Prestige Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros and Con 2024 

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On the Shopify Theme Store, in particular, you can find more than a hundred available themes (both free and paid), which may struggle you a bit with the choice. The paid options seem to be much more popular as they can provide more advanced features and lots of customization choices than free themes; however, they all come with the expansive price of around $350 on average.

At such a price rate, users expect to receive a fully functional theme that can support the online store in multiple aspects, not just the storefront design only. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the Prestige theme Shopify – one of the best Shopify eCommerce themes, and also one of the most expensive theme options on the Shopify Theme Store.

What is the Prestige Theme Shopify?

Prestige, in general, is a premium theme created by the professional theme design & development studio in France – Maestrooo. They are also the owners of some other common themes on Shopify Theme Store like Warehouse, Kagami, Trademark, and Focal.

The Shopify Prestige theme offers a luxurious, high-end design to allow online stores to focus solely on highlighting the products and their related content. Its design style is elegant, minimal, and clean, allowing brands to showcase the products in the most eye-catching but sophisticated way.

Currently, the Prestige theme Shopify is among the top-rated Shopify paid themes with thousands of stores choosing this option, receiving a 90% positive rating in total.

It is appropriate for businesses with physical storefronts, those who want to add a stylish look to their online store, especially those who want to project an air of sophistication and exclusivity. This special mix gives users the flexibility to design an engaging and unique online purchasing experience that builds trust in the company.


Three Prestige presets—Allure, Couture, and Vogue—are available for businesses to select from in the Prestige Shopify theme. Each features a slightly distinct font and color scheme, as well as a somewhat different layout for the product pages, navigation, and homepage. These are adaptable and function more as recommendations than as precise designs.


The Vogue preset is a great option for anybody looking for a contemporary and colorful look. Vibrant gold buttons draw attention to this bolder approach to color palettes promoted by Vogue. It is distinguished by its vivid, energetic look, which effectively embodies modern design. Emanating sophistication and elegance, the blend of modern and classic features is shown in the soft pastel hues and modern typeface.


Prestige Theme Shopify's preset

The Couture layout has a modern, spacious feel while embodying grace and elegance. With lots of white space, its straightforward, minimalistic style is ideal for luxury firms trying to draw attention to their high-end merchandise. The basic color scheme of black and white exudes a timeless elegance, and the delicate, small type adds to the sophisticated overall look.


Prestige Theme Shopify preset - Allure

With its light gray backdrop and capital titles, the Allure preset offers an amazing visual experience that skillfully combines elements of modern and classic styles. The sleek, dark aspect of the Allure Style exudes refinement, and typefaces like Century Gothic and Futura were deliberately picked to add to its allure.

Main features of Prestige Theme Shopify

Multi-layout Mega Menu:

The Prestige theme Shopify allows merchants to create a multi-layer mega menu containing various columns that can be used to showcase various product catalogs, collections, bundles, etc. Online stores can easily set up extensive product catalogs within the mega menu to simplify the customer’s navigation experience, helping them easily explore every product available inside the store.

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Shop the Look:

This is a popular feature among clothing and home decor shops as it can offer the true-to-life context for the items in store, delivering a seamless searching experience to shoppers. The Prestige theme enables online merchants to utilize 3 spots for product highlighting options within the “Shop the Look” feature.

Pop-up Promotions:

This is a popular feature available in most paid Shopify themes. Within the theme Prestige Shopify, users can take advantage of various promotional pop-ups, newsletter sign-ups, pre-ordering, etc., and place them in easy-noticed areas within the store so that clients can explore those promotions with ease.

Moreover, related features like product badges or product labels can assist stores in enhancing the visibility of product promotions on the homepage, collection pages, and other areas.

Prestige Theme Shopify review about features

Image slideshow:

Store merchants can set up high-resolution product images in the form of a slideshow to deliver customers multiple actual visuals of the items they are going to buy. Users can scroll up and down to view every image available and click on the image they prefer to view in detail.

Furthermore, the Shopify Prestige theme supports the video introduction function to raise customers’ awareness of the items.

Color Swatches:

The color swatches of the Prestige theme allow users to present the products with various options related to colors and textures. This is beneficial for online stores selling items that have multiple color options, as clients can preview the product variations of those color choices and pick up their favorite ones.

Product Reviews, Recently Viewed, and Recommendations functions:

With integrated features like product suggestions, recently seen goods, and reviews, Prestige streamlines the process of finding products and establishes credibility. With its integration with the Product Reviews by Shopify app, this Online Store 2.0 theme enables users to rate and review products right on the product pages. This function can import feedback as a CSV file, but it is unable to send emails automatically soliciting reviews.

Slide-Out Cart:

With integrated features like product suggestions, recently seen goods, and reviews, Prestige streamlines the process of finding products and establishes credibility. With its integration with the Product Reviews by Shopify app, this Online Store 2.0 theme enables users to rate and review products right on the product pages. This function can import feedback as a CSV file, but it is unable to send emails automatically soliciting review.

Prestige Theme Shopify Review: Pros & Cons


  • Luxury aesthetic design
  • Multi-language support
  • Countdown timer feature
  • Color swatches for products
  • Quick view option
  • Stock counter availability
  • Highly configurable sections
  • Fast performance optimization
  • Accessibility features
  • Elegant product showcase


  • It may be complex for beginners
  • Higher price point
  • Limited to high-end brand suitability
  • Requires quality imagery for best results

Pricing of Prestige Theme Shopify

In line with the store’s regular theme cost, the Shopify Prestige theme is presently available for $380 USD at the Shopify Theme Store (while the average cost of a Shopify theme is $350). All costs are covered by this one-time payment, and consumers get lifelong Maestrooo customer support after making their purchase.

Pricing of Prestige Theme Shopify

Even while the $380 payment can seem massive, it’s crucial to remember that Maestrooo does not provide returns on this Prestige theme Shopify. To lessen this, consumers may browse the theme, see a sample of it, and test out other themes on the Shopify Theme marketplace without having to pay anything.

Who is it best for?

For online shops that do in-person sales, the Prestige Shopify theme is a great option. It is also excellent for retailers who wish to make significant investments in content and visual storytelling.

To be more specific, below are the target audiences that best match the Shopify Prestige theme:

  • High-end clothing and luxury firms that look for a sophisticated web presence to go along with their refined merchandise.
  • Boutique jewelry stores are searching for a venue to present their dexterous designs and fine craftsmanship.
  • Beauty and cosmetics stores with a contemporary, elegant, and stylish concept to showcase their high-end items.
  • Art galleries and artists that want to showcase their artworks in an elegant yet understated way online.
  • Gourmet food and specialty product merchants are aiming to provide a premium online shopping environment for their premium, specialized products.

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Alternatives to Prestige Theme Shopify


Eurus theme is one of the best Shopify premium themes with multiple built-in features and customization options to support online store merchants with everything they need to craft an online store from scratch.

Using Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, the design is lightweight, the syntax is straightforward, and the performance is quicker and more robust. Eurus therefore promises to deliver lightning-fast loading times, as demonstrated by the fact that every store created with the theme has an astounding over 99 speed score on desktop and 90 score on mobile devices.

Eurus shopify theme

Key Features:

  • Pop-up promotions: Store owners can establish an unlimited number of pop-ups displaying the news that they want shoppers to approach, such as new arrivals, flash sales, shopping holidays, etc., to help raise engagement among the stores and their clients.
  • Pre-ordering function: The Eurus theme allows stores to set up the pre-ordering feature for either the current out-of-stock or upcoming products of those stores. It will help customers to have chances to own their favorite items as soon as those goods are released in the stores or when they are back in stock.
  • Estimated delivery date: Clients can benefit from this feature to estimate the appropriate time that they can receive the orders sent from your online stores.
  • Related collections and products: When customers are viewing a collection or a product, store merchants can present some related collections/ items that can accompany it. This helps promote customer’s shopping habits and provoke them to purchase more.
  • Quick view/quick add function: Shoppers’ shopping experience can be seamless since they can quickly view and purchase the items without having to leave the current page.
  • Smart filtering: The advanced filters allow customers to quickly identify the appropriate products based on basic factors like shape, color, size, material, etc.

For now, Eurus costs $230 at the Shopify Theme Store. Users may test it out with their items, brand colors, and modifications, though, during an endless free trial. A one-time purchase is all that is needed if you choose to publish the theme to your store.

If you’re searching for a cutting-edge Shopify theme that combines an eye-catching design, a ton of customization options, performance, and trustworthy support, go no further than Eurus by BSS Commerce. Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme.

In conclusion

Using the Prestige theme makes it simple to get your business to project a sense of grandeur and highlight your items prominently. It offers a seamless shopping experience and does a fantastic job of assisting firms in connecting with their customers.

It is simple to understand why so many companies rely on this theme, which is among the greatest Shopify themes available. We still think that a lot of Shopify companies will have great success with this theme, even though its customization options are a little limited.

In case you want to explore other Shopify theme choices before making the final decision, don’t forget to visit regularly to update other review articles on this topic.