Top 10 best Shopify themes for conversion 2024

highest converting shopify themes

Browsing through numerous Shopify themes to improve your store’s conversion rate may feel overwhelming. But it’s essential for every Shopify seller looking to convert visitors into loyal customers. Choosing the best converting Shopify themes improves your site’s look and boosts sales potential by offering a clutter-free, seamless user experience.

To make your decision easier, we’ve reviewed over a thousand ones to find the top 10 best Shopify themes for conversion. Let’s explore what makes these themes stand out in competitive e-commerce.

What To Look For In Best Shopify Themes for Conversion?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the power of the best Shopify themes for conversion. It’s fascinating how the right choice can make all the difference in converting visitors to customers. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to see those ideal results roll in.

Speed Matters: A slow-loading page is a surefire way to lose customers. With over half of mobile users leaving a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load, it’s crucial to pick a ecommerce Shopify theme that’s fast. Remember, even a one-second delay can drop your conversions by 7%.

Simplify the Shopping Experience: Complex checkouts kill sales. With nearly 70% of carts abandoned due to a lengthy checkout process, choose a theme that makes buying easy. This includes quick page transitions, mobile-friendly layouts, and guest checkout options.

Go Global Easily: To reach customers worldwide, your theme should support multiple languages and currencies. Plus, since most clicks in Google go to the first five results, an SEO-friendly theme is essential for driving traffic to your store.

Top 10 best Shopify themes for conversion

1. Eurus

Exploring the best Shopify themes for conversion leads us to this standout choice: Eurus theme. Eurus beats them all by being the lightest, fastest, and most adaptable; hence, it is suitable for mobile phones. Initially, BSS constructed it for stores that had a considerable product fleet. 

Eurus - best Shopify themes for conversion

In fact, the site speed reigns supreme even in case of massive mobile traffic. Eurus simplifies the transaction by removing the necessity of extra applications and gives users simple shopping methods that require no complicated settings.

Key Features:

  • Prioritize Blazing Speed (Alpine.js & Tailwind CSS) for lightning-fast loading times and a smooth customer experience, optimizing conversions.
  • Provide optimized mobile to ensure flawless functionality 
  • Enhance navigation with user-friendly mega menus and interactive pop-ups to highlight promotions effectively.
  • Customize with Ease by effortlessly creating a unique store layout with drag-and-drop customization options.
  • Embrace Dark Mode Switching – dark mode for reduced eye strain and improved browsing experience.

Pricing: All features for only $230. Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme

2. Debutify

More than a theme, Debutify is a complete marketing instrumentation toolkit that boasts the capacity to adjust as your business grows. Be it the dawn of a new business or just an extension to the existing one, Debutify amazingly lets you have everything you might need to not only look good but do well in e-commerce as well.

best Shopify themes for conversion

Why Debutify theme? It’s more than just a theme; it’s a partnership for growth. Using features like animated add-to-cart buttons and dynamic countdowns, Debutify attracts shoppers and keeps them on board the website, converting window shoppers into buyers by providing incredible conversion-optimization tools.

Key Features:

  • Improve site speed, ensure fast load times, and keep your visitors interested.
  • The user-friendly layout and the shopping navigation are intuitive for an easy purchasing experience.
  • Customer membership testimonial slider and guarantee bar make them have faith in the product. 

Pricing Plans: Free plan for beginners, while the wealthy may pick enterprise options for $112/month.

3. Symmetry

Symmetry shines among the best Shopify themes for conversion, which optimize the conversion rate, providing the extra privilege of a game-changing feature. Whether it is a famous brand that uses symmetry in its logos to tell the story or a less obvious one that focuses on imagery for communicating with the audience, symmetry creates the best possible harmony of presentation.


The responsive design provided by Symmetry will make your site look absolutely staggering across devices with its seamless transitional characteristics. One of the specialties of this Aria theme is that the theme within it contains four different styles for your audience to choose from. This helps to keep your website’s online presence closely aligned with the identity of your brand, and therefore customers begin to trust your brand easily.

Key Features:

  • Navigating the website effortlessly improves the visitors’ experience significantly.
  • Cutting out the most convoluted steps during the shopping process, from product discovery to buying for a shorter shopping period.
  • Make your store an Instagram feed or snaps directly from your Instagram-posted photo.
  • Emphasizes the use of transparent images, which significantly benefits those brands using visuals to communicate. 

Pricing: Symmetry is $250. Also, if it seems to fit your business needs, you can try it with a demo. See more: Symmetry Shopify Theme Review

4. Atlantic

Atlantic is specifically designed to boost conversion rates, especially for stores with extensive catalogs. Whether you’re in the realm of supplies, clothing, or beauty, its clean and straightforward design complements high transaction volumes and physical store extensions.

best converting shopify themes

Atlantic offers robust functionality for large catalog stores, ensuring a seamless browsing-to-buying experience for customers. This best Shopify theme for conversions not only enhances your store’s visual appeal but also strategically optimizes conversion rates.

It’s a must-have for any ambitious e-commerce venture.

Key Features:

  • Enhance browsing with multi-column menus and product zoom.
  • Easily organize products from small to extensive collections.
  • Add items to the cart directly from the product page.
  • Show pickup availability on product pages for convenience.

Pricing: Enjoy an unlimited free trial; pay only upon site publication.

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5. Booster

Booster theme is widely known for its speed and efficiency being capable of dealing with multiple orders simultaneously with the maximum level of perfection. It is a great marketing tool made in such a way that it has a remarkable effect on the conversion rate of your store. As an industry-trusted platform with more than 45,000 stores, its powerful set of 40+ conversion optimization tools is designed to boost conversion rates by up to 277%.

best Shopify themes for conversion

Enthusiastic about maximizing AOV by smart product combinations and widgets to view recently viewed and suggested items, boost easily drives sales up. Not only that, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee and top-notch 24/7 support in place, giving the customer the confidence that their money is being invested in a product that will add value to their online store.

Key Features: 

  • Self-Sufficiency: Booster is all-in-one, with no need for external apps. 
  • Speeds up your site with automatic image optimization.
  • Enjoy automatic gifts, GEO-IP-based currency, language conversion, and direct-to-checkout to streamline purchases.

Pricing: Choose a yearly plan at $249 or lifetime access for $399.

6. Empire

The Empire theme epitomizes the importance of selecting the best Shopify themes for conversion. Tailored for stores with extensive catalogs, Empire delivers an Amazon-like shopping experience that enhances sales. 

highest converting shopify themes

Empire emerges as a Shopify theme that is finely tuned for stores with vast product offerings. It mirrors the convenience and efficiency that have propelled Amazon to global e-commerce dominance, presenting the best Shopify theme for conversions for those keen on elevating their conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • A predictive search bar and customizable filters make finding products easy for customers.
  • Customize promotion tiles to highlight sales, discounts, and featured products effectively.
  • Guide customers to collect their items conveniently, which is ideal for businesses offering local pickup.

Pricing: Priced at $340

6. Wokiee

Wokiee, by providing out-of-the-ordinary flexibility in design, is suitable for many product lineup projects, and the branding styles of these projects mix very naturally. Thanks to 86 varied homepage layouts and an abundance of customizable features, Wokiee is able to offer a wide range of styling options that can match every need, from the smallest store owners to a smart shopper.

Wokiee Shopify themes are not commonplace. They are very similar to a complete application or a tool that allows customization. Its key feature is a preconfigured CMS that allows for complete site control concerning the content and navigation. This highly appealing feature is valuable for stores that sell a wide variety of products or for those who want to upgrade their brand identity.

Key Features: 

  • RTL and localization support break language barriers, making your store accessible worldwide.
  • Megamenu and intuitive filters ensure a seamless browsing experience
  • Allows shoppers to view product details without leaving the current page

Pricing: Wokiee is priced at $79

7. Retina

Retina excels with its minimalist design. It focuses on building brand trust through elegant testimonial sections and detailed product reviews.

Moreover, this Shopify theme seamlessly integrates aesthetic appeal with powerful marketing features such as countdown timers, quick buy buttons, and promotional banners. These elements are strategically crafted to enhance the user experience and drive conversions effectively.

Key Features:

  • Showcase testimonials and product reviews to establish credibility and trust.
  • Use features like countdown timers and recommended products to encourage purchases.
  • The design ensures a smooth shopping experience on any device.


8. Korando

Shopify Korando theme is an all-around vendor-responsive template for the present businesses. As it comes with Page Builder, which is very easy to operate, you can run fashion and electronics stores using this tool. Various options to display products are available, including arrays, tabs, and grids. Consequently, its mobile adaptation means shoppers can enjoy a smooth shopping process on all devices, making it the right choice for dropshipping stores that aim at customized, easy handling.

highest converting shopify themes

Key Features:

  • A quick shopping experience and descriptive banners make it easy for customers to use our online site.
  • Offer newsletter popups and notification bars to keep your audience excited all the time.
  • Customer testimonials will contribute to credibility and trust-building.

Pricing: Priced at $79

9. Impulse

For clothing brands and retailers focused on visual storytelling and minimalism, Impulse is one of the highest converting Shopify themes. Developed by Archetype, it garners praise for seamlessly combining style with functionality. 

best Shopify themes for conversion

Impulse strategically promotes sales and featured items with custom promotional content and tiles. Impulse excels in crafting visually appealing online spaces that help strategically promote sales.

Key Features:

  • Display sub-collections within collections for easier navigation.
  • Menu lists on the homepage streamline browsing
  • Allow customers to filter products with filter and tag functions

Pricing: A price of $380 is asked for this product. Read more about: Shopify Impulse Theme Review: Features, Functionality & More


Finding the best Shopify themes for conversion takes a lot of work; it’s a nuanced journey with no one-size-fits-all solution. Each theme brings unique benefits tailored to specific business needs and goals, ensuring your store delivers an engaging and efficient shopping experience.

As you navigate this crucial decision, weigh how each theme aligns with your vision and operational requirements, striving to convert every visit into a valuable sale. With the right theme, your Shopify store can reach its full potential, transforming visitors into loyal customers and driving significant revenue growth. The choice is yours: which theme will be your key to success?