Vantage Shopify Theme Reviews: Pros, Cons and Ratings 2024

vantage shopify theme

Recently, some people have mentioned the Vantage Shopify theme as a good option for new Shopify merchants. But is it really true? In this post, we’ll go over all of its characteristics, including what distinguishes it and how it meets diverse e-commerce demands. In addition, we will analyze its advantages and disadvantages to provide potential consumers with a fair view.

Whether you’re a first-time Shopify customer or thinking about switching themes, this evaluation will help you assess whether the Vantage Theme meets your online store’s needs and aesthetic tastes. Join us as we examine this theme’s strengths and limits.

Vantage Shopify Theme: Overview

Shopify Theme Vantage is a remarkable Shopify theme that seamlessly blends simplicity and refinement. The We Are Underground team designed the Vantage Shopify theme, which is recognized for its original and groundbreaking Shopify themes, including Drop, Fashionopolism, Mr. Parker, Testament, Icon, and Foodie.

Vantage is designed to improve the appearance and functionality of your e-commerce site with a clean and modern layout that is simple to use. It has a number of adjustable settings, allowing you to fit your site’s design to your business identity.

Furthermore, this Shopify Vantage theme focuses on displaying your product and collection sections in a fashionable and artistically flexible manner that is appropriate for your station. To assist visitors in locating items quickly, the Vantage Shopify theme has perfected the art of product discovery features for both small and big catalogs.

Vantage is intended to assist merchants in visually telling tales about their items utilizing huge images (pictures and videos). Furthermore, the Vantage theme is designed for high-volume stores that execute a huge number of transactions in a particular period of time, allowing for simple and smooth expansion. Vantage is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that is ideal for single-product businesses.


Currently, the Vantage theme is presenting five different presets to allow users to select the one that best matches their store’s category. Those 5 presets include:

  • Clean

shopify vantage theme

The Clean preset combines two main styles, minimalism and refinement, in a captivating package. Ideal for summer vacation material or any business seeking a basic yet contemporary design, The Clean style gives your online store a fresh, uncomplicated appearance.

Its minimalist style puts your items front and center. The neutral color scheme creates a soothing atmosphere, resulting in an online shopping experience that is both visually appealing and effective. Whether you offer handmade things, high-tech devices, or fashionable clothing, the Clean design provides your business with a polished and sophisticated appearance that is difficult to resist.

  • Light

shopify vantage theme

The Vantage theme’s Light preset exudes modest elegance, effectively enhancing your product appeal. This conversion-focused design adapts to both small and big catalogs.

It is especially well-suited to cosmetic, beauty, and health collections since it casts a welcoming light on your items. Its bright, airy aesthetics highlight your items and personalization possibilities provide a personal touch.

  • Simple

vantage shopify theme

The Vantage theme’s Simple design redefines timeless appeal, emphasizing textual content and visual narrative. Ideal for fashion categories, this design uses simplicity to create a deeper, narrative-driven relationship with your customers.

The Simple preset, with its engaging, individualized browsing experience, can help your business stand out as a memorable shopping destination. Its traditional textual styles make an easy browsing experience while crafting a tale that connects with your audience.

  • Bright

shopify vintage themes

The Bright preset of the Vantage theme acts as a spotlight for your items, emphasizing vibrant picture display. With its vibrant colors and clear lines, this design guarantees that your items not only stand out but also come to life in an immersive shopping experience.

Whether you’re selling apparel, gadgets, or home items, this design makes your things stand out, resulting in a visually appealing shopping experience that will be difficult to forget.

  • Dark

shopify vintage themes

The Vantage theme’s Dark preset elevates visual storytelling to new heights with its enticing dark color palette. This design creates a dramatic backdrop for your items, highlighting their qualities in a sophisticated and engaging way.

It’s excellent for firms trying to instill a sense of mystery and fascination in their products, elevating the buying experience to an art form. With the Dark design, your business will be transformed into a visual tale that captivates clients, making each visit a unique journey.

Vantage Shopify Theme Review: Key Features

Let’s explore some key features that the Shopify Vantage theme provides to help you build your own online store effectively:

Color swatches

Color swatches might appear as bright buttons on a product page. They provide your store’s visitors with a more enjoyable, realistic, and engaging approach to examining various colored merchandise. Furthermore, it is simpler to use than scrolling through a drop-down list.

These swatches allow users to view different color versions of your store’s products and choose their favorite options to purchase.

Image zoom

The image zooming function helps enhance the utility of your store by displaying photographs in full-screen mode, which adds value and increases potential income. Customers can easily view the products in clear detail to understand their components, which is crucial to their purchase decisions later on.

Cross-selling function

This tool significantly boosts your chances of making further purchases by recommending relevant goods to customers based on their current decisions. It operates seamlessly in the background, changing each transaction into an opportunity for greater customer pleasure and profits.

Blog Integration

The Vantage Theme Shopify effortlessly incorporates a blog area, allowing you to connect with your target audience through content marketing. This tool is great for SEO, client interaction, and positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry.

In fact, you can utilize this area to share news, information, etc., regarding the industries you are working on to boost customer engagement towards your brand.

Product review

If you add product reviews to your shop and product pages, your sales will rise since people will be more likely to purchase your items after reading favorable feedback from other customers. Customers can see the real testimonials and photographs submitted by real individuals to promote your business, which helps to create consumer trust easily.

Product Display

The theme supports a variety of product display options, including grid or list views and numerous picture galleries. This variety guarantees that your items are successfully displayed, appealing to your consumer base’s different tastes.

Age Verification

Vantage Shopify’s theme introduces the age verification feature to support online stores that sell age-limited products. Age Verifier is useful for shops that offer age-restricted merchandise.

It requests that visitors validate their age before visiting your website, guaranteeing legal compliance while protecting your brand’s reputation. It is a proactive technique to guarantee that your items can only be viewed and purchased by people of the proper age.

Countdown timer

This countdown timer tool helps online stores create a feeling of urgency that may greatly increase your conversion rates. It lets you show a countdown timer for discounts or promotions in your shop. This timely visual indication can encourage customers to act immediately, adding a thrilling and dynamic aspect to their shopping experience.

Advanced search function

The Vantage theme recognizes that a flawless shopping experience is critical to client happiness. That’s why it includes an Enhanced Search tool to make product discovery easier for your consumers. This tool gives predicted search results and filters to assist customers in easily browsing your business, guiding them to the goods they want.

We feel that for Shopify businesses, it’s more than simply a search tool; it’s a time-saving, user-friendly function that improves consumer happiness and the entire user experience. With the advanced search tool, you provide your consumers with the power of simple discovery, changing their browsing experience into a pleasant purchase journey.

Image Hotspot

The visual is a potent weapon for online business, and the Vantage theme expertly uses it with its Image Hotspot function. This useful tool lets you add interactive spots to your product photos that emphasize certain features or details when hovered over or clicked. It’s a great method for businesses to convey more information about their products in an interesting, interactive fashion.

Vantage Shopify Theme: Pros & Cons


  • Built-in Sales Boosters: Vantage goes beyond aesthetics with a thoughtful selection of built-in tools designed to drive sales. Think sticky menus for effortless navigation, eye-catching banners for promotions, and a prominent cart icon on mobile to encourage purchases. These features not only enhance the user experience but also strategically guide customers toward conversion, making Vantage a powerful ally in boosting your online revenue.
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: Recognizing the importance of mobile shopping, Vantage excels in providing a seamless mobile experience. A well-placed search icon ensures easy access to product discovery on smaller screens, while a secondary search bar in the mobile menu adds convenience. The thoughtfully positioned cart icon on each mobile page further simplifies the shopping journey, encouraging multiple-item purchases and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Dynamic Product Flags: Vantage’s eye-catching product flags, such as corner banners for “New,” “On Sale,” or “Sold Out” items, are a visual treat. They effectively highlight product distinctions, making it easy for customers, especially repeat visitors, to identify new arrivals or ongoing promotions. This dynamic visual cue not only adds a touch of excitement but also subtly encourages impulse purchases and keeps customers engaged.
  • Customizable Page Building: Unleash your creativity with Vantage’s intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. Forget about complex coding – easily craft unique pages throughout your store using a variety of well-designed blocks for images, products, videos, quotes, and more. This flexibility empowers you to create a visually stunning and personalized online store that truly reflects your brand identity.
  • Ongoing Support and Updates: Invest in Vantage with confidence, knowing that you’ll receive ongoing support and free updates to future versions. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures your store remains up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities, providing a hassle-free and future-proof solution for your online business.


  • Limited Menu Customization: Vantage’s menu options are somewhat limited, particularly for desktop users who prefer extensive drop-down menus. This could pose a challenge for stores with a wide variety of products, as featured products cannot be incorporated into the drop-down menu. If you prioritize detailed menu navigation, Vantage might not be the ideal choice.
  • Pricing Considerations: Vantage’s price point might require careful consideration for some Shopify stores. While it offers a range of powerful features, the investment might not be justifiable for all budgets. Before making a decision, evaluate your store’s specific needs and financial resources to determine if Vantage aligns with your overall strategy.
  • Page Speed Performance: Vantage’s mobile and desktop versions have been reported to have lower page speed scores. Page speed is a critical factor for user experience and SEO rankings. If you cater to a mobile-heavy audience or prioritize fast-loading pages, you might need to explore optimization techniques or consider alternative themes that excel in this area.

Vantage Shopify Theme: Pricing

Currently, the Vantage Shopify theme is available at the price of $200 for a one-time purchase.

Before making the purchase, you should notice that the Vantage theme provides an unlimited free trial. This means you may play about, explore, and fine-tune the theme to your heart’s content before truly committing. You may download this theme from the Shopify Theme Store. You’ll also be able to get a sneak peek at how your business will appear with this elegant theme.

Who is it for?

The Vantage Shopify theme is intended for those who wish to prioritize content.

The Vantage Shopify theme is best suited for a wide range of industries like electronics, fashion, apparel, outdoor gear, sportswear, food, drink, bespoke products, art, photography, luxury goods, beauty products, automation machines, health and wellness products, and more.

Overall, the Vantage Shopify theme is the ideal option for converting food and beverage, sports, and apparel companies.

Vantage Shopify Theme’s Alternative: Eurus

Without question, Shopify has helped numerous online shops reach significant success. It’s a platform that allows anybody to effortlessly manage and launch an online business from scratch. Eurus, the new and improved Shopify theme created by BSS Commerce professionals, is a standout in Shopify’s premium themes collection.

Shopify’s extensive functionality and user-friendliness make it a popular platform for creating an engaging online business. It is a good choice for both new and experienced sellers since it allows business owners to set up and manage their online businesses efficiently.

In the below area, we are going to introduce some of the most outstanding features that the Eurus theme can offer to help you perfect your online store.

Main features

  • Event Calendar

This is one function that Vantage does not provide to store merchants. Event Calendar is a dynamic tool for displaying your events, promotions, announcements, and product releases. Furthermore, the functionality enables users to add events to their own calendars, keeping them informed and involved with forthcoming activities.

  • Pop-up promotions

While the Vantage theme can offer several ways to display the store’s promotions, pop-up promotions are still one of the best methods to introduce such a discount program.

The pop-up feature of the Eurus theme is an efficient technique to attract user attention while also conveying essential information or promotions. It provides an infinite number of pop-ups/banners, which may be easily customized to match your brand’s design.

It also provides features like countdown timers and scheduling settings, allowing you to construct compelling and time-sensitive pop-up ads to increase user engagement and conversion rates.

  • Product labels & badges

Product labels and badges feature that the Eurus Theme provides are visual indicators that appear on product cards and product pages to display vital information and ongoing promotions. These labels attempt to aid customers in swiftly discovering vital facts about the items they are interested in, thus helping buyers acquire trust in the quality of products.

  • Cart Upsell

Not every theme has this unique in-store feature like Eurus does. Cart Upsell empowers store merchants to market more products/ times or special offers straight within the purchasing cart to clients. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight complementary goods or unique discounts that will entice clients to add more to their basket.

  • Shop the look

You can’t find the Shop the Look feature in the Vantage theme, as they do not provide support for this function at the moment. Meanwhile, with the Eurus theme, Shop the Look is a popular interactive feature on home pages that enhances the purchasing experience. It enables clients to browse and purchase a whole outfit or group of similar things styled together. This feature is intended to help steer upsell tactics by suggesting goods that complement one another.

  • Store Locator

The Store Locator tool displays a map of all of the current store’s locations, making it easy for consumers to find local stores or pickup spots. Customers may enhance their shopping experience by incorporating an interactive map that displays store addresses, contact information, and working hours.

This function is especially useful for omnichannel shops that provide both online and offline purchasing alternatives since it bridges the gap between digital and physical stores.

  • Recently viewed products

Recently seen products are a feature that shows things that a user has previously looked at while browsing. This area helps your shop by improving the customer experience, increasing engagement, and optimizing sales chances with tailored suggestions and easy access to previously seen goods.

  • Reorder

The reorder functionality in Eurus Theme allows your customers to easily reorder or replicate previously made items. Instead of repeating the full purchasing procedure, this feature enables customers to rapidly add the same set of products to their basket.

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In conclusion

After reading the article, you have everything you need to decide whether the Vantage Shopify theme is the right choice for your business. Consider all of its pricing, pros & cons, key features, etc., together to come to the right decision.

In case the Vantage theme is not the choice of theme you are looking for, don’t forget that the Eurus theme is an appropriate substitute (an even better upgrade) to the Vantage theme. At nearly the same price, the Eurus theme can supply you with everything you need to make your online store shine.