Top 10 Minimalist Shopify Themes To Consider In 2024

Top 10 Minimalist Shopify Themes To Consider In 2024

Not all store owners want to decorate their storefronts in a complicated, colorful way, as it may not be a good idea to highlight the core products of the stores. In such cases, the use of a minimalistic theme can solve the issue as these options deliver clean, clear, simple, easy-to-view layouts while still being able to emphasize the products that the stores are selling.

In this article, we will investigate every little detail about minimalist themes, as well as the top 10 best minimalist Shopify themes that can assist you in highlighting your proposed products in the simplest way. Let’s start off now!

10 Best Minimalist Shopify Themes

Now, we will move on with a quick comparison of the 10 minimalist Shopify themes in the article today!

Theme name Main categories Price Website Ratings
Eurus Fashion & Accessories $230 Shopify 98% positive
Expanse Sports & Recreation $360 Shopify 93% positive
Bullet Supplement $320 Shopify 91% positive
Symmetry Home decor & Lifestyle brands $360 Shopify 93% positive
Spark Beauty $320 Shopify 90% positive
Beyond Clothing & Accessories $320 Shopify 91% positive
Be Yours Health care products $320 Shopify 99% positive
Atlantic Sports & Athletic products $280 Shopify 97% positive
Taste Food & Beverage Free Shopify 60% positive
Highlight All types of categories $280 Shopify 95% positive

In general, the Minimalist Shopify themes come with full customization ability on typography or color schemes to enable stores to create signature store experiences for their customers.

Let’s explore such details in the analysis below to get a deep comprehension of all 10 themes above:

1. Eurus

Coming first on the list is Eurus theme, one of the best-rated minimalist Shopify themes, with up to 98% positive ratings on the Shopify theme store. It is a minimal Shopify theme that is introduced to deliver high speed, high conversions & friendly mobile users, with regular updates to upgrade and make it better.

best minimalist shopify themes

With 5 possible choices of layout, including Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, and Puff; the theme can serve a variety of product categories but still retain its clear, clean, contemporary design. By providing users with multiple built-in features, the store owners are empowered to customize their stores in any way they want to.

Main features

  • Light/ Dark switching mode: The auto light switching mode allows stores to direct customers’ experience in the most pleasant way.
  • Quickview: This is a must-have feature of any minimalist store since you will want the customers’ shopping experience to be the least complicated. They can view the products in just a click, and may make the purchase decision shortly after.
  • Product custom options: The feature enables store merchants to showcase unlimited product choices available so that clients can select their preferred ones.
  • Color/image swatches: As towards the minimalist style, stores can set up different visual choices at a simple glance to offer users different visually-appealing product choices.
  • 4-level mega menu: The deep-level mega menu is the way that online stores can display their product categories or specific products in an easy-navigation manner.
  • Event calendar: This function works as a reminder to inform both customers and stores about upcoming events like flash sales, promotions, new arriving items, etc.

Who is it for?

  • Online stores in categories like clothing, jewelry, supplements, healthcare, etc.
  • Newbies who wish to start a simple online store with a focus on its main products.
  • Online businesses take advantage of a fast and seamless shopping experience.

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2. Expanse

Expanse is among the best minimalist Shopify themes – developed by Archetype Themes –  available in the marketplace for physical stores. or online stores. The design of this theme is simple but classy, enabling merchants to showcase their products in a sophisticated manner.

Expanse -minimalist shopify themes

Main features

  • 20 unique sections: Merchants can apply the desired design options among the 20 available options for all pages, like landing pages, product pages, category pages, etc.
  • In-store pickups: This function is useful for stores having a physical location, where customers can order the products online and come directly to the store to grab them.
  • The before/ after image slider: The theme allows store owners to set up a comparison of the effects on customers before/ or after they use the products. By then, clients will know if the goods can match their demands or not.

Who is it for?

  • Online/ Offline stores with huge product inventories like clothing, accessories, sporting, healthcare, beauty, etc.
  • Businesses that aim for clear, clean, and organized product displaying.

3. Bullet

Bullet is known as a minimal theme Shopify for online stores having multiple physical locations. The theme is preferred for its fast loading speed and contemporary design, ensuring the customers of stores can experience a seamless shopping journey.

3 Bullet - minimalist shopify theme

Main features

  • Countdown Timers: Store owners can set up countdown timers to notify clients about upcoming special events such as flash sales, new items, major discounts, etc. This is an effective way to draw customer attention towards your brand.
  • Product Reviews: Stores can place the product review information right next to the product description to give clients trustworthy resources regarding the experiences of other customers with the products.
  • Product Videos: Merchants can attach the product introduction videos to the product pages to help clients get a better understanding of what they are going to purchase.

Who is it for?

  • Online businesses aim to provide a fast and seamless shopping experience for clients.
  • Online stores that own several physical locations.

4. Symmetry

Symmetry has long been one of the best minimalist Shopify themes with a modern & clean design style, allowing an ultimate focus on displaying the products within the online stores. The theme is an optimal choice for any store owner looking for a minimal look at their online stores.

4 Symmetry - best minimalist shopify themes

Main features

  • 4 different layout modes: With up to 4 design layouts, including Beatnik, Chantilly, Duke, and Salt Yard; the theme enables users to alter their storefronts in an engaging and flexible way.
  • Multiple built-in features: With customized areas like homepage sections, product slideshow, and smart filtering, customers can experience a fulfilling purchase experience inside the stores.
  • Support various languages: This function is beneficial if you plan to go global, as the stores can set up the appropriate displaying languages in the country where you operate.

Who is it for?

  • Online stores are in demand for handling a large volume of transactions in a short period.
  • Physical stores that aim to extend their presence online on a global scale.

5. Spark

Specially designed for dropshipping, D2C stores, and new merchants; Spark is an excellent minimalist Shopify theme available in the Shopify theme store this 2024. The main advantages of the theme come from its super fast loading speed, multiple currency and language choices, etc.

Main features

  • 200+ supported fonts & color choices: The theme allows you to fine-tune the detailed appearance of the storefront with lots of fonts, texts, and color options, giving users the ultimate right to decorate stores in the most appealing way.
  • Recommended products: The theme also supports stores that have cross-selling activities by allowing the theme to recommend customers with similar products to boost sales & conversion rates effectively.
  • Promo popups: Store owners can adjust and showcase several promo popups within their online stores to update clients with the most up-to-date news, discounts, and shopping events, which helps draw customer attention to their brands.

Who is it for?

  • Stores in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, outdoor & sporting, art & boutique, etc.
  • Dropshipping businesses, direct-to-customer stores, and newly-established online stores. Read more:

6. Beyond

If your online store is attempting to become a sustainable, eco-friendly business, then Beyond is among the top environmentally-friendly minimalist Shopify themes that you should choose. The theme empowers brands to create an ethical, sustainable style for their online stores.

6 Beyond -best minimalist shopify themes

Main features

  • Quick view mode: This function can help customers save time on their purchasing journey since they can view the products at a fast pace and later add the products to their cart quickly.
  • Giant mega menu: Online merchants can easily display every single product title and product category in the mega menu on their homepage. This enables consumers to scan the list of goods/ services quickly and efficiently.
  • Trust badges: Following the eco-friendly design style, online stores will need to showcase some trust badges and labels to let clients know about their product’s credibility & sustainability.

Who is it for?

  • High-volume eco-friendly stores with lots of daily transactions to handle.
  • Art & photography businesses which are in need of a clean, modern design to showcase quality products images/ artwork, etc.

7. Be Yours

In contrast with the Beyond theme above, the Be Yours theme is a suitable option for stores with several small product categories/ catalogs. It is among the best high-quality, minimal Shopify themes that are appropriate for one-product online stores or in-person selling activities.

Be Yours shopify theme

Main features

  • Pre-ordering: This function is highly beneficial for clients who want to pre-order their favorite items and own such products as fast as possible.
  • Social media integration: The theme presents the seamless integration of your online stores with related social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., to help your businesses reach more customer audiences and boost sales and conversions effectively.
  • Advanced filtering: As support for the one-product stores, the theme introduces advanced filter modes to enable clients to narrow down the search for appropriate products based on particular elements like size, color, shape, gender, etc.

Who is it for?

8. Atlantic

When looking for a stunning minimalist look to highlight the store’s products, Atlantic is a reliable choice to think about. With a simple-designed homepage and flexible slideshows, the theme allows merchants to highlight feature products in a straightforward way.


Main features

  • Customized dropdown menu: This is a special feature of the Atlantic theme, as users can link to various iterations of their products with ease.
  • Quick-shop mode: The entire shopping experience of customers will be simplified in the easiest manner, allowing them to save time and effort when searching for the most appropriate products in your store.
  • Sales promotions: Store merchants can display different sales events, holiday discounts, new arrivals, etc., to draw customers’ attention toward the main events of their brands.

Who is it for?

  • Online stores that have multiple & large product categories.
  • Brands with lots of sales promotions to introduce customers on a regular basis.

9. Taste

Taste is one of the most special minimalist Shopify themes on the list as you can install and use it for free of charge. The theme is an ideal choice for users who want to present their products in a basic, optimized, and easy-to-navigate way.


Main features

  • Product reviews & ratings: Users can allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for the products they purchased previously, which later may serve as a reliable information area for other clients who are also interested in buying the items.
  • FAQs page: This is a helpful area of every online store as clients can raise questions regarding their buying experience, and stores can respond and alter their businesses based on those questions/ feedback, boosting the quality & interaction among stores and buyers.
  • Cross-selling capabilities: The theme delivers several cross-selling activities to promote the selling statistics of the stores and encourage customers to buy more from those brands.

Who is it for?

  • Culinary businesses and Gourmet stores
  • Restaurants and Cafés aim to start selling online

10. Highlight

The last option we introduce on the top 10 list is Highlight, one of the most creative minimalist Shopify themes designed by Krown Themes. As the name implies, the theme allows its users to highlight the products in a minimal yet creative way.

Highlight shopify theme

With a clean, responsive layout and a deep focus on high-quality images and typography, the Highlight thêm offers everything you need to help your online store stand out among other online stores.

Main features

  • Image parallax/ galleries: The theme focuses on delivering high-resolution images and typography to allow stores to draw attention from their first look.
  • Store popups: All of the stores’ latest news, promotions, shopping events, etc., can be displayed in full through different popups inside the homepage. Clients can approach those new at least simply when touching those popups.
  • Product filtering: The product filtering and sorting options make it east for customers to scan and skim for the exact product that they are in need of.

Who is it for?

  • Artists and Galleries: For artists or galleries selling prints, sculptures, or other artworks online,
  • High-End Fashion and Accessories Stores: Brands that sell premium fashion items, accessories, or jewelry. Read more: 10 Best Shopify Themes For Clothing | 2024 Update

Where to find a minimalist Shopify theme?

There are a few possible areas where you can find a minimalist Shopify theme, including:

  • Shopify theme store.
  • 3rd-party theme providers like ThemeForest, Pixel Union, etc.
  • Scan other stores for theme preferences.

You can scan through these places and grab your favorite minimalist theme from these spots. Remember to check whether it is a free or paid theme to prepare in advance before making the purchase decision.

In conclusion

Your online stores will stand out if you choose a Shopify theme for ecommerce with a minimalistic style that presents a clean, uncluttered user experience.

Recall that these 10 minimalist Shopify themes were chosen by hand because they strike the right mix between sophisticated minimalism and strong e-commerce features. Select the option most compatible with the aesthetics of your brand, then give it a go.