Atlantic Shopify Theme Review: Pros & Cons, Features and More

atlantic shopify theme review

For individuals looking for a Shopify ecommerce theme, the sleek, modern, Atlantic  is one of great choice. In order to assist you in deciding whether the atlantic shopify theme meets your demands for an online business, this article will examine the features, pricing, buyer’s reviews, benefits, and drawbacks of the theme.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its salient characteristics, such as its flexible layout, responsive design, and high degree of customization. After that, we’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of integrating the Atlantic Theme so you can make an informed choice. We’ll offer some advice on how to get the most out of the Atlantic Theme so you can design a user-friendly, eye-catching online store that successfully turns visitors into paying clients.

Overview of The Atlantic Shopify Theme ?

What is The Atlantic Shopify Theme ?

The Atlantic theme Shopify, created by Pixel Union, radiates sophistication and expansion. It has features intended for large catalogs, a focus on product images, and clean lines, making it a design for ambitious firms. With the help of this theme, you can create a stunning and useful online store that will increase consumer trust and conversion.

Styles of Atlantic Theme Shopify


atlantic theme shopify review style Chic

The Chic preset offers a clean and versatile foundation. Its focus on product imagery allows you to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

  • Who Needs It: This preset is ideal for brands seeking a timeless and elegant aesthetic, particularly those with a focus on high-quality products.
  • Theme Vibe: high-resolution visuals, and a focus on product functionality create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere.


atlantic theme shopify review: Modern

This theme style brings to you a comfortable feeling for the first glance by the balance mixture of color and design.

  • Who Needs It: Ideal for brands seeking a trendy and fashion-forward aesthetic, or home decor & furniture store.
  • Theme Vibe: Modern & edgy. This preset might incorporate bolder fonts, unique layouts, and functionality to create a cutting-edge online store.


shopify atlantic theme review

While not specifically designed for an aesthetic store, Plush’s focus on visuals allows for customization effectively.

  • Who Needs It: This preset could work for businesses with luxurious products, allowing them to showcase the richness and quality through high-quality visuals.
  • Theme Vibe: Storytelling & immersion, hero banners and high-quality product imagery to create a sense of luxury and indulgence.


atlantic shopify theme review: Light

Light excels at creating a light and airy feel with its clean lines and emphasis on white space.

  • Who Needs It: This preset is ideal for businesses with light-colored products or those seeking a fresh and modern aesthetic.
  • Theme Vibe: minimalism, clean lines, white space, and a focus on product visuals create a light and airy atmosphere that prioritizes user experience.


atlantic shopify theme review: Organic

Organic’s structured layout can be adapted for an organic feel with thoughtful customization.

  • Who Needs It: Businesses with a focus on natural products or an eco-friendly brand identity could benefit from this preset.
  • Theme Vibe: Organic’s grid layout provides a foundation to showcase products while incorporating natural textures and earthy color palettes to create an organic feel.


Although the Atlantic theme costs $280 USD, putting it in the near high-end theme of Shopify themes, it would be careless to base a decision only on price. Although there may be more feature-rich themes available at this price range, Atlantic’s basic features, tidy appearance, and customizable choices may make it the ideal choice for a lot of organizations.

Let’s examine the features that Atlantic provides in more detail and examine user reviews to make an informed choice.

Atlantic Shopify Theme review: Features


A basic feature that is not causative: blog posts! Blog postings are an essential component of any marketing strategy if you want to raise your store’s ranking in the search engine results. Also, marketers who focus on blogs are 13 times more likely to realize a lucrative return on investment.

All of the instructional blog posts that are continuously packed with relevant keywords are highly valued by search engines. It speaks to increasing natural traffic, raising the position of your store in search engine results, and luring in new customers who take pleasure in pursuing your products.

Additionally, the Shopify Atlantic theme blog offers a fantastic blog post format that can be used to share your brand’s narrative, highlight your areas of expertise, and establish a stronger connection with your audience. Write on these timely subjects, such as fashion advice or industry developments, to elicit feedback, conversations, and social media shares. This fosters a feeling of community and encourages repeat business from your clients. A well-maintained blog will eventually turn into your invaluable content repository, positioning you as an.

Back to Top Button

The Atlantic theme could offer a discreet yet impactful “Back to Button” option. This button, strategically placed on product pages or collection listings, would allow customers to effortlessly return to the previous page with a single click.

By removing the requirement for users to rely just on their browser’s return button, the “Back to Button” would simplify navigation and promote a more user-friendly online purchasing experience. Even though it’s not built in right now, this functionality may be a useful addition to the Atlantic theme if it were added in the future or customized by developers.

Quick view

atlantic theme shopify review: Quick View

With Atlantic’s fast view feature, streamlining your customer experience is now easier than before. providing you with integrated features that you may modify to meet the needs of your customers and direct them to product pages. All of the important details about your products, including variants, quantities, descriptions, and photos, can be accessed with only a click and hover.

Cutting down on the number of clicks during the browsing process encourages the consumer to fully engage with your goods. With Atlantic’s rapid view feature, they may even add things straight to the basket, which retains customers’ intent to buy and facilitates easier conversions for your company.

Product filtering and sorting

For any online store, sorting and product filtering are two must-have functions. Assisting clients in finding the precise location and preventing them from becoming overwhelmed by the range of options. This is recognized by the Atlantic theme Shopify, which simplifies the shopping process with a feature-rich product filtering and sorting system.

Product filerting

The product filtering and sorting based on a variety of parameters. containing a wide range of options, such as product kind, brand name, color, size, and price range. For instance, with clothing brands, your consumer may swiftly narrow down their search to locate exactly what they’re looking for by easily finding any size (S, M, L), color (Grey, Blue, Pink)

As the store owner, you have control over the filtering options available on your theme Shopify. This allows you to customize the filters based on your product categories and ensure they’re relevant to your audience.

High-volume stores

Atlantic helps you neatly arrange your products so that buyers can quickly locate what they’re seeking for even in a sizable assortment. Especially those markets that demand a big inventory for a variety of product types and variations, including electronics, apparel, restaurants, and services.

Because Atlantic is based on the Shopify platform, it gains access to Shopify’s strong infrastructure, which can manage high volumes of traffic and transactions. You can be sure that your store will continue to operate and manage the extra traffic without sacrificing functionality when you use this theme

Atlantic Shopify Theme review: Pros & Cons


Diverse presets

The Shopify Atlantic theme’s strength lies in its diverse preset collection. This variety empowers buyers to create a store that perfectly reflects their brand identity. These presets deliver a clean foundation for showcasing high-quality products with a sophisticated air. The preset utilizes a balanced mix of color and design, ideal for trendy or fashion-forward brands, or even home decor stores.

The variety of presets included in the Atlantic is one of its strongest points. Customers can design a store that precisely captures their brand identity thanks to this variety. The Chic setting provides a tidy backdrop for exhibiting premium goods with an elegant vibe. And Modern preset, which is perfect for fashion-forward or trendy brands or even home décor retailers, uses a well-balanced combination of color and design. There’re still remaining 3 different presets with varying theme styles for you to choose.

Dedicated Customer Service

Nearly all sellers expressed satisfaction with their experience, as seen by the 97% of favorable evaluations. Its outstanding customer care, which provides users of all expertise levels with important guidance and peace of mind, is frequently praised in reviews.

The majority of the reviews indicate that the Atlantic customer care theme is always ready to assist you with solving problems in a timely and efficient manner. ensuring that you receive direction that is both clear and helpful, eliminating frustration, and keeping your online store on course.

Ease to customize for new sellers

Atlantic can be your ideal partner if you’re a new seller who is just getting started on the e-commerce marketplace. providing a plethora of extensive and basic features, like drag-and-drop design and an easy-to-use interface.

Enabling you to quickly and easily reorganize pre-built parts to create the pattern you want. Visually construct your store by positioning testimonial sections, hero banners, and product carousels just where you want them.


Limited Advanced Features

Lack of Advance Features

While the Atlantic theme Shopify  boasts a stunning array of presets and a focus on clean design, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations in advanced features.

A significant disadvantage for retailers offering goods in multiple colors or materials is the absence of an integrated swatch function. This may make shopping for apparel, accessories, or home decor more difficult for customers. Customers may be reluctant to buy without visual swatches because they may not be sure of the exact color or texture they are choosing.

It’s possible that some premium themes offer a more extensive collection of marketing and conversion capabilities than Atlantic’s main functionality. These might consist of functions like sophisticated discount options, pop-up advertisements, and abandoned cart recovery.

Unimpressive Speed

It’s crucial to recognize that a few customers have voiced complaints with the pace at which the Atlantic theme loads. Page load speed has a critical role in user experience and conversion rates in today’s competitive online environment.

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Alternative Theme to Atlantic Shopify Theme

The sleek, contemporary appearance and wide range of preset choices of the Atlantic theme make it an obvious winner. It provides features including product filtering, sorting, and a blog component in addition to accommodating various brand looks.

However, Atlantic might not be the perfect fit for everyone by its limitation in features, and speed. Have a look at Eurus shopify theme, a features-rich feature and conversion machine.


Eurus theme shopify

Eurus suggested an alternative theme to Shopify Atlantic theme because it has many great features and a variety of styles that effectively raise your conversion rates.

This theme offers everything from simple features like a large menu and product labeling to more advanced features like cross-selling, color swatches, event calendar, product bundle, smart recommendations, and more.

Eurus outstanding features:

  • Quick view/quick add: gives customers the simplest possible purchasing experience. They can view the products with only a single click and choose whether or not to purchase them.
  • Blog posting: A blog post may be a powerful tool for marketing, drawing in new readers with relevant content, fostering trust with insightful analysis, and eventually increasing revenue.
  • Advanced built-in promotional tools: provides a collection of pre-installed marketing tools, including product recommendations, cross-selling, and promotion banners, and more.
  • High Speed Website: by Alpine.js and Tailwind CS which was constructed with a lightweight design,  ensuring optimal performance for your store.
  • Diverse Presets: offers 5 distinct presets Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Puff, Swiff for all types of store and selling purposes.
  • Product filtering: Eurus’s advanced filters also allows you to display the filter by visual/image to make the searching experience intuitive and effective.

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Wrapping Up

The Atlantic Shopify theme  is a fantastic theme with easy modification options and committed support to kickstart your online business. For the highest conversion and success, you may consult themes like Eurus for long-term development. Check out Omni Theme for extra theme exploration options. It now offers a plethora of useful advice, theme recommendations, and theme comparisons.