Focal Theme Shopify Review: Overview, Features, Pros & Cons

As an online business owner, you should understand that reaching your target market requires a “well-designed” website, and to have a successful web design, you will need a “stand out” online theme. Shopify theme seems to be a good choice with lots of advantages that can support merchants in building a “unique” storefront that matché the branding story.

However, it might be difficult to pick from the numerous Shopify ecommerce theme alternatives available online. In this complete analysis, we’ll dig deep into the Focal Shopify Theme, looking at its features, layout choices, cost, customer comments, and more.

Whether you’re an experienced online entrepreneur or just getting started with e-commerce, join us on this Shopify Focal theme review to see whether it’s the right match for your Shopify business.

Focal Theme Shopify: Overview

The Focal Shopify Theme, introduced by Maestrooo team, stands out with its striking grid-style layout that emphasizes lifestyle and product photography. It’s extremely customizable, with a flexible design and support for several currencies, making it ideal for high-volume storefronts and rich brand storytelling.

The Focal theme was designed to showcase technological vision while being flexible as your online business evolves. The Focal theme has been adjusted to enhance sales, give an excellent user experience, and improve conversion rates.

Furthermore, you may customize the Focal Shopify theme to reflect your brand’s goal and create an online store that embraces it. It will let you customize the homepage, collection pages, product pages, blog, and article pages that your shop may require once you have built the website.



Focal Theme Shopify

The Carbon design, with its great contrast and vivid highlights, is, in my opinion, the most remarkable of the four Focal theme types. Carbon provides a glossy appearance that is excellent for contemporary companies.

With simple lines and a minimalist style, it highlights your items, making it a perfect choice for those looking to project a sophisticated image. It includes several choices and features, including drag-and-drop pages for products, dynamic price tables, and customizable backdrop pictures.


The Ivory preset: shopify focal theme

The Ivory preset, in my opinion, has a beautiful and classy color scheme. Ivory provides a gentler touch with delicate features that convey elegance. This layout choice is ideal for firms with a refined aesthetic, combining simplicity with a mild visual appeal to create a friendly online atmosphere.

The Ivory design is ideal for online stores seeking a feminine and delicate appearance. Ivory is great for stores that want to maintain a more classic image. It provides a variety of features, including sidebar widgets, social network integration, and customizable header and footer layouts.


Quartz preset: focal shopify theme

The Quartz setting is sleek and futuristic, emphasizing elegant and minimalistic colors and geometric designs. It conveys a feeling of professionalism and dependability.

Quartz is ideal for online shops looking for a combination of aggressiveness and adaptability. Its dynamic design components make it suited for a wide range of products and companies, allowing for innovation while maintaining consistency.


Sapphire preset: focal shopify theme

The Sapphire setting of the Focal Shopify theme uses a balanced and opulent color palette to give a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Its rich blue color offers a feeling of grandeur and refinement while also adding softness and grace to the entire design.

Sapphire exceeds convention with its vivid and expressive design. This option is ideal for companies looking to create a mix of elegance and forceful statements. It smoothly mixes stunning images and dynamic components to engage your audience.

In my opinion, if you want to stand out from the crowd in this online marketplace, selecting Sapphire is a wise choice. It features a modern design that will appeal to today’s shoppers.

Focal Theme Shopify Review: Key Features

Pop-ups and overlays

The Focal theme, unlike many basic themes, enables pop-ups and other overlays. These capabilities provide extra options to collect consumer emails without requiring a pop-up integration. This is a great technique to build email lists and nurture customers who aren’t quite ready to buy.

Beautiful Slider

The Focal theme includes a stunning slider creation feature that can hold up to five separate slides, each with its own components like title, subtitle, and uploadable button. The slider enables online businesses to present their items and promotions in an engaging and visually appealing manner. This function is very beneficial for Shopify businesses that wish to promote new or seasonal items, as well as provide special discounts or offers.

Shop the look feature

Similar to other paid Shopify themes, the Focal theme introduces a Quick View/Buy feature, which enables your consumers to complete purchases without leaving or exiting the page they were on (often the homepage). This functionality simplifies the shopping experience for customers, resulting in more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Search with auto-completion

Search with auto-completion

Focal is one of the few Shopify themes that provide a search auto-completion feature without the use of any additional paid apps. Customers just need to type some letters, and they can find the result that best matches their wishes. This helps customers find the exact item they’re looking for with less time and effort.

Mega Menu

The Focal theme’s Mega Menu feature enables online retailers to provide a complete and detailed product categorization right on the homepage so that customers can easily discover their favorite items without having to proceed to the product pages directly. To be more specific, the functionality provides users with a visually pleasing and easily navigable drop-down menu. This feature offers a great user experience because of its multi-column design and ability to display product images.

Animation and Lookbooks

Focal brings your product display to stand out in the crowd with animations and lookbook features. Dynamic images and tailored designs boost your brand’s messaging, resulting in an engaging purchasing experience. You may use the function to present the items in the most stunning way possible.

Sticky Header

The sticky header feature keeps important navigation items stationary at the top of the page as visitors scroll. This provides quick access to important links, resulting in a smooth browsing experience. Clients may easily report any page or link on your website.

Cross-selling support

The Focal theme supports both individual and cross-selling operations, with the goal of increasing sales and conversions. With cross-selling features, it strategically inserts product suggestions on product and cart pages, as well as a sticky “Add to Cart” button for a smooth shopping experience.

Color Swatches

The Focal Shopify theme adds a color swatch feature for retailers who value color selection. This tool allows clients to easily view and choose product variations, which streamlines the decision-making process. Customers are more likely to notice establishments with a variety of color patterns than those with only one color choice.

Sorting & Filtering

The Focal Shopify theme recognizes the value of efficient product discovery. Customers may easily locate what they need thanks to the product filtering and sorting tools, resulting in a pleasurable and efficient purchasing experience. Customers may use the filtering tools to narrow down the list of options that best meet their needs.

Focal Theme Shopify: Pros & Cons


  • Optimized, User-Friendly Design: The theme delivers a clean, modern style with simple navigation that is suitable for professional online stores.
  • Rich customization options include color, font, and layout tweaks, as well as multi-column drop-down menus and color swatches.
  • Improved SEO Capabilities: Optimized search engines to increase store visibility and attract more consumers.
  • Constant Updates: Theme updates are provided on a regular basis to help store merchants improve functionality and store performance at best.
  • Customer Support: Focal provides dependable support with troubleshooting and customization for a lifetime.
  • Flexible Modification options: The theme has various customization parts, making it ideal for building unique store designs.
  • Conversion-Focused Design: The Focal theme is designed to boost conversions through straightforward navigation and effective call-to-action placements.


  • Expensive cost: The Focal Shopify theme is much more expensive than many other Shopify themes, which may not be suitable for small businesses with little budget.
  • The Complex Setup Process: The setup procedure of the Focal theme might be complicated, creating various difficulties for newcomers who first experience online themes.
  • Limited Third-Party Integrations: After using the theme for around a year, we noticed that not all third-party apps are compatible, which might limit feature extension if you want more advanced features to integrate with the online store.

Focal Theme Shopify: Pricing

The Focal theme is an expensive Shopify theme made by Maestrooo developer; hence, it is not free. The theme now has a price of $320 for a one-time purchase, making it one of the most costly themes in the Shopify Theme Store. This payment will be processed when you are ready to upload the Focal theme to your shop on Shopify.

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Focal Theme Shopify’s Alternative: Eurus

Shopify has a wealth of additional themes to pick from in addition to the Focal Theme. Eurus theme, for example, is a theme with many similar features, such as a quick setup, a one-time payment with an unlimited free trial, and a range of product discovery possibilities.

With a primary focus on providing consumers with the best, quickest shopping experience possible, the Eurus theme includes several built-in features, over 80+ pre-made layouts and template possibilities, and a mobile-friendly interface. The Eurus theme costs only $230, which is really competitive compared to other Shopify themes available at the present.

Eurus theme shopify

Main features

Let’s explore some of the key features that the Eurus can perform better than the Focal theme:

  • A four-level mega menu: It allows you to easily handle a large product catalog and website content. Your consumers may simply navigate through categories, subcategories, and even individual collections with just a few clicks.
  • Various Theme Styles: The Eurus theme has five distinct presets: Whiff, Puff, Breeze, Breath, and Swirl, which are appropriate for any business size or selling purpose.
  • Product Label: The label may emphasize certain crucial elements of your product display, such as new, sale, out of stock, limited, and so on, allowing customers to stay up to speed on the most recent status of such things.
  • Countdown Timer: It creates the urgency of numerous unique upcoming occasions, such as flash discounts, new arrivals, limited-product collections, new arrivals, and so on, in order to attract customers to your businesses.
  • Smart Product Recommendations: The theme supports online stores to employ AI technology in the store’s coding & database to help recommend goods and collections that consumers are likely to enjoy based on previous purchases, browsing patterns, and what others are interested in.
  • Color/image swatches: Online businesses may give clients a selection of visually appealing product alternatives at a glance by organizing different visual possibilities.
  • Light/Dark switching mode: With the auto brightness switching choice (between Light and Dark mode), businesses may provide the best experience for their customers. This switching mode can provide a satisfying purchasing experience for customers, depending on the lighting conditions at the time of browsing.
  • Event Calendar: To keep customers involved with the brands, businesses can send out regular reminders to clients about the newest news surrounding shopping events, promotion programs, new product releases, and so on.

Final words

Following a thorough review above, we can conclude that the Focal Shopify theme is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to create an attractive and efficient online Shopify business. With its extensive features and simple modification possibilities, this theme will help you create a website that stands out from the crowd and promotes sales.

You may sample the shopify focal theme for free and see how your business will look. On the other hand, if you want a less costly theme with a lot of customization possibilities, a quick loading experience, and mobile-friendly interaction, you may want to check the Focal theme alternatives, such as Eurus.