Symmetry Shopify Theme Review: Pros, Cons, And More 

symmetry shopify theme review

The initial impressions that visitors have on your online store will be shaped by the appearance of your Shopify store. The success of an online business may be greatly impacted by the ecommerce Shopify theme selection, particularly when it comes to in-person selling experiences. With the aid of a theme, you can create an online business that offers customers a similarly worthwhile and captivating experience.

One of the most adaptable and well-selling themes available today is Symmetry. You need it to make the most of this and provide your consumers with an amazing online and offline shopping experience. To find out what makes the Symmetry Shopify theme unique, we will go deeper into its main features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, etc., in this blog article.

Symmetry Shopify theme: Overview

The Symmetry theme is a stylish, sophisticated, and adaptable theme that will improve the look of your online business. It provides a number of high-end features that improve your store’s look and feel.

Symmetry claims to produce captivating and fascinating online shopping experiences with its attractive design and well-organized layout. The Shopify Symmetry theme is a perfect choice for a variety of store types that recognize the value of aesthetics and user experience, thanks to its sophisticated filters that are meant to increase conversions.

Nonetheless, we discover that the Symmetry theme is most appropriate for fashion and beauty businesses looking to entice trendy-style enthusiasts based on the standout aspects. The theme has features that you may customize to fit your own niche and style preferences. 

Additionally, we can see that Symmetry will work best in stores that sell items like:

  • Cosmetics and Skincare items
  • Furniture and Jewelry design
  • Creativity and artwork products


The theme presents 4 presets in total, including Beatnik, Chantilly, Duke, and Salt Yard.


symmetry shopify theme reviwew - Beatnik

The Beatnik preset is a sophisticated and minimalistic visual symphony. Beatnik’s minimalist design, lots of white space, and classic layout all evoke a feeling of classic elegance. For companies that want to showcase their goods against a white background, this look is ideal. The user-friendly navigation and tidy overall design ensure that customers visiting your business will have an amazing experience.

For fashion stores, home décor retailers, and lifestyle businesses, the Beatnik design is perfect for displaying items that are visually attractive and uncomplicated. Style-conscious consumers will be left with a lasting impression by its understated elegance, which enhances the overall appearance of your business and lets your fashion collections take center stage.


Chantilly - shopify symmetry theme review

The Chantilly preset conveys elegance and sophistication as a whole. Visitors are left with a lasting impression of the visually attractive online store because of its elegant and sophisticated design features. Chantilly exudes an expensive, modern feel with its beautiful color scheme, simple design, and clean lines. 

This preset is appropriate for companies that appreciate a modern, polished appearance, such as luxury home goods stores, high-end fashion merchants, and skincare and cosmetics enterprises. Additionally, chantilly gives your online business a refined feel that makes it stand out and creates a lasting impact on your clients.


symmetry shopify theme review style Duke

The Duke style is a robust and modern approach to help your stores stand out in the marketplace Duke’s contemporary style makes use of eye-catching font, vivid color schemes, and powerful visual components. Duke possesses a rebellious and audacious feel that draws attention and creates a lasting impression with its unique and original design components. 

The theme has lots of interesting characteristics, like captivating color schemes, striking typographic selections, and nontraditional layouts. Duke is ideal for companies who like to show off their uniqueness and originality. It works effectively for brands that wish to defy norms, creative industries, and specialized markets. 

Salt Yard

Salt Yard

The creative fusion of traditional and modern elements defines Salt Yard’s design. The concept places a great deal of emphasis on product photography, so when customers go into the store, they can immediately see what the company has to offer.

The goal of the Salt Yard theme style is to provide users of your online business a warm, engaging experience. Customers are drawn in by Salt Yard’s smooth blend of eye-catching graphics and user-friendly navigation, which leads them through your items and content.

Whether you operate in travel and hospitality, food and beverage, or any other industry where you wish to inspire a spirit of adventure and discovery, Salt Yard offers the perfect platform. 

Symmetry theme Shopify: Pricing plans

Symmetry theme Shopify: Pricing plans

The Symmetry Theme costs $360 for a one-time purchase and has a large feature set with customizable aspects. With this investment, companies may have access to a carefully designed theme that has the ability to completely transform their online appearance and improve their in-person sales experience.

Businesses may explore the theme’s several designs and features well before they buy it, thanks to the theme’s endless free trials. Users may also see directly how the theme fits with their brand identity and in-person sales objectives during this trial time.

Symmetry Shopify theme: Key features

Mega menu

With the Mega Menu function, shoppers can quickly access and locate the information they need without having to trawl through lengthy lists of links or surf many pages.

Using this helpful tool, you may draw customers in and entice them to explore additional information about your business by introducing and advertising new products, best-selling products, collaboration products, or special programs.


You may use Slide Show mode to showcase gorgeous photos and excellent material about your products and business directly on your homepage. 

The slideshow won’t let visitors look away, making a lasting impact and drawing their interest in learning more about the service or good you have to offer. Consequently, the Slide Show function may aid in boosting sales for your company and creating a devoted following.

Quick buy

‘Quick Buy,’ an intriguing feature of the Symmetry theme, allows you to quickly add items to your cart without being sent to a different product page. 

When you integrate the Quick Buy function into your online store, you enable consumers to add items to their carts and make payments directly from the product display page, saving them the trouble of switching to a different product page and doing several tasks. Customers benefit from time and effort savings as well as a simple and pleasurable shopping experience.

Enhanced search functionality

Enhanced search functionality

Online merchants may utilize the smart search bar to develop a predictive search feature that shows the most relevant results as customers input, making it simple for them to locate exactly what they’re seeking. 

In addition, online sellers have the option to design their own filter for your business, enabling users to locate precisely what they’re looking for without feeling as if they’re spending time scrolling aimlessly.

Mobile-friendly interface

The Symmetry theme is made to work with a variety of mobile phones and screen sizes. This guarantees a seamless and simple user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your website. 

Customers may simply explore your business whenever and wherever they choose, as long as they have an Internet connection, thanks to the theme’s optimization for mobile devices.

Lots of customization options

Lots of customization options

You may alter the layout and appearance of your website to your preference, thanks to Symmetry’s various customization features. With symmetry Shopify theme, you can alter colors, fonts, logos, photos, and much more to fit your branding stories & identities. This allows you to showcase your brand’s distinctiveness without worrying about it being confused with another company’s identity.

Multiple language support

The Symmetry theme from Shopify is multilingual, allowing you to access a wider global clientele. You can quickly translate information into other languages to better serve your customers and boost sales effectively with the aid of the automated translation intelligence tool.

Symmetry Shopify theme review: Pros & Cons


  • SEO & mobile-user friendly designs
  • High customizability
  • Selection of four modern design styles
  • Device responsiveness
  • Fast and effective theme support
  • Frequent updates and unlimited free trials
  • Detailed theme installation guides
  • Compatibility with Shopify 2.0
  • Google Map integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Simple installation and usability
  • Comprehensive currency converter options


  • Limited built-in features; requires 3rd-party apps for full functionality
  • Cluttered product pages in high-volume stores
  • Limited marketing tools; extra apps needed for live chat/calls
  • Expensive price: $360
  • Not suitable for large catalog stores

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Best Alternative of Symmetry theme Shopify: Eurus


Eurus theme

While there are many ecommerce Shopify themes that may properly compete with the Symmetry Shopify theme, Eurus is among the best choices to take into account. 

One of the greatest themes for mobile users, speed, and conversions is Eurus. This one-time purchase theme offers you excellent compatibility, a stylish look, and the quickest speed you’ve ever experienced.

With various basic to advanced features like sophisticated product filtering, product suggestions, slideshow, and a 4-level mega menu, users of the Eurus theme may optimize their online stores with ease. Businesses may effectively promote their products and participate in riveting visual storytelling by using a slideshow function. 

Key features

4-level Mega menu

While the majority of Shopify default themes only offer a three-level mega menu, the Mega Menu feature of the Eurus theme enables up to four levels of product, contact, banner, and promotion display. This improves advertising opportunities and user experience, which makes it perfect for e-commerce sites with substantial product catalogs or high sales volumes.

Stunning Slideshow 

The Eurus theme’s slideshow function may turn your website into an intriguing book by utilizing pictures to tell the story of your brand’s journey instead of words. It enables you to create stunning images & inspirational stories that bolster the visual storytelling goals of your business. You may build an engaging universe that appeals to your customers by placing your items inside the larger narrative.

Quick shop button

The Eurus Shopify Theme gives online retailers the power to offer customers a streamlined checkout procedure with the Quick Buy function. Customers no longer need to visit the product pages for further information in order to purchase the items, as they can grab the items directly from the collection or at the homepage. 

Mobile-friendly & quick loading speed

Shopify’s Eurus theme stands out because of its mobile-first design strategy, allowing online stores to provide customers with a seamless, user-friendly experience that boosts interaction and revenue. Furthermore, because Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS were used in its building process, the Eurus theme delivers faster and more reliable performance with its lightweight design and simple syntax. 

Event Calendar

Without requiring the setup of an additional app, Eurus provides an improved event calendar function for store merchants. Store merchants can create shopping events and send alerts to their customers straight from their calendars with this theme. 

A wide range of customization options

With the Shopify Eurus Theme, you can customize the storefront in a number of ways to provide your customers with an engaging and visually appealing online shopping experience. You may design the store of your dreams and have total control over how to create an eye-catching visual effect with over 80+ templates and 40+ powerful sections and blocks. 

You may also alter the layout, color palette, and fonts of your store to provide customers with a unique and stylish shopping experience.


This pre-order function allows a good approach to help your clients order their favorite items in advance and get them as soon as your stores start listing such items. The function can significantly boost customers’ interaction with your online stores, allowing them to have good stuff at the fastest pace and competitive prices.

>>> Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme.

In conclusion

Symmetry Shopify theme’s smart, clean, clear design and advanced features make it perfect for a wide range of product kinds and styles, satisfying even the pickiest shoppers. This theme is unquestionably a smart choice if you work in the fashion business and want to make your company stand out in the crowd.

With any luck, this post has given you the most thorough understanding of the Symmetry theme Shopify. To help you choose the perfect theme for your online business, don’t forget to check out more premium Shopify themes like Eurus. Come back to our blogging area to update news regarding those quality substitute Shopify themes.