10 Best Fastest Shopify Themes 2024

fastest loading shopify themes

How often have you switched to a different website while shopping because the first one took forever? It happens often, even with the websites you like, so choosing the fastest Shopify themes is very important.

Customers want a smooth shopping experience. They should be able to get onto your online store quickly and buy things without waiting. We’re here to help you find the fastest loading Shopify themes. This blog will discuss the 10 fastest Shopify themes to keep customers happy and boost sales! Let’s get started.

Why Is Website Speed Critical For Boosting Online Sales?

Consumer behavior in the online shopping era partly depends on a website’s loading speed, which results in reduced bounce rates and more sales. The research indicates that a one-second improvement in website speed on a mobile platform can boost mobile user conversions by up to 27%. Besides that, the site speed catalyzes customer retention, as 79% of customers are not ready to re-purchase from a site if it is not making them happy about its speed.

Having a speedy website for your business is a must. It surely helps you in many ways!

Increase Sales

The key point is that a faster site contributes to more sales. It is well-known that more people will shop with you when your site is speedy. Sometimes a seemingly small speed increment has a significant impact on how many people buy something.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate illustrates the number of individuals visiting only one page of your site. If it’s high, your site probably has to work better. The major cause of customers rushing through the store is the slow conveyor speed – it will not give a smooth shopping experience to the customers.

Google search engine rankings

The society is that Google rankings depend on the site speed a lot. Provided your site is responsive, your store will likely show up in a search. It defines the amount of people that are able to find your brand. A site that loads faster is helpful during a search, helps your rank, and brings in more people, thus increasing sales.

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Top 10 Fastest Shopify Themes

1. Eurus

The Eurus Shopify theme, crafted to elevate sales and aesthetics, embodies a comprehensive, high-performance, ultra-modern approach that enhances store appeal and drives conversion rates. Tailored for large businesses, drop shippers, or high-end stores, Eurus prioritizes visual storytelling through captivating imagery. Beyond its graphical prowess,

Eurus stands out for its exceptional speed, consistently ranking as one of the fastest theme Shopify available. With an impressive core web vitals assessment and grade of 99 on Page Speed Insights, Eurus ensures minimal blockage time, providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors and further solidifying its reputation among the fastest Shopify themes.

Eurus- fastest loading shopify themes

Key  Features:

  • Built with Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS, known for their lightweight nature and easy customization capabilities.
  • Integrate conversion elements like mega menus, product badges, and pop-ups, removing the need for costly apps.
  • Prioritize mobile performance with light/dark settings, speeding up page loading and boosting SEO.
  • Customize stores with over 35 dynamic sections for visual impact and control.
  • Improve shopping with features like back-to-top buttons, advanced search, and product suggestions for seamless discovery.

Pricing: $230 . Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme.

2. Booster

The trendy and effective trend we would like to point at is Booster theme. Boosters win the buyers over for their prompt and forward-looking character. Its built-in functionality does not rely on additional processes such as virtualized applications but rather enables perfection in speed and performance.

It teleloads small modules of CSS and JavaScript, which is only what is needed in order to avoid the large mass. The other essential benefit of the booster is that it can be auto-scaled to any stage, and booster developer programs can be personalized by introducing geo-personalized tags, full-fledged mobile optimization, customizable cart pages, partial-load elements, and auto-optimized images.

Booster fastest loading shopify themes

Key features:

  • Personalize content using visitor information with geo-personalized tags and blocks.
  • Optimize for mobile to ensure an optimal buying experience.
  • Customize the cart page according to your needs.
  • Enable swift and seamless site loading with lazy loading.
  • Maintain image quality while reducing file size with image auto-optimization.


  • Yearly License: $248
  • Lifetime License: $398 One-Time

3. Plak

Plak is not only a lightweight and swift Shopify theme but also one of the fastest loading Shopify themes available. With a strong focus on SEO, it offers advanced structured data, auto-generated table of contents for blog posts, responsive blog templates, breadcrumb navigation, and responsive FAQ templates.

Plak’s primary aim is to assist Shopify stores in ranking well in search engine results. Additionally, with seven distinct lazy loading effects and dynamic parallax sections, Plak enables fine-tuning of site performance and user interaction. Remarkably, the basic version of this theme loads in just 0.4 seconds, establishing a lightweight foundation for Shopify store projects.


Key features:

  • Focus on SEO with advanced structured data, auto-generated table of contents, and responsive templates to rank well in search results.
  • Load incredibly fast in just 0.4 seconds, providing exceptional speed performance.
  • Customize extensively to meet various business needs.
  • Optimize for mobile usage with built-in optimization.
  • Offer a one-time fee for the theme, suitable for businesses of all sizes.


4. Dawn

Dawn theme is a trendy and minimalistic Shopify theme perfect for newcomers and small business owners. It emphasizes media-rich product pages without compromising on speed. With built-in speed optimization features like minified CSS and Javascript and lazy loading, Dawn ensures swift loading times.

Created and regularly updated by Shopify, Dawn guarantees top-notch speed optimizations and updates. It has even outperformed some of the top Shopify themes in speed tests, making it one of the fastest and most popular free Shopify themes available.


Key features:

  • Design minimally with a clean and stylish focus on media-rich product pages.
  • Customize easily with design options, no coding skills are needed.
  • Enhance site performance with efficient CSS while maintaining a minimalistic design.
  • Improve navigation with advanced search, mega menu, and product sorting for effortless browsing.

Pricing: FREE

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5. Ride

Ride stands out as one of the fastest Shopify themes, perfect for businesses looking to enhance aesthetics without compromising loading speed. It allows free video integration on product pages, allowing for dynamic storytelling.

Ride shopify theme

Ride’s bold design is ideal for brands that want to stand out, offering creative layout options and advanced customization. It’s user-friendly, clutter-free, and packed with marketing and conversion-boosting features, making it a valuable asset for businesses.

Key Features:

  • Enhance product presentation with rollover, zoom, and slideshow options.
  • Customize the cart display as a page, drawer, or pop-up for flexibility.
  • Share detailed content to build trust through comprehensive blog features.
  • Cross-sell with sections for suggested items.
  • Amplify engagement with a dynamic mega menu.


6. Turbo

Turbo theme is renowned for its speed-enhancing features, making it one of the fastest loading Shopify themes on the market. It boasts smart page preloading, which predicts visitors’ next actions, significantly reducing load times. Additionally, its predictive smart search feature enables users to navigate faster. With full CSS customization capabilities and expansive menu layouts, Turbo offers extensive theme editing options to achieve optimal speed results and enhance user experience.

Turbo shopify theme

Key Features

  • Predict visitors’ actions and reduce load times with smart page preloading.
  • Showcase products effectively with eight unique design options for unique product layouts.
  • Customize extensively through the theme editor with CSS customization.
  • Access built-in features like a mega menu upgraded product page layout, and newsletter pop-up.

Pricing: $400

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7. Sense

Ranked among the top fastest loading Shopify themes, Sense offers impressive loading capabilities alongside a clean design. Crafted for invigorating stores, Sense employs vibrant color schemes and subtle gradients to captivate customers with its aesthetic appeal. It’s an excellent choice for businesses aiming to provide customers with an effortless shopping journey and a seamlessly navigable website.

Sense shopify theme - fastest loading shopify themes

Sense, despite its limited capacity, is ideal for small businesses or those with minimal inventory. It enhances the website’s appearance, signaling to customers that the showcased items are essential and appealing.

Key Features:

  • Engage customer interest by suggesting similar items.
  • Facilitate detailed product information transmission through blog posts and descriptions for comprehensive information transmission.
  • Enable marketing strategies with promotional banners, press coverage, and cross-selling
  • Ensure seamless browsing with swift page loads for “Swift Loading Speed”


8. Flex

Flex, offered by Out of the Sandbox, is a speedy Shopify theme known for its flexibility and customization options without compromising site speed. With 13 unique styles, Flex allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to showcase their products effectively in stunning online stores.

Flex also offers flexible layouts and extensive custom CSS editing options. This enables the creation of custom sites that adhere to strict optimization rules, resulting in excellent speed performance.

FLex shopify theme

Key Features:

  • Ensure swift site loading to retain visitor engagement effectively.
  • Adapt effortlessly to different screen sizes for an ideal user experience across devices.
  • Customize appearance according to brand identity.
  • Boost search engine rankings for the site with clean code.

Pricing: $495

9.  Blum

Blum emerges as a newcomer among Shopify themes for ecommerce, offering high page speed as its unique selling point. Specifically designed for fashion brands, Blum emphasizes rich image displays and elegant yet unconventional styles. Its mobile-first design strategy ensures consistent conversion rates across all devices, showcasing exceptional Google Pagespeed scores.

Blum’s focus on the fashion, health, and beauty industries is clear in its rich image display options, vital for sales. With an intuitive interface, strong SEO, and 24/7 live chat support, Blum ensures a top-notch customer experience. As one of the fastest loading Shopify themes available, Blum sets the standard for speed and performance in the e-commerce landscape.

fast loading shopify themes

Key Features

  • Enhance visual storytelling with collapsible content and a featured product carousel.
  • Customize with high-quality, compressed images for mobile responsiveness without slowing page load times.
  • Ensure swift page loading with reduced code weight and lazy loading functionality.
  • Provide an intuitive user interface and solid SEO compatibility for enhanced user experience and search engine visibility.


10. Shella

Shella, a premium Shopify theme, provides extensive customization options and features like mega menus, favorites lists, comparisons, GDPR popups, and price slider filters. Catering to various eCommerce niches, it primarily focuses on fashion-related websites such as clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Shella offers 18 skins and layouts regularly updated to align with the latest design trends. While excelling in desktop performance, it requires enhancement in mobile performance, particularly in SEO. With UI/UX components optimized for conversion and speed, Shella offers excellent value and is a top pick for fashion stores on Shopify.

fastest theme shopify

Key Features:

  • Ensure seamless user experience across devices with a mobile-friendly design.
  • Deliver optimal site speed and performance on desktops.
  • Enhance mobile performance, especially regarding SEO, to boost online store rankings and site speed.

Pricing: $59


Fastest Shopify themes can help you positively impact your site’s performance, leading to higher Google search rankings and better conversions . Therefore, it’s important to choose a lightweight theme that offers many features that would reduce the need for several third-party apps.

However, your site’s performance will depend on many other factors – themes like Eurus or Shoptimized are amazing starting points, but for best results, you will still need to work.