Shopify Craft Theme Review: Features, Pros & Cons

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Shopify Craft theme stands out in the current e-commerce world with its great-looking and functional theme store. This powerful theme is designed to enhance the shopping experience for both you – the seller and the customers. We’ll dive deeper into the Craft Shopify theme’s features, pros & cons comprehensively.

Overview of Shopify Craft Theme

What is the Craft theme Shopify?

This is one of the best free Shopify themes which has a neat, contemporary design suitable for any business. Craft is oriented on your products, it is a perfect solution for customers who use their PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobiles for shopping.

But Craft goes beyond simple aesthetics. This amazing free theme is built with features that empower you to create a fully functional store, designed to boost your business efficiency and sales

Craft Theme: Perfect for Showcasing Handmade & Artisan Goods

The Craft Shopify Theme is more suitable for specific stores and businesses that are associated with the presentation of crafted goods and handmade services.

  • Fashion Boutiques: Craft theme Shopify is suitable for fashion designers who deal in specialty handcrafted fashion clothes accessories, this theme is perfect because it will enable the designer to showcase his or her products well. Let’s check: 10 Best Shopify Themes For Clothing
  • Home Decor: If you want to display some of the showcased items like customized furniture, artifacts, or paintings, Craft is appropriate for the dealers of the mentioned products.
  • Crafting Supplies: As a result of the clarity of the layout, simplicity, and flexibility, the theme is ideal for stores that deal with crafting materials, DIY boxes, and Tool crafting amongst others.
  • Artisan Creations: I particularly like the Craft theme of Shopify for artisans by hand. The products that are handmade are trinkets, ornaments, ceramics, and pottery among other products.
  • Artists and Designers: This suits artists and designers who want to make exclusive sales of their art prints, illustrations & art collections.
  • Handmade Accessories: Craft theme shopify is suitable for a business that deals in handmade accessories such as bags, scarves, hats, and all accessories.
  • Natural and Organic Products: If you are in the business of selling natural, organic, eco-friendly products then this theme’s natural, earthy look would very much complement your brand philosophy.
  • Boutique Gift Shops: Craft Theme Shopify can be adopted by small gift shops that deal in exclusive gift merchandise, personalized items, etc.

For items that need to carry a designer look, this platform offers the tools and layout aesthetics that are necessary to present them in their best light as well.

Top Features of Shopify Craft Theme.


shopify craft theme

This cross-selling approach is equally efficient, it is embedded to convince the client to purchase even more products, thus raising revenue. What you may have with Craft are accurate and relevant product suggestions displayed on your products’ pages.

Craft allows boasting of choices for upsells and downsells. Upsells present the client with more costly versions of a product that a consumer is viewing, while downsells provide cheaper versions. For instance, Craft may need to suggest a higher-end smartwatch as a cross-sell or a simpler, cheaper watch as an outbound sale to someone viewing a simple watch on the website.

Quick Buy

Purchases through the Quick Buy button in the Shopify Craft Theme theme allow your clients to purchase much faster. A user can get all the information they may need about a product, quality pictures, and even buy a product at the present page with just one click. This smooth experience is ideal if you want to advertise new products, offer featured products, or even if you want to present the customers with limited-time offers.

This has been especially described as being convenient but is so much more than that. It must be a strategy to enhance people’s interactions and sales. This way your customers will be happy. Quick Buy continues to engage your store by shortening the time to purchase products. This leads to a better shopping experience for your clients, more sales, and hence a prosperous online business.

Product Filtering and Sorting

craft shopify theme

This feature helps customers to locate the exact spot and keeps them from being overtaken by the variety of choices. The Craft theme acknowledges this by offering a feature-rich product filtering and sorting mechanism that streamlines the shopping experience.

Based on multiple criteria, customers react very positively to rapid product sorting and filtering. offering a large number of alternatives, including product kind, name of brand, color, size, and price range. For example, with POD (print on demand) brands, your customer can simply locate any size (S, M, L), color (white, black, red, etc.), or variation, allowing them to swiftly narrow down their search and acquire exactly what they’re looking for.

Sticky header

Shopify Craft theme is equipped with a rather useful sticky header option that ensures a seamless flow for the visitors of your web resource. It becomes visible when the audiences read your web pages and stay at the top even when they scroll down.

No need to scroll up and down the page because selected menus and links are always available at any point. It eliminates scrolling back up to the top of the page to locate the navigation bar for smooth browsing. This makes sure all essential links are always visible such as your main menu, search bar, or contact information. That is especially useful for accessibility or people who are using small devices or screens.

The header persistently makes them feel secure and in command of the TV channel. The learners can smoothly transition from one section of your website to the other without strain. It’s a very effective tool that optimizes the planned flow of movement, increases the possibility of access, and consequently, renders the process more customer-friendly for users.


Craft Shopify theme is still a standout by providing a native blog feature that is a goldmine for SEO, content marketing, and customer satisfaction. A blog also makes it easy for a person to post quality articles on his or her area of specialization, attracts traffic on its own, and increases one’s site’s ranking on the search engine. This increases the potential customers to your online store.

shopify craft theme review

Blog entries you get an opportunity to provide useful thoughts and information that is within your industry. This makes you stand out as an authority in whatever sector you are in, plus the trust that is developed from the targeted audience leads to brand devotion. This strengthens the relationship with the consumers and creates a sense of people belonging to the same group.

Take the case of a clothing business that could use the blog to provide outfit inspiration posts that have well-sharp images. Or a nutrition store that offers demonstrations of how to cook nutritionally proper meals and recommendations on what foods to buy with beautiful pictures. Craft’s blog allows you to integrate these aspects seamlessly, and the final product is an enthusiastic and fascinating tool for your consumers.

Product videos

Craft unleashes the full potential of Product Videos thereby switching your online store from just a warehouse of products to a real-life image of your store. Just consider the ability to engage your audience with the help of bright videos that will reveal the use of your products.

Shopify Craft Theme is well-optimized for including product videos, so you’ll be able to show your products from all sides. It enlarges on fine aspects, explains performance, and displays items in use cases. Through the use of virtual models, customers are in a position to be engaged with your products without physically accessing them hence building a better relationship.

The improved product experience also results in increased customer confidence and therefore making the right decision to purchase the product which results in a conversion rate. Product videos help offer a compelling story, they say you can ‘sell’ the feel and mood that belongs to a particular product.


Craft Shopify theme takes your online store to the next level by presenting you with the Lookbooks section, which in its power is unimaginable. Allowing your audience to read the history of your company’s establishment, examine the creation of your company, and, probably, purchase something. Lookbooks enable you to offer inspirational sets of products in action and grouped with other goods in terms of subject.

Storytelling visually by arranging your products with other items, or presenting them in the right setting. Catalogs are a potent advertising instrument because they strengthen the brand and actuate the need by indicating to the public the potential uses and appearances of these products. Craft Theme allows you to keep your audience engaged with a great and beautiful user experience that informs and persuades.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Craft Theme

The Craft theme offers a compelling solution for budget-conscious businesses, especially those prioritizing a clean aesthetic and strong product focus. Its ease of use and core features make it ideal for startups and those new to building online stores


  • Cost-Effective: Craft is another open-source theme which makes it perfect for start-ups and companies with less funds to spare
  • Clean & Customizable: Craft offers a clean design with lots of white space, which makes your products look bright and get the attention they deserve. Despite that, you can still set specific colors, fonts, and layout concurrently with your brand image.
  • Product-Centric: This makes your products stand out and lets the website visitors focus on them: clear descriptions, quality images, and easy navigation. This is ideal for companies that mostly depend on product display.
  • Rich Storytelling: This will strengthen the customer relationship and that forms the basis of customer loyalty.
  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive: Craft gives customers a smooth and unforgettable shopping experience on any device using Craft’s mobile responsiveness.


  • Limited Design Flexibility: The Craft Shopify theme provides good opportunities for individual design, but the possibilities here seem to be not as deep as in some paid themes.
  • Fewer Advanced Features: Craft has the most basic features included out of the box, however, some features may be considered more complex. Some of these functionalities may need additional applications or a coder to put in some specific work.
  • Newer Theme: Although quite promising, Craft is still one of the younger themes in the market. It could present a problem for companies that require assured stability, mainly because this method is specifically designed for creation work.

If you require extensive design customization or advanced functionalities, a premium theme might be a better choice. Consider your specific needs and priorities when making the choice.

Considered Alternative Theme to Shopify Craft Theme

It’s hardly debatable that using a free theme has limitations. To grow your store in today’s cutthroat industry, you must incorporate the demand for advancement.

Features like buttons, fast filtering, a quick look for images, etc., should be carefully selected for particular niches. Additionally, it is essential for enhancing the user experience, which converts visitors into devoted customers.

Eurus Shopify Theme

Customers have given the Eurus Shopify theme 99% positive reviews, largely because of its effective features and committed support. Eurus guarantees that your store is constantly operating at peak efficiency and is up to date with lifetime support, an infinite trial, and regular updates.

  • Products & Collections Smart Recommendations: Provide the appropriate goods and collections to your customers with the help of recommendations based on customers’ behavior, their previous purchases, and the way they explore your website, as well as the keywords related to their actions.
  • High Loading Speed: Eurus accomplishes remarkable Core Web Vitals on desktop and mobile platforms. Visitors to your online store will benefit from a quick loading time.
  • Built-in Marketing & Conversion Tools: Offers built-in marketing and conversion functions such as pop-ups, countdown timer, event calendar, blog posting, etc.
  • Easy Customization: Offers more than 40+ drag-and-drop sections and 80+ in-built templates, 5 amazing premade templates, all suitable for a variety of industries and compatibility with many popular applications.
  • Cart and Checkout Features: Boost sales with features like quick buy, cart notes, gift wrapping, in-store pickup, slide-out cart, etc. All these features compel a client to purchase and thus, boost your revenue in the process.
  • Lifetime support and update: If you are planning to establish a store for a long ecommerce run. Eurus offers lifetime support, which promptly answers questions or solves all problems immediately. Thus, the performance of your store is always optimized to the maximum and the way customers browse is also perfect.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, for those seeking a free, user-friendly starting point, Shopify Craft theme is a fantastic option. Its clean design, product focus, and ease of use make it ideal for new online store owners.

If you want to explore more Shopify theme reviews, Omni themes offer a wealth of informative reviews to help you explore a variety of Shopify themes and find the perfect fit for your online store’s needs.