7+ Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping 2024

best Shopify theme for dropshipping

Our comprehensive review unveils the 7 best Shopify themes for dropshipping in 2024. We look at what exactly goes into the top Shopify themes that make them stand out in the dropshipping market. Besides, Omni themes’s experts know that commerce is migrating to devices, and that’s why we only discovered dropshipping Shopify themes with a mobile-first approach to avoid letting your store lag.

As you may know, the global market value of dropshipping in 2024 is estimated to reach $301.11 billion. This represents an increase of 23.7% compared to the previous year, alongside a realized gain in the sale of online content. The stakes have never been higher, and a suitable theme can make all the difference.

So, are you a newbie or a dropshipping pro? To guide you better in finding the best Shopify themes for dropshipping that will work best with your vision, we did a review. Let’s look into it!

Why is dropshipping popular on Shopify?

Dropshipping is a way to start a business with the most minor investment possible. As for building, designing, and managing your store, Shopify is an easy way to do it.

When you go to Shopify, you will never need to worry about overstocking because you will only order what is necessary when processing your customers’ orders. The system is far different from that of a regular eCommerce business since this mainly entails manufacturing or purchasing a certain amount of product from a supplier.

best shopify theme for dropshipping
best Shopify theme for dropshipping – BSSCommerce

And as you might not know:

  • By 2024, Shopify will be one of the leading eCommerce platforms, holding 16.36% of the global eCommerce share.
  • The search for “dropshipping” has dramatically increased and reached an exponential increase from 2020 to 2023.
  • The global market size of dropshipping was valued at $225.99 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a value of $1,347.68 billion over the forecast period of 2023-2030. eCommerce continues to skyrocket with the growing dependence of consumers on online shopping for ease.

According to the stats, Shopify dropshipping is not just widespread – it’s a trend that is on the up and up year after year. And it is this synergy that makes Shopify and dropshipping work seamlessly together.

This platform meets the needs of any dropshipper’s growth with perfect features supported by an interface that is easy to use. It also offers a robust support system, including many tools and service integrations on dropshipping issues.

Another part of the recipe for success is finding the best Shopify theme for dropshipping. First Impressions Matter – People Make Snap Judgments. It takes less than 1/10th of a second to get a first impression of a person. And no different is your Shopify dropshipping theme for your store.

Good design will get people to trust you and stick around. Poor design will create mistrust and make people leave. That is why Omnithemes is here doing this — to guide you on the 7 best Shopify themes for dropshipping, which all were rated with positive users and tested by our consultants.

Which Shopify Plan is Best for Dropshipping?

The answer to which Shopify plan is best for dropshipping is subjective. It all depends on what exactly you need from the Shopify plan and the size of your business. When your business scales, consider the higher Shopify plan to get more features and functions to help you manage your store effectively.

best Shopify theme for dropshipping

What we’re trying to say in a very abstract way is:

  • Shopify Basic is a $25-a-month plan granting you access to every tool you need to kick-start online selling. You’ll get a website with many options, which is the only primary requirement for operating your online store.
  • The Basic plan hosts. That’s business up until the point where your business is making $200,000 a year. So you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged on transaction fees.
  • The Shopify (Regular) plan is really where most small businesses would settle with the ability to combine marketing efforts and measure their impact. This could also mean the site owner could have other collaborators, like designers, copywriters, or developers, tweaking different parts of the site. You are probably doing >$ 1 million in sales on the platform.
  • A Shopify Advanced plan is only helpful if you do more than a million in sales and want to grow the business. This is unless you are selling in international markets, which means markets other than those of your home country. Besides, you will want a team of collaborators and a couple of full-timers who can help you run your marketing, design, and development tasks.
  • Shopify Plus will be necessary for only a handful of dropshipping businesses. So, paying for the Shopify Plus package only means that too many orders are coming in at once and need to be handled manually, and this is where the automation tools are handy.

Be that as it may, no matter what plan you buy, you are always advised to use Shopify payments instead of any other 3rd party provider.

A Quick Comparison of 7 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping

Rank Theme name Pricing Styles Average rating
#1 Eurus $240 Highly customizable, feature-rich and mobile-first 98% positive
#2 District $220 Ideal for showcasing featured products and collections 100% positive
#3 Be Yours $320 Unique design with precision and focus on an intuitive user experience 98% positive
#4 Parallax $240 Striking parallax scrolling effect, designed for creative and visual intrigue 96% positive
#5 Startup $240 Optimized for small catalogs 82% positive
#6 Gecko 6.0 $99 – $3750 Responsive, with a variety of layouts and styles for different store requirements 98% positive
#7 Craft $0 Refined design celebrating craftsmanship, ideal for rich storytelling 59% positive


7+ Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Top #1: Eurus

Eurus theme is all about the speed of a seamless user experience, especially on mobile. Launched on the 14th of April 2023, the theme is destined for stores between a medium and large catalog size.

The specific focus on performance optimization puts Eurus at the very top when it comes to solutions for online shopping. We’re talking about a theme that guarantees fast loading times. This is a vital aspect, considering the longer a page takes to load, the more potential customers lose interest and close the site for every second added.

You see, every second of loading time matters since the delay may take away the shopper’s attention. With Eurus, you don’t only sell your products, you sell a flawless and attractive shopping experience.

best Shopify theme for dropshipping - Omnithemes

But really, this best Shopify theme for dropshipping isn’t all about speed. Eurus is more for putting the power in your hands to create a store that looks and feels just right for you.

With a sea of mobile customizations at your fingertips, your store is sure to be every bit as functional as it is sleek. From high-resolution images to color swatches and interactive animations, our best Shopify theme for dropshipping gives you all the tools you need to present your products in the best way possible.

In addition, a lot of handy features guarantee you an unproblematic run for your dropshipping business. We have the mega menus provide more straightforward navigation to product labels and badges that catch the eye. Not to mention, with EU translation support, the theme is ready to work for your global aspirations.

Key features

  • Unshackle yourself from apps: It brings all you need to have a high conversion rate without costly apps. This includes a 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, and more.
  • Speed Optimised, mobile-first: Eurus comes with Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, having a lightweight design with easy syntax yet faster and stronger performances. It promises lightning-fast loading speed because every second counts in eCommerce.
  • Devices-detected Dark/Light mode: Automatically detect the preferred theme between Light or Dark based on the device’s surrounding lighting conditions.
  • Highly customizable: Design your dream shop with 40+ powerful sections and 80+ pre-made templates available in Eurus.
  • Rich built-in features: Provides native, robust features such as the promotion banner, delivery dates, customizable options, pre-order, free shipping bar, etc.
  • Marketing and conversion tools: These include Cart and Checkout, Marketing and Conversion tools, Merchandising, and Product Discovery. Some standout features are flexible countdown timers, sale campaign pop-ups, etc.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌ Cons
  • A mobile-first theme to ensure the best experiences for all users from their devices.
  • User-friendly setup, perfect for entrepreneurs without technical expertise.
  • Come with 40+ customizable sections, 80+ pre-made templates, and 20+ robust native functionalities
  • Designed with Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS for lightweight and fast performance, with over 99-speed score on desktop and 90 on mobile.
  • Useful starting points with flexible customization to match branding preferences
  • Eurus’s support team customizes themes to individual specifications, which benefits drop shippers.
  • Free lifetime support + free design consulting
  • Require a learning curve for new users


  • On the Shopify Theme Store, Eurus is priced at $240 (one-time payment).
  • Our best Shopify theme for dropshipping has an unlimited free trial, and you can test your products, brand colors, and customization.

Suitable business size/type:

  • Newcomers on the Shopify Platform need a way to gain a competitive edge.
  • Highly customizable – Chosen by large, medium-sized, and medium businesses (from 10 to 200+ products)
  • Given its mobile-first design, businesses that see a significant portion of traffic from mobile devices would benefit from Eurus.
  • You’re a seller who needs to get to market quickly, focusing on speed, UX, and mobile optimization.
  • Wish for high conversion rates and driving more sales
  • Need to be an equilibrium between budget and functionality

Top #2: District

District is a high-volume Shopify theme with large inventories. Thoughtfully designed, you can make the theme your own for any kind of shop with a few clicks. District empowers its users with modern eCommerce solutions.

With over 20 homepage sections, this is one of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping to showcase your products and promotions dynamically and inspiringly.

Want to expand your reach? The District works with your favorite tools – from Instagram to the biggest email marketing platforms – to help you bring the product to life and tell your story like you never thought imaginable.

best shopify themes for dropshipping

And when it comes to the particulars of products, this Shopify dropshipping theme goes all out. It becomes the guide a customer would require, from color swatches to size charts.

Key features

  • Highly customizable homepage: District has 20+ sections to drag and drop to make the perfect homepage layout.
  • Email marketing and Instagram integration: Reach the people and give visibility to your shop with an opportunity to be seen by the audience.
  • Advanced product page details: The district has built-in color swatches, a size chart popup, and an instant dynamic checkout button. You can split your product description into two parts and add extra images and videos to the product page.
  • Promotions, newsletters, and discounts: Pop-ups for desktop and mobile, promo bars – you need the possibility to launch all these types of promotions. The possibility of applying discounts automatically if the user subscribes to newsletters.
  • Filter product collections: Group your products by tags into the product options so that your customers can navigate easily by color, material, size, or any other combination that your store may require.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
  • Easy to understand, install, and operate, even for beginners
  • Allows for quick and easy site setup and customization with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Hover effects and other interactive elements enhance the customer experience
  • Smooth integration with various apps to improve functionality
  • Simply tasks like product addition, deletion, or description amendment
  • The theme lacks extensive pre-designed templates, advanced page builders, and built-in advanced SEO tools
  • Some users have found limitations with the theme that may require additional customization or 3rd-party apps.

Pricing: $220

Suitable business size/type

  • For drop shippers, it allows functionalities for the productive management and display of products.
  • Capable of handling many transactions, suitable for businesses with significant sales volume
  • Perfect for businesses that use high-impact imagery and visual storytelling to capture the imagination of their audience.

Top #3: Be Yours

One such flawless choice for firms engaged in dropshipping but willing to have their design seamless and adaptive at the same time is the “Be Yours” Shopify theme by RoarTheme.

best shopify themes for dropshipping

Released in 2022, the theme is based on the solid ground of Shopify’s Dawn theme. It inherits the mobile-friendly UI and swift load times of the parent while adding elements of its own in a quest to raise conversion metrics.

Very flexible, Be Yours expertly displays one product or a huge collection, working both for a niche store and a vast marketplace. Therefore, if you’re the kind of merchant who likes to see every feature of a mobile-friendly interface, this must be one of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping you should pick.

Key features

  • Selling internationally: Offers options for selecting currencies, countries, and translations, including translations for 12 languages
  • RTL support: Enhances readability for customers in specific regions with right-to-left language support.
  • Bundle products: Encourages bulk purchases by grouping and selling products as units
  • Pop-up newsletter: Utilizes email marketing as a cost-effective promotional tool
  • Cookie banner: Displays a GDPR-compliant banner requesting consent to track user data
  • Free shipping message: Motivates customers to meet free shipping thresholds
  • Multi-images variant: Provides multiple images per variant for a clearer view of products
  • Button customization: Offers customization options for button shapes and colors
  • In-store pickups: Gives customers the option to choose local pickup instead of delivery

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌ Cons
  • Ensure flawless function across all devices.
  • Built with SEO optimization in mind to improve visibility on search engines
  • Provides 30+ versatile sections to involve product sales points, different landing pages, and many collection templates
  • Support high-quality product image zoom and video integration
  • Some users have reported limited customization options, requiring a developer for certain elements.
  • Lack features like an advanced mega menu or product quick view.
  • Not connected directly with popular review apps like Yotpo or Judge. Me.
  • Hard to change the color of the titles without custom code
  • The built-in wishlist feature is absent in the theme.

Pricing: $320

Suitable business size/type:

  • Small and medium-sized drop-shipping merchants need many customization options to adapt the look of their diverse product lines and match their aesthetics.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores are transitioning to online sales due to the theme allowing for the smooth integration of online and offline business features.
  • Dropshippers wish to have a theme that can be customized without necessarily having to know how to do coding.
  • Retailers need site-wide cross-selling sections to increase sales.

Top #4: Parallax

Parallax theme isn’t one of the best Shopify theme for dropshipping, it’s also a full powerhouse you’ve ever seen. Thanks to the Quick Shop feature, customers can instantly shop, zoom in on the product, or slide products into the cart for easy navigation. Your menus will always be a click away due to the theme’s sticky navigation, whether shoppers are deep in your product collections.

best shopify themes for dropshipping

The store uses a Parallax dynamic and responsive design, so it will be easy to browse on any device. Parallax scrolling in the theme gives the customer a sensation of depth and extra interest in visuals while going around diverse products of any Shopify dropshipping business.

Key features

  • Parallax scrolling: The background that moves at a slower rate compared to the foreground creates a sense of driving in a 3D space
  • Long-format home page: Unparalleled control and flexibility with up to 6 featured images
  • AJAX add to cart: This allows customers to add products to the shopping cart without reloading the page.
  • Responsive design: It ensures optimized designs on both desktop and mobile screens.
  • Color swatches: Customers can view a product image preview in different colors, and the product image will change in real time.
  • Sticky navigation: Keeps menus fixed to the top of the page as you scroll down
  • Extensive section options: Testimonials, Logo List, and Featured Promotions are some of the extensive section options you can have.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
  • Add depth and dynamism to product pages and homepage with immersive Parallax Scrolling
  • Customizable sections for impactful brand introductions
  • Offer a plethora of pre-designed sections and layouts that you can mix and match.
  • Optimized for a seamless experience across all devices
  • The advanced features require a learning curve for new users. 
  • Heavier design elements might slow down page loading times.
  • While flexible, there are limits to customization without coding knowledge. 

Pricing: $240

Suitable business size/type

  • Ideal for fast-paced stores with a high volume, massive product catalogs, valuing quickness, style, and flexibility
  • Sophisticated scroll effects and the capability to accentuate different parts of the homepage make it quite the thing for displaying furniture collections.
  • Customizable for single product shops so customers can buy right from the home page and go straight to checkout

Top #5: Startup

Startup is a clean, cutting-edge, modern Shopify theme developed expressly for dropshipping businesses specializing in small catalogs. The theme is purposely minimal and focuses on the product’s story. Á a result, this best Shopify theme for dropshipping is a great option for Direct-to-Consumer brands that must make a strong impression with the best-picked selection of products.

best shopify theme for dropshipping

One of the most remarkable things we like about this best Shopify theme for dropshipping is the high level of testimonial customization that can be done with it. This feature highlights customer reviews, which help build dropshipping brand trust by putting your customers’ reviews at the front.

Key features

  • Editorial content: Designed for long-form text sections, this feature is great for brand storytelling.
  • Customizable testimonials section: This feature allows you to highlight customer reviews, which can help build brand trust and influence purchasing decisions.
  • Image zoom and product videos: Gives customers an up-close view of products.
  • Mega menu and sticky header: Enhanced navigation and accessibility, enabling customers to locate what they are in search of easily
  • Product filtering and sorting: Streamlines the shopping experience by allowing customers to sort and filter products easily
  • Automatic theme updates: The theme is integrated with an app automatically. This feature ensures you’re continually updated with the latest features and bug fixes.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
  • Customizable testimonials section to highlight customer reviews
  • Quick setup with straightforward navigation
  • High-resolution images to showcase products effectively
  • Flexible homepage sections to tailor the layout
  • Unlimited free trial to test before purchase
  • Limited complexity, not suitable for larger stores with extensive inventories.
  • No option for brand statements in the footer
  • Unappealing font choice

Pricing: $240

Suitable business size/type:

  • For small to medium dropshipping businesses that sell products directly from manufacturers to customers.
  • Businesses with a single flagship product or a small, specialized product line.

 Top #6: Gecko 6.0

With the interface created for new beginners in dropship eCommerce, Gecko 6.0 turns out to be a pretty easy job. This best Shopify ecommerce theme for dropshipping is relatively easy to use and intuitive, with 40+ demo pages and 14+ inner pages that help give your customers a roundabout idea of what your store can look like.

Product layouts with this all-new Gecko 6.0 are so convincing when presenting products. You are not limited to the standard product detail layouts but can be free to show your merchandise how you like it for your brand.

So, whether you want your thumbnails to list left, right, or the bottom part of your listing, or you like to use the sticky feature where the product details follow along when scrolling, it’s got you covered.

best shopify themes for dropshipping

Key features

  • Professional design & layouts: Gecko 6.0 provides a pack of professional pre-designed layouts. All the layouts are entirely editable, so it becomes vivid to respect the look and feel of your store according to the brand.
  • Responsive design: The theme is entirely responsive. It will look excellent across any device and work flawlessly.
  • Product display options: The Gecko 6.0 would allow multiple options to show the products on your website. It can be in various levels of thumbnail position or made sticky.
  • ECommerce features:  The theme includes built-in eCommerce functionalities like wishlists, sale popups, GDPR Compliance, Instagram Integration
  • Custom page building:  This best Shopify theme for dropshipping works seamlessly with ECompose, one of Shopify’s drag-and-drop page builders. You get almost all of the functionality of Shopify Theme Carbon. Therefore, all these changes are easily editable without any coding.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
  • Fully supported on Shopify OS2.0 for improved site performance.
  • Compatible with EComposer, allowing for more flexible customization.
  • Better core with bugs and tweaks of older versions fixed.
  • Professional design and layouts with various updated features.
  • Responsive design that looks great on all devices.
  • Fast loading speed with a focus on both features and performance.
  • Includes many features that would otherwise require additional apps, saving up to $1,170 a year.
  • Does not offer a free trial, which might be a drawback for some users.
  • Cannot upgrade directly from Gecko 5 or previous versions. They require setting up everything from scratch.
  • High price rate compared to other themes.


  • Regular License: $99
  • Extended License: $3750

With a regular license, you could use Gecko 6.0 for your Shopify store. With an extended license, you can use the theme for a Shopify store you’re creating for a client or a store you plan to sell.

Suitable business size/type:

  • Good match for businesses of various sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises.
  • Ideal for various sizes of dropshipping garments, apparel, accessories, and other fashion products.
  • Specially designed for businesses that want a professional-looking and feel-store presence on the web.

Top #7: Craft

Last but not least, one of our best Shopify theme for the dropshipping list is Craft by Shopify. This one is free of charge and has been explicitly crafted to gear up for a smooth and successful experience in dropshipping. It has a mega menu with a sticky header, so every novice drop shipper nurses items professionally and engagingly.

Craft is designed simply and elegantly, with its philosophy in design being centrifugal since it places your products in the spotlight. It’s generous with spacing, and the elegant typographic system creates warm welcomes for your customers.

More so, Craft comes with a fancy design meeting interface that is friendly to beginners in an easy store setup for drop shippers. The artisan design is promising for handmade products or ones with unique stories. This performance can further be optimized so that the theme is smoothed, which is essential for optimizing customer satisfaction with the installed trust.

Key features

  • Advanced customization options: Highly flexible design and customization settings, letting you set things up just like your imagination without knowing how to code.
  • Quick installation: With just a few clicks setting up the theme, launching can be achieved fast, ideally fitting most new businesses or those that want to redesign their online presence.
  • Visual storytelling: Craft design where a visual story uses images across the customer journey.
  • Mega Menu: This allows much more navigability on the website and the possibility of finding products without developing a headache.
  • Sticky header: The header remains sticky at the top of the page, so navigation links are always available even when scrolling down.
  • Product options: Showcases a collection of product options in very interactive ways, helpful for individual artisans and craftsmen who sell customizable products.

Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
  • Craft is cost-effective as it doesn’t require an initial financial investment.
  • The clean, refined design emphasizes visual storytelling and product spotlighting
  • Ensures a consistent shopping experience on all devices
  • Minimal setup steps enable a quick launch
  • Simplifies the shopping process with direct purchases from product listings
  • Slow customer service responses, which could affect swift problem-solving
  • While free, you might need to invest in additional features for full functionality
  • The theme’s performance may vary depending on the number of products and customizations made

Pricing: Free

Suitable business size/type

  • Perfect for the product catalog retailer of small and medium size.
  • With sophisticated scroll effects, Craft’s homepage is highly customizable, so you can pinpoint exactly which part you want to show off. Hence, it is great for displaying furniture collections.
  • Useful for both a single product store and a dropshipping store


The best Shopify theme for dropshipping in 2024 will influence the online store and how much the store resonates with the profit-reaping scheme. Our in-depth review highlights 7 best dropshipping Shopify themes, each offering unique features tailored to different business needs.

  • From Eurus to District, they speak to the availability of powerful tools in the preciousness of product display and customer engagement.
  • At the same time, Be Yours, and Startup spoke to flexibility and ease of use for smaller catalogs.
  • In the case of Gecko 6.0, it will be a great choice: strong in design, with professionals in visual storytelling and deep customization, and Craft – the theme is light on the pocket.

At the end of the day, you know the best about your take on businesses. Thus, the best Shopify theme for dropshipping stores depends on your needs, available budget, and business goals.

Improve your store’s functionality, looks, and experience with the advanced features of these top themes. Finally, set your store up to win with dropshipping in a competitive market. Thank you for reading!