Booster Shopify Theme Review: Pricing, Pros & Cons and More

booster shopify theme

You are looking for a high-end theme to sell high-end clothing, jewelry, or luxury products, the Booster  Shopify theme might be your future partner. This theme offers everything that a successful store needs from cutting-edge tools, to flexibility in customization.

This Booster theme review delves further to help you make an informed decision. We’ll look at the theme’s merits and weaknesses, highlight its unique features, and break down the pricing. You can determine if Booster is a good fit for your brand’s goals and whether it’s worth the expense

Booster Shopify theme: Overview

What is The Booster theme ?

Clean Canvas, the firm behind previous Shopify ecommerce themes, created Booster, which gives a selection of pre-designed layouts to complement your brand identity while still allowing for minor layout customizations.

The Booster theme for Shopify is all about increasing sales at your online store. It is classified as a conversion-focused theme, which means that its features are specifically meant to convert visitors into purchasers.

Booster shopify theme: Presets

There are so many presets ! Booster breaks through the clutter with over 70 pre-designed theme presets. Whether you offer clothes, furniture, or fitness equipment, there is a pre-built appearance to help you get started with your online business. Simply select your ideal template, personalize it with your brand’s colors and logo, and you’ll be ready to establish your business in minutes.

You can customize it with your brand colors, logo, and text, allowing you to create a unique storefront that reflects your brand identity without needing extensive design expertise. Booster’s presets serve as a launchpad, allowing you to have a beautiful and functional store up and operating in minutes. This is ideal for firms looking to develop an internet presence rapidly.


This theme is quite expensive and ordered into the high-end class in the Shopify collection, However, the Booster Shopify all additional features that you received is worth the cost of its.

The Booster theme costs $248 for a yearly license or $398 for a lifetime license. Both versions include the same tools and programs, but the lifetime option includes one year of technical help, whilst the yearly option includes 24/5 support.

It’s the fact that this theme is not for everyone !

For the better approach for common buyers, the support of one-time payment is better than yearly license options. You can transfer your license to another store, but if you intend to run multiple Shopify stores concurrently, you will need a license for each.

Booster Shopify Theme Review: Features

Quick Buy $9/month

Quick Buy Booster theme for Shopify empowers your clients by allowing them to make instant purchases. With a single click, users may access full product information, high-resolution photos, and even make a purchase without leaving the current page. This seamless experience is ideal for highlighting new arrivals, promoting featured products, or displaying limited-time deals.

booster shopify theme

This effective tool goes beyond convenience. It’s a strategic strategy to increase sales and engagement. You can display your hottest new arrivals with a Quick Buy option, tempt customers by making your best-selling products conveniently accessible, and encourage impulse purchases by removing buying barriers. Quick Buy keeps your customers happy and actively explores your store by expediting the purchasing process. This translates into a more delightful shopping experience for your clients, resulting in greater sales and a thriving online business.

Language Converter for $24/month

booster theme for shopify review: Laguages converted

It’s increased to 74% of customers who are willing to purchase a product that includes translated languages.  Everyone enjoys shopping at stores that have translated content in their native language. By translating your store’s content, you eliminate a significant barrier for overseas customers.

This results in a larger audience and a potential increase in revenue. Furthermore, a seamless browsing experience with translated descriptions, titles, and menus fosters trust in your company. Customers feel at ease knowing that they can understand what your store has to offer.

Facebook messenger chat $6/month

booster theme review

Shopify Booster theme provides a Facebook Messenger functionality that goes beyond simple chat functionalities. This powerful tool enables you to contact your clients on a platform they already use frequently, resulting in deeper engagement and possibly increased sales.

It integrates effortlessly with your existing Facebook Messenger account, allowing you to manage all customer interactions from one location. It also gives clients real-time order tracking information and updates via Facebook Messenger, increasing transparency and confidence. Offering 24/7 support, personalized recommendations, and a smoother buying process all through a familiar platform like Facebook Messenger.

Mega Menu for $14/month

booster shopify theme review

The Mega Menu by Booster goes beyond basic navigation to make your menu a user-friendly powerhouse. This allows you to construct a multi-layered framework that can handle even the most complex product catalogs. Nest subcategories within primary categories, display product images and descriptions right in the menu, and even use symbols to improve organization and visual appeal. This degree of information guarantees that clients can easily find exactly what they’re looking for, resulting in a seamless and delightful browsing experience.

With its flexibility and visual appeal, it helps you to navigate clients through your product universe, resulting in a more pleasurable shopping journey and a growing online store.

Geo %tag% for $49/month

Booster theme for Shopify includes features that enable a location-based shopping experience. This feature enables retailers to personalize features based on the visitor’s geographic location. For example, the storefront greeting might be customized based on the visitor’s locale, displaying pleasantries in their native language. In addition, shipping information and product recommendations can be personalized to the visitor’s location.

By leveraging geo-personalization capabilities, stores can create a more relevant and potentially more engaging experience for visitors from different locations.

Optimized Product Filtering for $19/month

Optimized product filtering by booster is an essential component for every e-commerce website with a vast product variety. It enables users to refine their search results quickly and efficiently, resulting in a more enjoyable shopping experience and consequently more sales.

The Booster Shopify includes a search bar integration, allowing consumers to combine filtering with keyword search to achieve even more exact results. Furthermore, if filters return no matching products, propose alternate options or provide a note describing the problem. By leveraging these advantages into your selling process, it will be effortlessly to create a user-friendly that allows customers to figure out the target product immediately.

Sales increase features for $25/month

Shopify Booster theme isn’t just about aesthetics, it also provides a pack with features specifically designed to increase sales and customer interaction, and it gives you the tools you need to convert website visitors into paying clients.

shopify booster theme

Create a sense of urgency by displaying countdown clocks on product pages or campaigns. This psychological push prompts shoppers to act swiftly before the deal expires. You can indicate restricted availability by displaying real-time stock levels on product pages. This strategy can encourage spontaneous purchases and keep clients from looking elsewhere. From urgency tactics to upselling strategies, Booster Shopify allows you to enhance your conversion funnel and convert more website traffic into sales.

Booster Shopify Theme: Pros and Cons


Diverse of built-in apps

As a high-end theme, the Booster theme for Shopify eliminates the need for the external apps and streamlining the store management. Empowering you to achieve various functionalities without limitations of additional registrations or complex integrations.

High-performance theme

The Shopify Booster theme ensures your sites always have the best performance in any condition. Booster automatically optimizes product images for faster loading without sacrificing quality.

All the popular search engines love fat loading websites, which potentially boost your store’s ranking in search results. This translates to increased organic traffic and potentially more customers discovering your products.

Responsive Design

The fact that more than 70% conversion increased by responsive web design,  reported by marketers. The Booster offers a range of advantages for both customers and sellers, as a win-win situation.

Your customers shop on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Booster’s responsive design showcases a stable performance cross from all devices, ensuring the store will be looking good in any conditions. Booster also integrates an intuitive design that makes navigation a breeze. Helping the customers locate what they need quickly with a smooth experience.



It’s a consideration for new sellers – the cost. While the exact pricing structure might change, this theme provides a one-time free at $398 USD. It might be a significant investment for a new seller, or start-up who lacks experience in website development.

Ultimately, the decision of whether Booster is right for you depends on your budget and business needs. For established businesses or those with a clear vision for a high-converting store, Booster can be a valuable investment.

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Booster Shopify Theme: Alternative Theme

Spending a huge amount of money for an advanced theme is not always a good choice, there’re so many factors that you should consider to find the best suited theme that aligns with your store’s purposes. It’s the fact that the quantity of features should not be a core factor to choosing a theme.

Eurus shopify theme

In this Booster theme review, we will suggest Eurus Shopify theme which is a budget-friendly theme but also includes similar features like Booster theme Shopify


If this is the first time that you build an online store, Eurus provides a pack of features to stick to your store development. Providing lifetime support, usual updating, and unlimited trial, gives you a space to familiar with online sites generally.

Let’s have a look at one of the noticeable features from Eurus here.

  • One Time Payment: All features for your store success are included for just one-time payment, which is a cost-effective payment to start the store easily.
  • Blazing Speed: Leverages Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: Eurus provides a lightweight design and outstanding speed that reaches to 99 Speed score on desktop, and 90 Speed score on mobile
  • Built-in Marketing & Conversion Tools: For scaling the revenue, Eurus provides essential features like countdown timer, event calendar, cross-selling, bundles, collection recommendations, and more.
  • 4 levels Mega Menu: Products catalog and content will be orderly and visually by a user-friendly design.
  • Cart and Checkout Features: Optimizes your conversion by quick buy, cart notes, gift wrapping, in-store pickups, slide-out cart, and more. These features encourage customers to purchase, and enhance your revenue effectively.
  • EU translation: Showcases the compatible languages (EN, IT, DE, ES, FR) immediately based on the user region, enhancing the user experience even if your customers come from anywhere.

Eurus is also an official theme in the Shopify theme Collection which requires a complex requirement of  Theme Store submission process. Therefore, you no need to worry about the store performance, features, apps compatibility, etc.

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In a nutshell

Shopify Booster theme is a conversion-focused powerhouse packed with features to help you achieve just that. From pre-designed templates to built-in upsell options, Booster empowers you to create a beautiful and high-performing store. We also suggest the Eurus theme that not only includes advanced features to create a successful online store but also has a more accessible price.

If you still look for a destination theme provider, Omni themes is the best suited site for you. It provides many guides to pick the perfect themes for your future store.