10 Best Shopify Themes for Furniture and Home Decor in 2024

best shopify themes for furniture

Looking for the best Shopify theme for furniture and furniture is not hard as you expected. Although it is known that you’re spending hours searching for the best suited themes. This article gives you balanced views about the pros and cons of current themes, in order to boost your store immediately. 

As you can see, all the businesses from small to enormous companies own an online website. It is not just for selling ! It’s a great platform to reach potential customers and expand the business’s presence. According to the latest report of Epos Now, the brands transferring to online business have grown about 15-50% more, compared to companies that are not online. Emphasize the vital role of online presence to increase the conversion rate, and brand awareness to customers. 

Best Shopify Themes for Furniture and Decor Store: Overview

Name  Price  Theme Styles Positive Rate
Eurus  $230  Modern Feature , dynamic  97%
Combine  $360  Storytelling 87%
Stockholm  $320 Clean,  minimalist  91%
Habitat  $300 Vintage 85%
Capital  $180  Large inventories  87%
Editions  $250 Simple, spacious  94%
Huge  $220  Sophisticated, playful None
Unicorn  $150 Functional, user-friendly None
Responsive  $240 Minimalist, classic 96%
Split  $280 Natural 100%

1. Eurus

Including competitive pricing, robust features, a variety of design choices, and positive user experiences. Beyond controversy, Eurus is one of the best Shopify themes for furniture in any case. This theme currently supports 5 theme styles that include important features for products and selling purposes such as Breath, Breeze, Swirl, Puff, Whiff.  For furniture and decor products, we recommend the Breath Style. 

With the favorable prices, the Eurus’s features go beyond your expectation. Offering superior speed, and mobile optimization, eliminating all the barriers for customer experiences. The theme was powered by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, ensuring unparalleled speed, fast loading time. Eurus theme reached a 99 score on desktop and 90 speed score for mobile platform. Therefore, the conversion rates will increase dramatically by these top-features. 

Eurus- Best Shopify Themes for Furniture and Home Decor

Key features ✨

  • Dynamic Dark Mode:  Enhance users’ experiences, and increase the purchasing rates effectively. Eurus’s Dark/Light modes support changing the storefront appearance immediately based on the customer’s needs and/or their device settings.
  • Highly Customizable Design: Empowering users with 35+ dynamic sections and blocks, Eurus allows complete customization to create a visually stunning store tailored to individual brand needs.
  • Mordernist Features Included: Including cart upsell, countdown timers, mega menu, product options, smart filtering, etc. 

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2. Combine 

Creating Combine by Krwn Themes, this  a powerful theme that designs to boost your store performance, and revenue. Combines help you to store the product effectively by visual design, and operation Combine is a great theme for brands who need high-volume stores, flash sales, and storytelling. Focusing on marketing and powerful conversion tools, Combine increases the product’s presence and attracts the customer’s attention for your campaign.


Key features ✨

  • Bundle builder: Diverse choices for bundles, kits, upsells, cross-sell, and more. 
  • Versatility: Includes the flexibility for over 25 customizable sections, and numerous designs. 
  • EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES): Expand your reach with multilingual support, catering to a broader audience across Europe in their native languages.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and types, from furniture to decor stores. Providing clean design, minimalism style, Stockholm offers a variety of tools to increase your productivity in selling. Some essential tools can be listed as slide-out carts, customizable menus, countdown timers, product reviews, and much more. 

Key features ✨

  • Clean Minimalist Design: Provides a sleek and modern look for your store, allowing your products to shine. 
  • Mega Menus and Interactive Pop Ups : Offer a user-friendly navigation experience and highlight promotions effectively. 
  • High-Volume Store Support: Handles large sales volumes smoothly for a frictionless buying experience.
  • Quick Setup: Get your store launched quickly and easily with minimal setup steps. 

4. Habitat

The Habitat theme by Fuel Themes to create the natural and visually environment for your online store, bringing the comfortable atmosphere to your customer when browsing. By the extensive customization choices for typography, colors, spacing, allowing you to make the unique brand’s presence. 

Habitat shopify theme for Furniture and home decore

Habitat works well for high-volume stores and strong visual storytelling to showcase products.  These features not only boost the conversions, but only create the mutual relationships between brand and customers as well.  Additionally, the theme integrates seamlessly with physical stores and supports multiple languages.

Key features ✨

  • 26 Custom Sections: Provides a high level of design flexibility to create unique layouts for your store.
  • Visually Appealing Design: Perfect for businesses that rely on high-quality product images for storytelling. 
  • High-Volume Store Support: Handles large sales volumes smoothly for a frictionless buying experience. 
  • Quick View: Allows customers to see product details without leaving the current page, improving conversions. 

5. Capital

Capital showcases large products inventories with a concentrate on theme styles and precision. Offering three pre-design options, innovative collection page layout to highlight key It’s the best suit for brands needing rapid launch, and trials. 

It offers basic conversion-tools such as product reviews, recommended products, and promotions. With the considerable prices, this theme also provides high-volume stores, and editorial content for brands telling. It may not be the best Shopify theme for furniture if strong image focus is a priority.

Key features ✨

  • Three Preset Designs: Choose from pre-designed options for a faster launch
  • High-Volume Store Support: Handles large sales volumes smoothly for a frictionless buying experience.
  • Content Friendly:  Adjust for long-text sections, and storytelling. 

6. Editions

The editions themes by Pixel Union include all of the factors to highlight your products by a clean and modern design. If you are looking for the best Shopify theme for decor, Editions stands out due to attractive layout and customizable features. 

Moreover, Edition provides multiple products page layouts, and jumpstart templates for rapid launch. Integrating well with physical stores and support for many languages. While Editions does not focus on high-volume stores, this theme still offers core features to boost your conversions such as product reviews, recommended products, and promotion tools. 

Editions - Best Shopify Themes for Furniture and Home Decor

Key features ✨

  • Easy-to-Use Design Options: Offers multiple product page layouts and a user-friendly editor for a smooth setup.
  • Clean and Modern Design: Allows your products to take center stage with a focus on clean lines and an uncluttered layout.
  • Quick Setup: Get your store launched quickly and easily with minimal setup steps. Jumpstart Templates: Save time with pre-designed templates for FAQs, lookbooks, and more. 

7. Huge

Huge by MPS is an outstanding marketing place-style theme for Shopify. This theme is especially designed for dropshippers and high-volume stores who look to scale the business. Including all crucial features to enhance sale rates, and traffic such as SEO optimization, cross-selling functionalities. Additionally, Huge also provides a multitude of merchandising capabilities to increase your competitiveness in this current market. 

Huge shopify theme

Key features ✨

  • Traffic & Sales Increase: Boasts features optimized for SEO, cross-selling, and upselling to boost traffic and sales. 
  • Dropshipping Friendly: Designed specifically to meet the needs of dropshipping businesses. 
  • Advanced Merchandising: Offers a variety of merchandising capabilities to showcase your brand competitively. 

8. Unicorn 

Own Unicorn, all of your sales barriers will be removed by the flexible and high-end design. Unicorn includes a full-size logo display to showcase your brand, and customizable sections to create a unique shop layout. it might be ideal for stores seeking the best shopify themes for home decor. Creating the seamless user experiences when browsing by fully product discovery such as back-to-top button, breadcrumbs, collection page navigation, enhanced search.

Unicorn shopify theme

Key features✨

  • Flexible Design: Offers a high level of design customization to create a unique store. 
  • Full-Width Logo Display: Prominently showcase your brand to customers. 
  • Dropshipping Friendly: Designed specifically to meet the needs of dropshipping businesses.
  • High-Volume Store Support: Handles large sales volumes smoothly for a frictionless buying experience.

9. Responsive 

This shopify theme for ecommerce ensures your brand looks amazing, and supports a seamless user experience for all devices, from desktop to mobile. Responsive empowers you to display all products beautifully by comprehensive content editorial and storytelling. There are no worries about conversion as well.

Key features ✨

  • Effortless Shopping Across Devices:  ensures a smooth experience regardless of whether they’re browsing on a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Visual Storytelling Powerhouse: showcases your brand and products in a way that ignites customer interest.
  • Unbound Responsive:  Personalize your store’s layout, typography, and promotions

10. Split 

Split by Krown Themes, promising to create the best theme for drive conversion and remove the cookie-cutter problem. This attractive theme is perfect for brands who need to tell specific stories to ideal customers.

Split shopify theme

While the split-screen provides an eye-catching layout, Split might decrease your ability to achieve a completely custom design. With products which include intricate detail or complex layout, you may struggle to make them effectively by split screen. However, Split still might be the best Shopify theme for home decor because of the superior number of feedback from theme buyers. 

Key Features ✨

  • Split-Screen Layout: Split’s innovative split-screen design creates a truly engaging user experience that sets your store apart from the competition.
  • Conversion Powerhouse: Split isn’t just about looks; it’s a conversion machine. Unique promotion banners, countdown timers, and dynamic cross-selling.
  • Shop the Look, Boost Sales:Showcase curated product bundles with “Shop the Look” functionality. 

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Key Aspects of The Best Shopify Theme for Furniture 

Attention furniture and Home Decor Store Owners! You’re not alone, and don’t be worried. This guide will help you navigate the options and select a theme that boosts your online store’s success.


Why is testimonials crucial for choosing the best Shopify theme for home decor or furniture in particular, or in the advertising generally? 

In other words, looking for testimonial features such as rating, comment, social proof, or customer stories on any themes are very important. According to the statistics by BigCommerce, there are more than 72% of customers show a positive attitude by the testimonials and trust for a brand.  This strategy creates a concrete message to your customer that your products are legit, and believable. Therefore, testimonials are one of the most effective features of any best Shopify themes for furniture


For the furniture and decor industry, beyonding the basic layout of images, investigating themes that support detail matters are crucial. Your potential customers usually tend to explore the quality of material such as the grain of wood, soft texture of fabric, or the elegance of the chair, etc.  A well-designed theme must ensure the best quality of images such as zoom in and out, high- resolution images.  


Making sure that you choose the best design to build your dream furniture stores. Choosing the themes that can display your products visually, and effectively by reasonable design. Responsive layout is also noticed, it ensures your brands look amazing and flawlessly on all devices. Creating the seamlessly experience to boost sales in this current market

Wrapping up 

We just go through the 10 best Shopify themes for home decor and furniture with their strengths and drawbacks. The important key is to understand what your brand’s purposes are, and strategies for the best choice. It will save your time effectively, and shorten the gap to success.