Empire Shopify Theme Review: Pros & Cons, Features

empire shopify theme review

Wasting a ton of time but still not finding the best suit theme to be your partner in the ecommerce journey? You look for an advanced class theme that includes all essential features, and an optimization theme for revenue. The Empire theme is a considered theme for these requirements in the best Shopify ecommerce theme collection. By its attractive layout, and user-experience focusing, Empire promises to create a specific relationship for your customer at the first glance.

This Empire Shopify Theme becomes the standard UI for every clothes brand looking to launch an ecommerce store. Whether you’re working in the restaurant, clothing,  electronics, POD, food and beverage, or jewelry, this theme still allows you to showcase your products in a distinctive way.

We will provide you with extensive information about benefits and cons, user reviews, theme presets, cost, notable features, and more. Patience throughout this post will assist you in answering the primary question “Is an Empire theme worth buying or not?”

Empire Shopify Theme: Overview

What is The Empire Theme Shopify ?

Empire Theme commands attention with its sleek, contemporary design. Geared towards high-volume stores with extensive product catalogs, Empire offers features to manage large inventories seamlessly.

Empire serves both online and physical locations, offering a seamless consumer experience at all touchpoints. Whether you are a dropshipper or a well-known business, Empire’s emphasis on clear design and sales-driven features will help you improve your online visibility.

Styles of Empire Shopify Theme


If you are seeking a clean and professional look for your online store, Supply is your ideal choice. Its minimalist and organized design creates a clear and clutter-free environment for showcasing a variety of productshopify empire themects, making it a great fit for businesses selling office supplies, electronics, apparel, or any store where functionality and product clarity are key.


For sellers who need a bolder and modern vibe to represent for your store, Industrial can be adapted well by a modern aesthetic with a touch of industrial chic, perfect for creating a strong brand identity and highlighting the quality of your products.

Consider this option if you’re selling furniture, lighting, electronics, or any store where design and craftsmanship take center stage.


empire theme shopify review

This preset prioritizes organization and spacious design elements, allowing you to effortlessly present a large selection of products while simplifying navigation for your customers.

This makes it ideal for dropshipping businesses, wholesale stores, or businesses with extensive catalogs, like sporting goods or clothing retailers.


shopify theme empire

When your niche requires a visually striking and rely heavily on bold designs. Graphic can help you to capture attention and showcase your offerings in a captivating way.

This preset utilizes bold colors and visually engaging elements, making it ideal for businesses selling art prints, clothing with vibrant designs, or any store where visuals play a central role in product appeal.


At $340 USD, the Shopify Empire theme boasts an outstanding feature set and a price to match. It is undeniably stylish and effective, but it is on the more expensive end of the Shopify theme shop category.

Special Features of Empire shopify Theme

Quick view

In today’s internet world, every customer requires a simplified and efficient buying experience. Shopify theme Empire provides this powerful tool to improve user experience and maybe increase conversions.

empire shopify theme: quick view

Your customers can see crucial facts about a product on the current page by using the Quick View function, which appears when they hover or click (optional). This eliminates unnecessary clicks and keeps people engaged in their buying experience.

At the first look,  your consumer can receive important information immediately when a quick view window often displays a prominent product image. Giving customers a favorable visual impression. It frequently includes essential information about the product such as product name and description, color swatches, available sizes, and variations.


shopify empire theme review

In the latest research by CMSWire, the whole mobile ecommerce sales reached $2.2 trillion in 2023, and potentially will increase higher in the near future. It once again claims that more and more users shift to using mobile devices as a main platform to buying products.  Therefore, your store must support excellent mobile design, and performance.

There’s more to this one-stop-shop approach to mobile than just increasing average order value. With Empire, you can provide your customers with a complete solution by showcasing related products, creating a feeling of thoughtful attention, and fostering trust.

Enhanced Search

When we come across poor search engine websites, we may become frustrated and perhaps that was the last time we used it. But the Shopify Empire theme’s clever search tools solve this issue and go above and beyond what you would anticipate.

Using sophisticated algorithms, the Empire theme efficiently filters search results according to user input. It shows everything you type as well as recommends relevant categories with higher conversion rates.

There’s more to Smart Search than just matching keywords. In order to ascertain the fundamental purpose of a search, it examines user behavior and search trends. Customers are directed to the things they are most interested in with less time spent exploring and aggravation thanks to this personalized approach. Ensuring the accuracy of your category categorization and product descriptions.


The Empire Shopify Theme is an impactful animation feature by adding a touch of polish and user-friendliness to your online store. This enhance the overall browsing experience for both sellers and customers

For customers, the modest fade-in effects on products listing or hover animations on buttons keep clients engaged positively, increasing their interest to explore your products. Animations can also emphasize search bars or dropdown menus, making them easier to find and encourage visitors to explore more of your product categories.

Animation by Empire not only makes your store smooth and attractive, it  also changes your store’s appearance looking more professional and elegant. Increasing user engagement and highlighting crucial components, resulting in a higher conversion rate and more sales. In a sea of static online businesses, animations can make your store stand out, capturing customers’ attention and making a lasting impact.

Product Comparison

Product Comparison is not a brand new feature in the development of shopping experience in general and the e-commerce context. However, this interesting feature does not appear in the e-commerce store frequently.

Empire’s product comparison has a visual display to attract the customer’s attention by a small check box and “compare” text. For simple clicks, your customer will navigate to the comparison with all essential information from product’s introduction, price, promotion, reviews, and product vendor.

This feature is perfect for people who need to compare two or more products in detailed information to make the buying decision. Allowing users to identify the best fit for their needs. Obviously, this a win-win for two parties, your conversions will scale effectively.

In-store pickup

empire shopify theme review: In store pickup

Buy Online, Pickup In Store boosts the desire for an online shopping experience by allowing customers to receive products quickly. Empire  removes a potential purchasing barrier by allowing in-store pickup, which may result in improved conversions. Helping you eliminate the possibility that customers would not buy because they are concerned about the delivery wait time, thus encouraging them to complete the transaction.

These important characteristics help attract a larger audience to your physical store, promoting brand awareness and generating loyal customers.

While in-store pickup of the Shopify Empire theme requires precise communication of availability, it might save you on shipping costs for unique products such as bulky or heavy items. Empire ‘s focus on comprehensive product information allows customers to make informed judgments about in-store purchases.

Pros and Cons of Empire shopify theme


High Performance Website

Performance optimization is given top priority by broadcast, guaranteeing that your online store loads swiftly and flawlessly on all devices. A seamless browsing experience is ensured by broadcast, which keeps users interested and prepared to investigate your offerings. In addition to improving user experience, faster loading speeds can raise your website’s search engine rating and draw in more customers to your business. Numerous customer reviews demonstrate this.

Visual Product Display

The Shopify theme Empire places emphasis on a methodical and unambiguous approach to product presentation. This translates into crisp photos, structured product details, and features like the ability to zoom in for in-depth product examination. Although it may not be the best option for every company, this provides a strong basis for establishments that place a high value on customer service and transparent communication.

Enhanced User Experience

The main goal is to facilitate a seamless, pleasurable, and effective user-product or service interaction. By creating a path that seems simple and fulfilling, Expire keeps people interested and wanting more. Some essential components of an improved UX are as follows:

With features like font size adjustments, screen readers, and easily navigable interfaces, it guarantees that your product can be used by anyone with impairments..


Potentially Concern Support Services

Empire might captivate you with its visuals, but before you build your digital dominion, consider the whispers in the marketplace. Currently, this theme just reaches 80% of the average rating by customers. It might be related to some frustration and a steeper learning curve.

The Empire’s support might not be as robust as some competitors. Especially for those facing technical difficulties, can lead to user dissatisfaction and lower review scores. However, considering these potential downsides alongside the reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Limited Range of Features

Empire bills itself as a premium theme, costing $340. Some consumers do, however, express that they felt like they received less than they had expected. Empire’s feature set may appear a little limited when compared to comparable themes that are priced similarly or even less. To get the features you want, you might find that you require more plugins or customization work, which would raise the total cost even more.

This lack of features relative to the pricing range can leave you feeling like you’re paying a premium for cosmetics rather than functionality.

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Alternative themes to Empire Shopify Theme

Still looking for a gorgeous and flexible theme to utilize in your Shopify store, similar to Empire theme Shopify. You can refer to Eurus shopify theme which is also a good option for you because of its highly customizable, with different presets, feature-rich, and more.


Eurus theme by BSS Commerce might be a suitable alternative theme to Empire theme. It has everything you need to succeed in the e-commerce industry, including extensive functionality, a committed support team, an attractive layout, and a variety of presets for various business sizes. Eurus now receives 98% average rating by customer, which mostly come from customer services, and website performance.

Eurus theme shopify

Outstanding Features of Eurus

  • Superior Speed by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: by lightweight design and concise code, your websites have a smooth user experience and high speed scores on both mobiles and websites platforms.
  • Product Comparison Table: provides a comprehensive table that includes all information of the products in comparison such as product attributes, general information, prices, CTA buttons, etc. Therefore, your customer will likely more easily choose the favorable product.
  • Mobile-First Design: focuses on catering to mobile users by crafting a design specifically tailored for smartphones. This approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable shopping journey across all devices.
  • Feature-rich for Conversion and Marketing: drives your conversion effectively by back-in-stock alert, in-menu promos, quick view, promo popups, cross-selling, stock counter and more.
  • Cart & Checkout Features: offers cart notes, gift wrapping, in-store pickup, pre-order options, and a user-friendly cart experience. Creating the convenience to encourage customers to purchase goods.

Eurus sales up to 35% at $230! Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup and design consulting if purchasing Eurus.

Personal Message !

The  Empire shopify theme has many amazing tools to help you boost conversions, but it also has some disadvantages, such a high pricing and limited customization choices. Furthermore, Eurus is a great substitute for anyone searching for a feature-rich theme that is reasonably priced and offers a ton of customization choices.