Envy Shopify Theme Review: Pros & Cons, and Pricing 2024

Envy Shopify Theme Review: Pros & Cons, and Pricing

Envy Shopify theme is a great choice for brands who are selling products related to high-end fashion, and luxurious products. If you are selling in another niche, Envy still adapts for you by the easy customization features and diverse styles.

This informative review will help to have a clear view about the theme pros & cons, special features, pricing. These important factors help you to understand your brand’s purposes, and answer the question about whether this theme is worth buying or not.

Shopify Envy Theme Review: Overview

What is The Shopify Envy Theme?

Made by The Eights, Even offers a clean design and professional aesthetic with customization options. The Envy Shopify theme is created to enhance the user-friendly and visually appealing online stores. It caters to businesses of all sizes but can be particularly beneficial for those needing a strong promotions, sales, marketing campaign, high transaction volumes, and physical stores.

Styles of Envy Shopify Theme

As a high-class theme of the Shopify Collection, Envy provides 4 different presets listed as Boho, Soak, Play, Charm. While all of these styles like to hold an aesthetic, and luxurious design, each style also represents a specific niche, and product type.



Boho likely caters to stores selling handcrafted goods, apparel, home decor, with a bohemian vibe. This preset focuses on a relaxed and artistic aesthetic which potentially features elements like natural textures, warm color.


This preset might be a good choice for brands who need a clean, claiming presentation like furniture, home decor, natural, skincare products, or minimalism apparel. Providing clean lines, with spaces, imaged-focus. It could be described as a minimalist look



If you need a friendly and approachable brand image, such as children’s clothing, toy shops, bakery or restaurant, Charm might be a good choice for you. .The style offers a more inviting and friendly look, potentially incorporating pastel colors, playful fonts, and warm imagery.


Play is a suitable style for store selling products that target a teenage audience, or for one that needs a dynamic feeling, such as sport brands, electronics stores, or toy stores.


Pricing is always a crucial part that is a major concern because we are afraid that the product does not meet our expectations.

But don’t worry, the Shopify Envy Theme is one of the reasonable themes to buy at the price of $350 USD.

Have a look at our detailed review of outstanding features below !

Envy Theme Shopify Review: Features

Flash Sales Functionalities

Envy Shopify Theme Review - Flash sales

The Envy theme is specifically designed for brands that rely on flash sales, and time-based promotions boost sales. Some typical features are countdown timers, prominent display, limited-time discounts Allowing you to create a sense of urgency and encourage impulsive purchases.

These features help drive excitement and encourage customers to act quickly before the offer expires. Additionally, Envy’s support for “promo popups” and “promo banners” empowers you to strategically highlight these limited-time offers and maximize your sales potential.

High-Volume Store

Envy is built to handle a large number of transactions effectively, making sure a seamless shopping experience for you client even at peak duration such as black friday, back to school, christmas, etc.

Envy Theme Shopify Review - High-volume store

Imagine handling Black Friday traffic with confidence, knowing your store won’t experience glitches or slowdowns due to high order volume. This ensures a positive customer experience, which is crucial for building trust and repeat business. Promote this feature in your marketing materials to highlight the scalability of your store and its ability to deliver exceptional service, even during the busiest times.

Product filtering and sorting

Product filtering and sorting are two essential features for any online store. Supporting customers do not feel overwhelmed by a variety and product, and navigate them to exactly one place. The Envy ecommerce Shopify theme understands this, offering a robust product filtering and sorting feature to streamline the shopping experience.

Envy product filtering and sorting has an amazing response for customers based on various criteria. Including many options like size, color, price range, brand’s name, product type. For example with clothing brands,  your customer can effortlessly find for any size from ( S, M, L), color ( Red, Blue, Green), or any units, quickly narrowing down their search to find exactly what they’re looking for.

As the store owner, you have control over the filtering options available on your Envy theme.  This allows you to customize the filters based on your product categories and ensure they’re relevant to your audience.

Quick View

Streamline your customer experience easier than ever with Envy’s quick view feature. Offering for you built-in functionalities to adapt for customer needs and navigate them to product pages. For just simple click and hover, all essential information of your products will be displayed such as descriptions, images, variant, quantities.

Reducing the click of the browsing process helps the customer be immersed in your product’s discovery journey. Envy’s quick view even allows them to add the products directly to the cart,  keeps buying intentions from customers and translates into smoother conversions for your store.

In-store pickup

BOPIS ( Buy Online Pickup In Store) increases the desire for online shopping experience with the immediacy of getting items immediately. By offering in-store pickup, Envy removes a potential barrier to purchase, potentially leading to increased conversions. Helping you to eliminate the case that customers won’t buy because they hesitate of delivery wait time, encouraging them to complete the purchase.

These necessary features also increase the foot traffic to your physical store to a wider audience, even fostering brand awareness and creating a loyal customer.

While In-store pickup of Shopify Envy theme requires clear communication of availability, it can save you on shipping expense for special products such as bulky or heavy items  With Envy’s focus on clear product information, customers can make informed decisions about in-store pickup suitability based on size or weight details.


Your blog also can be a strategic tool for promoting specific products or collections.  Envy’s clean design rates well with blog posts, allowing you to showcase your products beautifully alongside informative content.


The blog features not only an essential part for any store or brand wanting to enhance the visibility to customers, it’s also a strong tool to increase your website order by search engine.
A blog allows you to create informative and keyword-rich content that can improve your search engine ranking

Cross selling

Cross selling by Envy helps you to increase the revenue by making customers add more goodies to their cart effectively. Envy allows you to display curated selections of related products on your product pages. This strategic placement ensures customers browsing a specific item see complementary products they might also be interested in.

Envy offers functionality to showcase upsell or downsell options. Upsells present higher-end versions of the product a customer is viewing,  while downsells offer more budget-friendly alternatives. For example, if someone is looking at a basic watch, Envy could display a premium smartwatch as an upsell or a simpler, more affordable watch as a downs

Envy shopify theme Review: Pros & Cons


Visual Appeal and Design

Envy gives you a clean and modern aesthetic and puts your products in a spotlight, ensuring an attractive first impression for every visitor. This theme not only stops at stunning design, it also provides a responsive layout for all devices from smartphones to PC, guaranteeing a flawless experience for all your customers, no matter what device they use.

Imagine a customer browsing your store on their phone, Envy ensures your products look crisp and sharp, keeping them engaged and ready to buy. With Envy, your online store becomes a visual feast for the eyes, ready to convert window-shoppers into loyal customers.

Sales and Conversion Features

Reviews highlight the effectiveness of Envy’s cross-selling features.  Imagine a customer browsing a dress – Envy seamlessly suggests matching shoes, handbags, or jewelry,  tempting them to create a complete outfit and potentially increasing their average order value. You can run any campaign by the all promotion features that are packed with Envy themes easily.

Envy also integrates the cross-selling features which is a powerful tool for you to increase the revenue by eliciting the customer’s need. Suggesting the accompanying products in the purchase process, this features not only optimize for conversions, but it also be used as a tool for inventory handling.

Additionally, the ability to create unique content helps you to personalize the shopping experience.  With Envy, every element works together to seamlessly guide customers from browsing to happily adding items to their cart.

Mobile-first approach

More than 84% of the United States citizens own a smartphone by the latest data by Outer Box about Ecommerce mobile Stats. This impressive number once again claims the role of responsive design of any sites for e-commerce. Envy understands that  This theme does not leave smartphone users behind. Optimed for seamless browsing experience and shopping on all devices, ensuring a consistent and positive experience for every customer.

As you can see on the picture, this theme has a top-design for a responsive design, especially for mobile. From home page, blog, product page, purchase to smaller units such as images quality, storytelling flow, everything has a synchronization for both devices.

Conversion-oriented design

Envy Theme Shopify understands the role of persistent navigation, rapid product previews, call-to-action prompts,  ensures a seamless brosign journey. Claiming that aesthetic design is nothing if the store lacks conversion features.


Overcomplicated for new sellers

For those unfamiliar with code or design principles, navigating Envy’s intricacies can be a steep learning curve. This can lead to frustration and delays, diverting focus from adding products and crafting a compelling brand story.

While Envy offers undeniable power, it might be wiser for new sellers to consider a more user-friendly theme that prioritizes ease of use and streamlined setup. This will allow them to establish their store’s foundation and learn the ropes before diving into advanced customization.

Limited Design Control

Limited Design Control: While the Envy theme offers customization, there might be certain design elements you can’t change exactly how you want. For instance, some users have reported difficulty adjusting content width or adding specific design elements to certain sections.

Here’re some problems that users encountered.

  • Can not adjust the width to not be full-width
  • Changing the type size of the subheadings
  • Adding a dark overlay to the background image o
  • Adding a dark overlay to the background videos
  • Adding a logo to the footer

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Alternative Theme to Envy Shopify Theme

Envy is an amazing theme with tons of features, diverse styles, and high positive reviews, but it has some limitations related to overcomplication for sellers, and design controls.

If you’re looking for a theme that offers both powerful features and a user-friendly experience, then Eurus might be a perfect fit. It strikes a great balance between customization options and a smooth setup process.


Suggested as an alternative choice to Envy Shopify Theme, Eurus provides top-features, a variety of styles, driving your conversion rates effectively.

From necessary features listed as mega menu, product labels to advanced features such as promotional tools, cross-selling, high-resolution images, and recommended products. Eurus also caters to all types of sellers from new sellers, start-up to entrepreneurs, and even large companies.

Eurus shopify theme

Outstanding features of Eurus theme

  • Products & Collections Smart Recommendations: uses AI-driven recommendations to show the suitable products and collections to your customer by their behavior, purchase history, browsing patterns, and related keywords.
  • 4 levels Mega Menu: Organizes all of your products catalog, and content by a user-friendly design.
  • Unlimited Product Labels: showcases unique selling points like “Organic Cotton”, “Free Shipping” or “Limited Edition” These labels act as visual flags that grab customer attention and highlight the superiority of your products.
  • Unlimited Customization Options: Extend Shopify’s default features through features such as radio buttons, file upload, checkbox, text fields, or image swatches, and more.
  • Flash Sale Functionality: Executes time-sensitive promotions and instills a sense of urgency through integrated flash sale capabilities.

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Personal Message For You !

Exploring the Envy Theme Shopify might be your best choice when starting the e-commerce journey. Envy enables you to create professional and successful online stores. If you are still confused about what your future store looks like, have a look at Omni Theme for valuable insights on apps, features, and unique themes.