: Stores can set the mega menu with full detail as the 4-level layout can help them present every single product available in store.
  • Smart product filtering: Stores can apply certain key elements of the products like size, shape, color, gender, etc. so that customers can tick on the elements that match with their desired product search. The search process will then be less complicated.
  • Image gallery: Showing multiple images of a particular clothing item can help clients get a full detailed visual of how they look when wearing such an item. The gallery can be used to display one of many products at the same time.
  • Color swatches: The choice of color significantly affects the final decision of some clients. Attach different color choices into your product description to allow customers to pick the most suitable option.
  • Cart Upsell: The theme allows store merchants to suggest clients with related clothing items of their current orders, helps push the conversion rate, and keeps customers coming back for more.

2. Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism is a premium Shopify theme for ecommerce that offers multiple in-depth customization options and special layout designs to help brands stand out in the competitive fashion market. The theme is ideal for brands to showcase their trending clothing items.


Key features:

  • Unique Product Zoom: The feature allows customers to closely view and examine the quality, textures, and details of the clothing items, helping enhance customers’ visualization when they are on the shopping journey.
  • Slideshow Feature: This is beneficial for stores that want to showcase their latest clothing collections and trending items. It can attract customers to that area and boost eagerness to make purchases.
  • Dropdown Navigation Support: With stores having multiple product categories and segments, this dropdown feature is a must-have. This helps them to display all of their selling products in one place, creating a seamless & smooth shopping experience

3. Reformation

If you are a fan of eco-friendly clothing trends, the Reformation theme is a perfect choice to examine. Through its clean, green, and environmental-friendly design features, the theme supports stores with a sustainability commitment to sell high-quality eco clothing.


Key features:

  • Promotional banners: Online stores can place their promotional banners anywhere they prefer (most ideal is the homepage) to introduce the current and upcoming flash sales, discounted programs, new arriving products, etc.
  • High-Quality Imagery: The theme enables stores to set up high-resolution photos to present clothing products in a lively, engaging way. All of the product features are highlighted effectively through the help of the theme.
  • Quick Buy Option: This helps save time and effort for customers on the shopping experience, as they can quickly grab the products they like and complete the checkout process without having to view the product page in detail.

4. Mandolin

The Mandolin theme is a combination of sophistication and functionality, which is ideal for stores with large clothing categories, from casual/ ordinary to high-end, stylish clothing.

Key feature:

  • Product Filtering: In order to serve large-volume stores, product filtering is a must-have feature since customers can find the exact piece of clothing they are searching for with several key elements like size, color, material, style, shape, etc.
  • Lookbook Feature: The lookbook is a great way to present clothing items in an inspired, engaging way. Customers can imagine how they would be in such clothing, which helps them make the purchase decision at ease.
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons: Customers can make immediate purchase options at the product pages, without having to proceed to the checkout area. This helps reduce unnecessary steps and saves time for consumers.

5. Focal

Focal theme is a fantastic choice for high-end and luxury clothing stores due to its striking visual designs and integration with multiple advanced features.

Focal Shopify themes

Key features:

  • SEO features: The theme supplies several useful SEO functions like keyword research, SEO optimization, image enhancement, etc., to help online stores earn a better natural ranking on search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Wide Layout Design: The theme optimizes merchants’ storefronts to help them present as many products as possible but still in an organized way. The products are delivered in a more immersive and appealing manner.
  • Social Media Integration: Popular stores usually have their own social channels connected with the main store, and this function allows stores to connect all of that social networking to their main stores. This helps clients interact more engaging and active with the stores’ activities.

In Conclusion

It is your choice to choose whether the free Shopify themes for clothing, like the Dawn theme with the basic functions only, or the paid premium options, like the Eurus theme, that offer multiple advanced customizations and setting features to help clothing brands operate smoothly.  Remember to come back to us regularly to update more interesting topics related to Shopify themes and their operation.