Shopify Startup Theme Review: Pricing, Features And More

shopify startup theme

The choice of an appropriate theme is a foundational step to have a good start for an online store. A well-chosen theme can strongly impact the visual engagement of customers toward your brand. There are 2 common types of themes to select if you are considering Shopify themes, including free and paid options.

While free themes can provide you with the basic functions to start a regular online store, paid themes support advanced features & diverse customization options to help your storefront stand out in the crowd. Among the most popular paid Shopify themes for ecommerce, Startup is a common choice for entrepreneurs, especially Direct-to-Consumer focused brands.

The Shopify Startup theme is one of the trendiest themes, with lots of customization options, advanced functionality, and reasonable costs. Let’s investigate in detail everything to know about the Startup Shopify theme to see if it is an ideal choice to help you start an online business smoothly or not.

Overview of Shopify Startup Theme

As the name implies, the Shopify Startup theme is a great start for new entrepreneurs or small-to-medium businesses wishing to own a modern, elegant store outlook.

The Startup Shopify Theme is intended for nascent online enterprises looking for a stable but user-friendly platform to begin their e-commerce adventure. This theme sticks out thanks to its simple, contemporary style and emphasis on efficiently displaying items.

Designed to provide Shopify shops with a clean and attractive design, the Startup Theme is a premium theme. It is packed with features made specifically for companies that sell to consumers directly, assisting them in making efficient and direct connections with their target market.

The editable testimonials section is one of this theme’s main features. It is designed to help store owners show consumers real product reviews so that clients can raise trust regarding the businesses. The Shopify Startup theme also ensures a seamless user experience across all platforms with its mobile-responsive design, easily navigable homepage elements, and responsive layout.


The Startup Theme Shopify requires a one-time purchase of $240. You may test and assess it before deciding to buy it, thanks to its unlimited free trial period. Not to mention that this theme comes with no additional costs or hidden costs.


The Startup theme Shopify includes 4 main presets: Tech, Home, Cloth, and Travel


The Shopify Startup Theme’s Tech preset is an eye-catching mix of dark hues that are emphasized by details that are bright and in high contrast. Your consumers will be impressed and left with a lasting impression by this color scheme’s sleek and stylish vibe.

 Tech preset - Shopify Startup Theme

The Tech setting of the Startup Theme Shopify has a combination of dark colors with details of brilliant contrast. It has a modern, hip atmosphere that will surely leave an impact and stick in the minds of your clients.


The color palette of the “Home” preset blends blue-black and white to create an eye-catching combination of uppercase typefaces. It works especially well for companies looking to highlight their smaller product catalogs, such as those selling furniture and home decor.

Home preset

White and dark blue are the combined color scheme, and the typography is all capital letters. It works particularly well for comparatively smaller product catalogs, like those for furniture and home décor, that draw customers in via the Internet.

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Another great preset choice from Startup Theme is called Cloth, and it’s especially good for companies that sell clothes and accessories. This preset is a great option for people who want a soft and professional look for their website because of its sophisticated and polished design.

Cloth preset

Cloth is another preset option under the Startup Theme that is ideal for entrepreneurs in the apparel or clothing industry. Businesses who wish to provide a gentle and pleasant vibe to their website can use the elegant and classic configuration.

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The vibrant, modern style of the Travel preset makes it stand out among the 4 preset options. This specific version has an elegant, minimalistic style that easily persuades users to act.

Experience-based businesses like travel agents and vendors of key travel items are the ideal candidates for this setting. Because of its contemporary appearance and feel, it is perfect for any firm trying to project a vibrant image that appeals to its target market.

Travel preset

Shopify Startup Theme review: Main features

Now, we will move on with the discovery of the key features that the Shopify Startup theme can deliver to online stores:

  • Highly customizable design: The theme is designed entirely responsive, so the experience of your stores on all devices can be seamless.
  • Pop-up Banners: Using the Promotion Banners feature, online retailers may create eye-catching banners strategically across their online stores to highlight the most recent information about their business, such as sales, new products, or limited-time specials.
  • Customer Review & Rating section: To build confidence and trust with other consumers, store owners should display customers’ candid ratings and reviews about their items. Without endorsing the merchandise, this move assists retailers in organically becoming more dependable.
  • High-resolution image showing: This feature allows buyers to view the products in great detail and swiftly decide which ones to buy by emphasizing their quality and attributes.
  • Blog and FAQ pages feature: The blogging area can help improve your brand’s authority, build trust, and keep customers informed regarding the latest news of your store. Meanwhile, an FAQ page can help answer customers’ concerns about related issues like refunds, shipping, etc.
  • Integration with social media: Shop owners may return purchases to their sources by connecting their official storefronts with active social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram.
  • Tools for SEO Optimization: Thanks to the theme’s integrated search engine optimization features, which include keyword research and meta title/description optimization, your company can get more organic visits.
  • Quick Buy feature: Customers may quickly add products to their cart utilizing the fast buy function without leaving the current page, streamlining and expediting the purchasing process.

Pros & Cons of Shopify Startup Theme review

Like any Shopify theme available in the marketplace, the Startup theme Shopify contains several pros & cons to take into consideration. Explore them in specific below to see if you can adapt to the theme or not.


  • Personalized testimonies
  • Emphasize client testimonials
  • Fast setup
  • High-quality image
  • A perpetually free trial
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Design that responds
  • Areas of the homepage that may be customized
  • Integrated functionalities for SEO
  • Quick loading speed
  • A variety of color schemes
  • Integrated social media symbols
  • Simple navigation
  • Comprehensive support and documentation


  • Minimal intricacy for bigger retailers
  • Potential problems with third-party apps’ compatibility
  • Greater cost point for newbies or entrepreneurs
  • Coding skills could be necessary for sophisticated customization.
  • only a few product listings on the main page

Who should use the Shopify Startup Theme?

Any Shopify enterprise can utilize the Startup Theme with ease. However, this theme works well for tiny enterprises, such as premium boutiques or one-product stores, looking to establish a presence in the eCommerce space for more visibility and branding. Other direct-to-consumer (D2C) firms who wish to highlight the excellence of their product through eye-catching visual communication would also find this theme ideal.

More specifically, the theme is perfectly ideal for these business sectors: clothing, beauty, home decor, traveling, sporting & outdoor activities, etc.

Shopify Startup Theme: Alternatives

In the list of alternative choices to replace the Startup theme, we would like to introduce the Eurus theme, one of the most trending design options that can serve a wide range of target audiences. Let’s investigate in detail to see why it can be a good replacement if you decide not to take the Startup theme.


Shopify offers a plethora of other themes to choose from in addition to the Startup Theme. For example, Eurus is a theme that offers comparable characteristics, including an easy setup, one-time payment with an endless free trial, and a variety of product discovery options, among others.

It is possible to argue that Eurus has a wider range of traits than Startup. Users can utilize some of its main features, like a countdown timer, gift wrapping, and pre-ordering, to enhance the consumer experience.

The Eurus Theme works with Shopify’s most recent versions and will undoubtedly endure as the platform adds more and more functionality. This theme from BSS Commerce is perfect for stores that handle a lot of transactions in a short amount of time and have a large catalog.

Eurus shopify theme

Key features

  • Cart Upsell: The feature allows brands to suggest customers with related products/ upgrades at the checkout process, which can help boost sales/ average order value efficiently.
  • Countdown Timer: It helps create the urgency of several special occasions like flash sales, limited-product collections, new arrivals, etc. to draw customer attention towards your stores.
  • Color Swatches: Customers can view products in different colors or images and pick their favorite options from the available list.
  • Product Label: The label can highlight some key features of your product display, like New, Sale, Out of Store, Limited, etc. so that clients can update the latest circumstances of those items.
  • Product Filter Options: Clients can now narrow down the list of appropriate products by the main filtering, such as size, color, shape, material, price, etc., and quickly pick the best option that satisfies all of those conditions.
  • Lookbook/Image Gallery: The function helps inspire customers by showing them the products in different visual displays like lookbook, gallery, grid, parallax, etc.
  • Event Calendar: This can be a frequent reminder from the stores to clients on the latest news regarding shopping events, sale programs, new items launches, etc., to keep customers engaged with the brands.

Informs customers of upcoming events, sales, or product launches, keeping them engaged with the store.

  • Comparison Table: Customers can compare their products of interest based on the comparison table and then decide on the optimal one easily.

Noted: Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme

To Sum Up

With the above analysis, the Shopify Start theme can help you design an online store in a visually appealing way and equip every basic-to-advanced feature to support the operation of that store effectively. As a result, it is an ideal choice for online businesses looking to make a solid impression in the digital marketplace. Please visit to explore in-depth theme analysis articles and discover suggested themes tailored to your business needs.