Top 10 Best Shopify Apparel Themes updated 2024

Top 10 Best Shopify Themes For Apparel Stores

Themes are a crucial part of building an online store since it is the first thing customers view when visiting the store. Selecting a proper theme with your online store’s category is extremely important to create a good baseline for your online business.

The number of merchants participating in the apparel field is rising, leading to more people’s concern about apparel-related store themes. However, not many people know how to choose a good theme in this category.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 best Shopify theme for Apparel Stores with their main features to help you get closer to the high-quality choices available. Let’s dig in.

Top 10 Best Shopify Apparel Themes

Theme name Price Website Theme style Average rating
Eurus $230  Shopify Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff 97% positive
Aurora $290  Shopify Pure, Sheer, Radiant 83% positive
Retina $220 Shopify Amsterdam, Austin, Montreal, Melbourne 97% positive
Prestige $380 Shopify Allure, Couture, Vogue 90% positive
Palo Alto $330 Shopify Vibrant, Dynamo, Luxe, Phenomena. 96% positive
Cascade $350 Shopify Modern, Classic, Elegant 100% positive
Highlight $280  Shopify Modern, Single, Art 95% positive
Broadcast $360 Shopify Clean, Modern, Bright, Bold 93% positive
Baseline $350 Shopify Modern, Editorial, Minimal, Bold 100% positive
Bullet $320 Shopify Default, Midnight, Vision, Khaki 91% positive

Here is the detailed analysis of the 10 best Shopify Themes for building apparel stores that we are going to explore:

1. Eurus

Eurus theme - best shopify apparel themes

Coming first on the top 10 list is Eurus, one of the best Shopify apparel themes known for its fast, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich services.

Using Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, the design is lightweight, the syntax is straightforward, and the performance is quicker and more robust. As a result, Eurus promises to deliver lightning-fast loading times for stores’ customers.

The Eurus theme model is best suited for medium-to-large online stores, aiming to maximize loading speed to enhance customer experience. Moreover, the theme is also very appropriate for Shopify beginners who want to create competitive edges but initially have a limited budget.

Coming first on the top 10 list is Eurus, one of the best Shopify apparel themes known for its fast, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich services.

Using Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, the design is lightweight, the syntax is straightforward, and the performance is quicker and more robust. As a result, Eurus promises to deliver lightning-fast loading times for stores’ customers.

The Eurus theme model is best suited for medium-to-large online stores, aiming to maximize loading speed to enhance customer experience. Moreover, the theme is also very appropriate for Shopify beginners who want to create competitive edges but initially have a limited budget.

Main features: 

  • Dark/Light mode detection: The switch between dark or light mode allows store owners to easily change storefront appearance.
  • Color swatches: With this feature, online stores can set up different color choices for the apparel products available on the storefront, enabling clients to pick up their favorite options.
  • Pre-order function: This is extremely beneficial for high-end or luxurious apparel brands as with the new arrivals/ limited-edition clothes, they draw customers’ attention and raise awareness towards their businesses.
  • Estimated delivery date: With clients purchasing online, most of them may want to know the exact day or at least the estimated date that the product shipment comes. This feature allows stores to generate and predict the estimated arrival date based on different elements.
  • Quickview feature for scanning and purchasing: This is one of the most crucial functions that apparel stores need since it enables customers to view the product in detail quickly. From the quick view, customers can decide to continue purchasing that product or switch to another one.
  • Sale campaign countdown timers and pop-ups: The countdown timers and pop-ups are an excellent means to help store merchants generate appealing promotions; which can help draw customers’ attention towards their brands.

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2. Aurora

Aurora theme

After Eurus is Aurora, one of the most famous themes for Shopify apparel stores. What separates this theme is its in-depth customization features & pre-equipped marketing tools (SEO, reports, digital marketing, etc.), which allow merchants not to install 3rd-party apps to use such functions.

Moreover, the Aurora theme enables merchants to apply videos in most storefront sections so that the online stores can display their products/ services in a live visual.

The Aurora theme is appropriate for luxury or high-end fashion shops that want to deliver elegance and sophistication through storefront design.

Main features:

  • Mega menu theme improvements and in-menu promotion features:  The mega menu helps merchants classify their products/ services into organized categories, allowing customers to view the product area they’re concerned about easily. Moreover, the in-menu promotion feature lets merchants display the store’s discount programs to draw customers’ attention.
  • Personalization of galleries and collages: This theme’s feature brings a more engaging and unique shopping experience as online stores can give customers their product displays the desired way. As a result, the stores can witness a higher conversion rate from their customers.
  • Quick purchase and product viewing options: These 2 functions are indispensable in most apparel stores. With these features, shoppers can quickly view the products in detail and then make the purchase decision without having to leave the current page.
  • Search suggestion relevance: Sometimes, clients may not find the exact product they would like to buy at the first search attempt. The search suggestion mode is a way to provide clients with suggested products that closely match their preferences. By then, customers can save time and effort when searching for their wanted products in your store.
  • Product filter specificity: Shoppers can narrow their product’s search based on particular criteria, leading to effective search results.

3. Retina

Retina shopify theme - shopify apparel themes

Retina theme is designed to fit with different types of Shopify online stores, including Shopify apparel stores. Retina can help online merchants create a fascinating store visual with high-resolution display abilities. As a result, the theme is a perfect match for apparel brands aiming to showcase their products in a clear, stunning way.

Online clothing stores can enhance their visual storytelling effectively when applying different styles and customization options that the Retina theme delivers.
Main features:

  • Countdown timers and promotional banners: These 2 functions allow store owners to create limited promotion periods to help boost sales in a short amount of time. This is beneficial for boosting sales during specific campaigns or shopping seasons.
  • Built-in product review functionality: This enables former clients to leave reviews directly on the shopping page, and helps build trust and credibility for either current or new customers. The direct experience usually gains more trust than just the in-direct reviews.
  • High-resolution product imagery: Consumers’ engagement and interest are increased by this function, which gives them access to clear, detailed product photos and galleries. This can increase conversion rates since consumers will feel more comfortable making purchases.
  • Related products and recently viewed item suggestions: Based on the browsing history of each individual, this theme’s feature can help stores give clients useful suggestions on the products that they may also be interested in. This is extremely crucial for apparel stores aiming at cross-selling.

4. Prestige

Unlike several Ecommerce Shopify themes  focusing on simplicity and clear design, the Prestige theme aims to distribute a sophisticated but elegant design. The theme is ideals for boutique stores and designers emphasizing one-of-a-kind storytelling, allowing apparel brands to make their own stories about their collections & limited products.
Main features

  • Storytelling-focused layout: Each online store can utilize this function to create product stories to enhance customer engagement with the brand. Moreover, a unique branding story can significantly impact customer loyalty & retention.
  • Lookbook feature for product showcasing: With this function, a clothing store can introduce its product list through a visual lookbook. Customers can visualize the products better and see the benefits to their lives, pushing them to get closer to the purchase decision.
  • Dynamic checkout buttons: With their ability to streamline the purchasing process and provide a faster and more seamless path to purchase, dynamic checkout buttons can potentially increase conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment.
  • Custom contact form for customer service: This is a way that the theme can help brands easily collect customers’ feedback and recommendations. Plus, this can be a channel where customers can raise questions. concerns, and get responses to their queries; which ultimately create customer satisfaction for their entire shopping journey.

5. Palo Alto

Palo Alto theme

In contrast with the Prestige theme above, the Palo Alto is released with the approach towards minimalist style, focusing on the simplicity and cleanness of the store’s layout. Its design is best suited for firms that have a limited catalog and concentrate on individual items or carefully chosen sets.

As such, the Palo Alto theme is a perfect match for small-to-medium businesses that concentrate on a few signature products/ new arrivals with clean & focused product displays.
Main features:

  • Animation functionality for engaging visuals: The animated images can draw customers’ attention more effectively than just ordinary visuals.
  • Hero video introductions: The Palo Alto theme supports Shopify apparel stores to generate highlighted videos about the brand’s products, history, flash sales, etc. This can boost customer attention and engagement with the brand through the first impression with those videos.
  • Customer testimonial credibility: Social proof can be a trusted credential to influence customers’ purchase decisions. This feature can help brands increase conversion rates efficiently.
  • Maps integration for omnichannel retailing: The integration is beneficial for boosting the sales of brick-and-mortar stores. Clients can view the list of destinations where your brand is located and come across the nearby places for shopping.

6. Cascade

Cascade theme

Cascade is currently one of the most widely-used Shopify apparel themes. The presets of Cascade – Modern, Classic, Elegant – come with unique color schemes and layout positions.

It is clear that the theme is intended for companies that value visual storytelling and product images, which makes them ideal for companies with carefully chosen product lines and a strong sense of brand identity.
Main features:

  • Age verification tool support: This feature is a must-have for stores selling products with age limitations. It can help brands show their responsibility to the clients and target the appropriate customer segments.
  • Modular homepage design for tailored storytelling: The function offers stores the flexibility to highlight key products, sales promotions, marketing campaigns, etc. to showcase essential information to clients.
  • Unique vertical product slideshows: The slideshow feature is what can help your brand stand out in the crowd since the ways you present your products/ services are unique. Moreover, customers can interact directly with the slideshows to view the products in detail, which later leads to the buying decision.
  • Direct-to-product hover effects: Direct-to-product hover effects reduce the clicks required to read product information or add goods to the cart, making the shopping experience easier. Customers will not have to spend too much time reading the product’s information but still understand its crucial details.

7. Highlight

Highlight theme

As the name implies, the Highlight theme is suitable for merchants focusing on store designs with eye-catching imagery and dynamic product grids. With the highly engaged features, many merchants use the theme to help highlight new arrivals and trendy products/ services.

The theme has an excellent optimized speed with a 97 out of 100 score on PageSpeed Insights, making it a wise choice for the best Shopify theme for apparel stores, since the fast loading speed is something that all apparel stores need for their massive product list.
Main features:

  • Extensive product filters and sorting options: The advanced product filtering and sorting can assist clients’ search process at best. Online stores can set up different product variations like size, color, type, etc. to allow help clients pick up the most appropriate clothing items with their preferences & requests.
  • Appealing Lookbooks: Similar to the Prestige theme, this Highlight also offers lookbook options for brands to display their list of products/ services in their signature way. Customers can view the lookbooks and make purchase decisions quickly instead of viewing the long product listings.
  • Multilingual support: The more languages your online store can display, the more chance that you can enter different marketplaces besides English-speaking nations. This feature of the Highlight can support you set up any language you wish to display in your storefront.

8. Broadcast

The Broadcast theme is made to target Shopify apparel stores, focusing on engagement and interaction with customers. Its features include integrating social media channels & tools, helping online stores stay connected with their clients.

If you want to build your online store with a focus on videos, blogs, tips, etc., the multimedia content features of the Broadcast theme can be supported with ease.
Main features:

  • Multi-currency and translation support: With any store aiming at going global, multi-currency and multi-language translations are all important. These features help international clients to make easy purchases and payments in their own languages.
  • Native one-click add-to-cart and upsell features: This allows a seamless shopping experience for clients by reducing unnecessary steps, as well as suggesting additional products on the same page.
  • 20+ prebuilt Shopify templates: Shopify apparel stores may quickly select a design that complements their brand identity and aesthetic preferences thanks to the availability of over 20 prebuilt Shopify themes.
  • Social media integration for brand reach: Every store needs social channel integration to reach more customers. This function helps brands to expand their approach to the target customers. Moreover, brands can share new products and content on social networking, drive direct traffic to the store, and raise a loyalty branding community.

9. Baseline

Baseline is another choice for building Shopify apparel stores aiming for simplicity and clean design. Typography is the Baseline theme’s main focus, with various fonts, colors, etc., to emphasize the store’s products.

Overall, the theme enables clothing businesses to highlight the simplicity of items’ images & galleries since it lets users concentrate on what matters most about their products.
Main features:

  • Cross-selling tools: For any apparel store that aims at boosting cross-selling activities, the Baseline theme offers various tools like product recommendations, shopping cart reminders, etc. to support.
  • Mobile-responsive design: The theme focuses not only on PC users but also other device users like mobile, tablet, etc. A seamless shopping experience across devices is a sustainable development for all clothing brands.
  • Image zoom and rollovers: Customers can utilize this function to empower users with the capability to check every single detail of the product they intend to purchase.
  • Quick view mode: Sometimes clients do not have lots of time to check every product carefully, so quick view mode is a good option to allow customers to quickly scan the item to see whether they want to buy it or not. The Baseline theme offers several quick view modes so that stores can set up the most appropriate option.

10. Bullet

Bullet theme - shopify apparel themes

Similar to its name implies, the Bullet theme emphasizes on store’s speeding and efficiency. The theme encourages users to create a streamlined purchase process to help customers reduce their shopping time and later helps boost conversion rates.

Moreover, the theme’s features can assist brands with real store locations and combine online and offline shopping with a simple control management system. This is the best Shopify theme for apparel stores that concentrate sorely on store conversions.
Main features:

  • Cart notes: Some customers may have special requests for the products they are about to purchase. This cart note feature will allow them to write down what they want to inform the store, and the merchants can easily receive and satisfy such demand.
  • Event calendars: This is a special function that the Bullet theme offers, as store owners can set up selling calendars for special events or holiday seasons. The owners will schedule and organize the event within just a few clicks.
  • Integrated reviews & ratings: This gives your customers a reliable source to check on the quality & capability of the store’s products. Customers’ buying decisions may rely heavily on these ratings, so this function is very helpful to all shops.

Qualifications of choosing a Shopify theme for apparel stores

If the ten above Shopify apparel themes make you different to pick up, try our suggested tips below to help you note down the key things to put into consideration when choosing such a theme:

  • Make sure the theme is responsively designed to look great on all kinds of devices and enhance the entire shopping experience.
  • Select themes with many modification possibilities so you can successfully exhibit your items and keep the design in line with your brand identity.
  • Search for themes with strong social media and marketing tool integration features to increase traffic and sales.
  • Choose a theme with sophisticated filtering features and easy-to-use navigation to make it simpler for consumers to browse and boost conversion rates.

In conclusion

So we have gone through the insights of the ten best Shopify themes that can help you start a good apparel store. Take note of our advice and pick the most appropriate option with your conditions (budget, category, design style, etc.)

Remember to visit regularly to update other helpful information about Shopify and the eCommerce field.