Top 14 Best Shopify Themes For Pet Store ( Free and Paid)

Top 14 Best shopify theme for pet store Free and Paid.

The demand for pets is growing as more individuals want companionship and the emotional support pets offer, particularly during heightened social isolation or societal stress. Many online businesses have switched to selling pets to exploit the above trend.

In order to begin a brand new online pet shop, a pet store theme is an indispensable part that every store owner should pay attention to. In case you do not know where to approach or get the information of such a theme, don’t hesitate to continue reading and explore our 14 best Shopify themes for pet store below. You will definitely find the answer to this question after finishing the article.

Top 14 Best Shopify Themes for Pet Store: Overview

Let’s take a brief look at the top 14 Shopify pet store themes that we will examine today:

Theme name Price Website Theme style Average rating
Eurus $230 Shopify Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff 97% positive
Fetch $360 Shopify Bark, Hush, Play 94% positive
Boost $320 Shopify Spark, Flourish, Bloom, Inspire 89% positive
Minion $250 Shopify Vertical, Tiles, Classic, White, Red 100% positive
Yuva $250 Shopify Amaze, Woofy, Classic, Bold, Elegant 98% positive
Champion $350 Shopify Flash, Vivid, Exhibit, Roast, Fringe 88% positive
Automation $260 Shopify Default, Cute 100% positive
Upscale $350 Shopify Gem, Silk, Onyx, Clay, Amber 100% positive
Paper $320 Shopify Poster, Parts, Play, Pastel, Pull 86% positive
Galleria $280 Shopify Empire, Boutique, Showroom 99% positive
Kardone  Shopify pet store themes free Template Monster None 4.4/5
Ride Shopify pet store themes free Shopify None 11% positive
Taste shopify pet store themes free Shopify None 60% positive
Spotlight shopify pet store themes free Shopify None 59% positive

After finishing the overview part, we will now move on with the detailed analysis of the 10 above themes. To be more specific, we will help you get a deeper understanding of the most popular paid Shopify themes for ecommerce that can assist you in opening a new online pet store.

Remember to read till the end to not miss any important detail regarding those paid themes. 

1. Eurus

Eurus theme is currently among the most popular Shopify pet store themes available in the Shopify theme marketplace.  The Eurus theme is developed with plenty of built-in features to meet every need of a pet store owner, including a mega menu, unlimited product labels, pop-ups, flash sales, and cross-selling. 

With five distinct theme styles – Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff, and Breeze – users may effortlessly personalize the shops to suit their own preferences. Each style can fit with a different pet store style, allowing users to customize their brand based on the products/ services they target.

Main features

  • Massive mega menu with four levels of layouts: Pet store retailers may build up their product categories in an orderly manner by using the enormous mega menu, which has up to four levels of layouts. On the site, customers may browse each and every product and quickly navigate by clicking on their selected option.
  • Quick-view function: This option enables buyers to thoroughly examine the items and make any necessary adjustments before purchasing. Since store owners may set up a wide range of similar pet products inside their stores, the quick view mode allows users to scan through their desired options first, eliminate the irrelevant choices, and decide to purchase the last standing pet products.
  • Dark/Light mode function: The theme makes it possible for the auto-detected customers’ displays to determine when to switch between the Dark and Light modes to enhance the viewing experience for customers in a particular setting. The Eurus theme developers understand that this auto-switch mode can separate the theme from other competitive themes. Customers can be satisfied with their online purchases anytime, anywhere since they can view the products clearly & in detail.
  • Easy countdown clocks and pop-ups: These helpful tools assist retailers in creating marketing campaigns that include flash sales, limited-time deals, discount events, and more. Such a strategy will significantly increase online retailers’ sales and conversion rates.
  • Infinite product badges and trust labels: Brands may demonstrate to customers the dependability and credibility of their companies by setting up product labels and badges. 

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Pet boutique owners
  • Online pet supply retailers
  • Pet grooming and care services

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2. Fetch 

fetch shopify theme

The Fetch theme is the best Shopify theme for pet stores aiming at a minimalist design style.

Main features:

  • Lots of premade image layouts: Fetch offers an extensive collection of image layouts to help users easily set up the pet-related products they want.
  • 20+ drag-and-drop sections: This feature enables the ability to modify theme without coding experience.
  • Mobile-first experience: The theme’s design is optimized for all mobile devices, helping the user experience to be smooth and swift.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Dog accessory and food stores
  • Cat accessory and food retailers
  • Pet adoption agencies

3. Boost 

Boost shopify theme-shopify pet store themes

Boost is one of the most popular Shopify pet store themes that focus on boosting sales of online stores. 

Main features:

  • The interaction with customers: The theme enables merchants to create attractive store layouts with multiple feature-rich sections, fulfilled promotional programs, etc., to interact directly with clients on such a layout.
  • Ability to compete with major competitors: Plenty of SEO, marketing, digital tools, and advanced product filter functions to support stores’ operations. 

Who should utilize this theme?

  • High-end pet fashion boutiques
  • Luxury pet accessory stores
  • Premium pet food and nutrition shops

4. Minion

4 Minion shopify theme

The Minion theme is the fitting choice for owners looking for a simple but elegant design for their storefront.

Main features:

  • Varied product catalogs: The theme can serve pet-related products/ services like pet supplements, pet care, pet treatment, pet purchases, etc.
  • Blog posting area: The Minion is especially popular due to its profound information area that users can set up to support the store’s customers best.
  • Advanced merchandising sections: Product specifications tabs, Sizing guide, Image carousel, Motion effects

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Small pet (rabbits, guinea pigs) supply stores
  • Pet toy and entertainment products retailers
  • Pet health and wellness product stores

5. Yuva

Yuva - Best Shopify Themes For Pet Store

Yuva theme shares a similar minimalistic design style to the Fetch theme. It can be seen tat the Shopify Yuva theme’s versatility and simplicity make it a good choice for various pet product categories and sectors, particularly ideal for pet stores offering toys and food for cats/dogs.

Main features:

  • The “Re-order” feature: Save time and money for clients to rebuy a product they get familiar with/ or are usually in need of.
  • Countdown sale banner available: Inform clients about the latest sales activity or discount products to push up the conversion rate.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Eco-friendly pet product stores
  • Organic pet food retailers
  • Sustainable pet accessory shops

6. Champion 

Champion - Top 10 best shopify themes for your store

Champion is the best Shopify theme for pet stores providing premium and contemporary storefront design for professional online merchants. The theme is released to optimize the brand’s visual and create a seamless experience for pet-loved customers.

Main features:

  • Multiple integrated features: The list of key features like Expansive navigation menus, Color selection options, Personalized product labels, etc., help to enhance the overall customer experience and boost the conversion rate. 
  • Flexible sections & icons: The collection of 30 pre-made themes & 100+ icons to save customization time for users.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Sporting and training equipment stores for pets
  • Performance pet food and supplements retailers
  • Agility and outdoor pet gear shops

7. Automation

Automation - Best Shopify Theme For Pet Store

This is a preferred choice for stores emphasizing the impressive visual appearance of the store’s layout. The Automation theme is also known for its fast loading speed and mobile-friendly interface. 

Main features:

  • Promotional-based features: Boosting sales activities with various features like product reviews, color swatches, comparison sliders, etc.
  • Checkout supporters: Lots of updated features to support checkout activities like persistent shopping cart, cart annotations, advance orders, or local pickup options.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Smart pet technology retailers
  • Pet safety and monitoring device stores
  • Automated pet feeding and care products

8. Upscale

Upscale is the best Shopify pet store theme for customization and flexibility among the top-choice options. The theme owners rarely need an additional app to operate the store since Upscale provides everything they need already. 

Main features:

  • Seamless customer experience: Upscale provides support from its advanced filtering, relevant search suggestions, smooth navigation, etc. to create a consistent customer shopping experience.
  • Fulfilled Mega menu: Allows customers to view every single product category to save time on scanning their desired products.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Luxury pet bedding and furniture stores
  • Designer pet apparel and grooming services
  • High-end pet jewelry and accessory boutiques

9. Paper

The Shopify Paper theme is introduced to match all types of businesses, from small to large. 

Main features:

  • Page navigation & Infinite scroll: The two functions combined to support clients with their product searching process.
  • Drag-and-drop mode: This is an advantage for beginners since they do not need coding knowledge to manage and control the layouts and designs. 

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Pet-themed stationery and gift shops
  • Custom pet portrait services
  • Pet memory and keepsake product stores

10. Galleria

Galleria is among the hottest Shopify pet store themes as there are more users using this theme recently.

Main features:

  • Product highlighting feature: The theme enables store merchants to set up several unique areas for displaying highlight pet products, new arrivals, bestsellers, etc.
  • Pet-related information sharing: Pet owners who come across your stores will have a space community/ blogging area to view and share their own experiences regarding pet care tips, pet treatment, etc.

Who should utilize this theme?

  • Artisanal pet product boutiques
  • Handcrafted pet accessory and treat shops
  • Gallery-style pet stores with unique finds

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Key factors when choosing a Shopify theme for your pet store

There are many factors that you should note down when selecting a pet store theme like budgeting. Besides budgeting, here are several advanced factors that a high-quality Shopify pet store theme should own:

Advanced Search and Filtering 

The advanced search functionality has a huge impact on the shopping experience of your brand’s customers. The filtering options related to pet products can include pet type, brand, or dietary needs. This feature lets customers quickly find the products they demand for, improving usability and satisfaction.

Integration with Social Media

A pet store theme that can integrate with social media platforms enables the brand owners/ merchants to showcase their products on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. This connection enhances the store’s marketing efforts and allows for the seamless sharing of products and reviews, increasing engagement and trust among current and potential customers.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials Section

Customer reviews are a must-have part if you plan to run a quality pet store. A dedicated area for customer reviews and testimonials is vital for pet stores to build trust and credibility. Positive feedback displayed prominently can influence buying decisions, as pet owners look for assurance about the quality and suitability of products for their pets.

Event and Blogging Capabilities

Features that support blogging and event management are essential for pet stores aiming to build a community and engage with their audience beyond selling products. Informative blog posts on pet care and upcoming events like adoption days or in-store promotions keep customers returning to the site, and later on can become your loyal customers.

Customizable Product Pages

A good Shopify pet theme should have the ability to customize product pages with tabs or sections for additional information such as feeding instructions, ingredients, or size charts. This feature ensures that customers have all the necessary information to make informed purchases for their pets.

Final words

After introducing the top 10 best Shopify pet store themes available this 2024, we hope that you find yourself everything you need to get started with your first online pet store. Don’t forget to take note of our 5 tips above to help you narrow down the list and pick up the most appropriate theme with your pet store.