Top 10 Best Shopify Restaurant Theme in 2024 You Should Know

Top 10 Shopify Themes for Restaurant Websites in 2024

In 2024, there are a lot of restaurant owners who don’t know how to have a Shopify restaurant theme that can reflect their delicious dish. And you already know, the  website’s theme plays a crucial role to create the relationship with customers, and drives sales effectively. This blog will give you the 10 top Shopify themes for restaurants with all aspects, helping your brand to stand out from the ordinary stores.

In the US market, more than 60% of people who usually take an online order from an online restaurant per week, this sustainable number of behavior is an opportunity for everyone. Moreover, with the other developed countries beyond the United Stated also potentially to invest in an attractive site for drive sales.

Whether you already have a website or not, you must have a look for these amazing Shopify restaurant templates with attention-grabbing design here. These integrated features premises to enhance your restaurant’s online presence, and conversion rates.

Top 10 Shopify restaurant theme: Overview

Have a look at this comparison table now! Notice that this theme’s order is evaluated by prices, averages positive reviews, number of reviews, features in price ranges.

Rank Name Prices Styles Average rate
1 Eurus $230 Features-rich, dynamic 98% positive
2 Vantage $300 Minimalist 93% positive
3 Blockshop $350 Bold, playful: 96% positive
4 Canopy $300 Vintage, retro 96% positive
5 Avenue $280 Industrial, edgy 96% positive
6 Food Steps $171 Clean, professional 88% positive
7 Shapes $350 Informative None
8 Foodie $200 storytelling, immersive None
9 Praise $210 Engaging None
10 Parallax $240 Formal 96% positive

1 Eurus ( highly recommended )

After going through all these 10 themes in this blog, you will understand why Eurus is the best Shopify ecommerce theme for restaurants. With a whopping 97% positive review rate, Eurus is the clear favorite for creating a stunning online presence.

Eurus - shopify restaurant themes

⚡Eurus’s special features

  • Unlimited Customization Options: Empower your customers to personalize their orders by allowing them to choose specific ingredients, omit unwanted ones, or even build their meals from scratch.
  • Unlimited Product Labels: showcases unique selling points like “Free Shipping,”  “Artisan Ingredients” or “Seasonal Menu.” These labels will grab the customer’s attention and make your goods stand out.
  • Powered by Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS: known for their lightweight design and simple syntax, contribute to Eurus’ impressive speed score of over 90.
  • Mobile-First Design: prioritizes mobile users with a design optimized for smartphones, creating a seamless shopping experience on any device.
  • Highly Customizable Design: Empowering users with 35+ dynamic sections, 80+ templates, and even calendar. Eurus allows complete customization to create a visually stunning store tailored

Eurus simplifies managing promotions, sales, and online ordering with delivery, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most. Moreover, it’s also offering dynamic dark mode switching, customizability with drag-and-drop sections, and a range of built-in features

📌 330$   Eurus theme sales up to 35% now❗Specially, you can get FREE shopify theme setup & design consulting if purchasing Eurus Theme

2 Vantage

Vantage is a perfect choice if you are looking for shopify restaurant template because it fits for all sizes, high volume storages, dropshipper and physical stores of all sizes. Providing core features to create a fast, sleek design with focus on conversion such as promotions tools, pop-ups, multi layouts, etc. Many reviewers highlight the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Vantage support team.

Vantage is a perfect choice if you are looking for Shopify themes for restaurants

⚡Vantage’s special features by Shopify

  • Multiple Layout Options: offers a variety of header layouts and content display options
  • Enhanced Product Display: allows you to creatively present your products in a way that entices customers.
  • Conversion-Driven Design: prioritizes features that encourage product discovery and streamline the checkout process, ultimately boosting your sales.

3 Blockshop

Blockshop isn’t just another Shopify theme. It’s a conversion power house which is designed to turn every visitor into a loyal customer.  Including a stunning design, powerful marketing tools, and fast performance, this helps you to create an online store that impresses anyone at first glance.


⚡Blockshop’s special features by Shopify

  • Powerful Marketing Features:  highlights discounts, showcases featured products, and creates a sense of urgency with countdown timers
  • Blazing Fast Speeds: enhances speed optimization, ensuring a seamless customer experience and potentially improving your SEO ranking.
  • Extensive Customization Options: matches your brand identity with a high degree of customization options.

4 Canopy

Canopy - shopify restaurant themes

Inspired by Amazon’s user interface, Canopy prioritizes a seamless shopping experience for customers with extensive inventories. Surprisingly, the team behind Canopy has over 10 years of experience in Shopify theme development. Their expertise translates into a well-crafted theme packed with features proven to boost conversions.

Canopy theme ’s special features by Shopify

  • Unmatched Shopping Experience:  boasts a prominent search bar and the option for an always-visible cart sidebar, perfect for customers navigating large inventories.
  • Built for Speed & Performance: understands the importance of fast loading times, especially for stores with extensive product offerings.

This theme is optimized for speed and performance to keep your customers engaged.

5 Food Steps

Food Steps is a responsive Shopify theme designed with organic and food stores in mind. However, its versatility allows it to adapt to a wide range of online businesses, including beauty, fashion, electronics, and more. If you need themes with advanced features or integrations, you may want to explore other options. However, Food Steps still be a good consideration of the best Shopify restaurant themes.

shopify restaurant theme

⚡Food Steps’s special features by Shopify

  • Effortless Customization: explores various sticky header variations to create a look that’s truly yours.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4: leverages the power of Bootstrap 4, a popular front-end framework.
  • Enhanced Functionality: comes packed with features to elevate your store’s functionality.

6 Avenue

Avenue, by Red Plug Design Co., this theme showcases a lot of cutting-edge features such as 5 products side-by-side, rating, prices points, and up to 20 custom metafield if you need. More than 95% positive reviews from buyers, proof that Avenue provides a dedicated support team for any problems that happen.

Avenue shopify theme

⚡Avenue’s special features by Shopify

  • Cohesive Organization: ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience throughout your store.
  • Informed Decision: provides a high level of transparency and fosters informed purchasing decisions.
  • Sub-Collection Mastery:  runs your system for collection page menus, breadcrumbs, sliders, and even product page sub-collection breadcrumbs

7 Shapes

Shapes is a creative and versatile Shopify restaurant theme

Shapes is a creative and versatile Shopify theme designed to help you stand out from the crowd.  With high prices, Shapes support-well for all essential features such as unique layouts, customizable shapes, visual storytelling, which are create a visually display, and engage customer attention

⚡Shapes’s special features by Shopify

  • Unique Display Options: Goes beyond the ordinary with Shapes’ vast library of pre-designed layouts
  • Ecommerce Functionality: offers features specifically designed for consumable products, including quick buy buttons, industry icons
  • Highly Customizable: allow for extensive customization to match your brand identity and vision.

8 Foodie


Foodie by We Are Underground LLC is a conversion-focused Shopify theme designed to maximize sales for stores with smaller product selections. This theme supports intuitive sections and a clean design, and showcases your products and highlights promotions effectively.

⚡Foodie’s special features by Shopify

  • Built for Speed: optimizes fast loading times, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for your customers.
  • Perfect for Dropshipper: create excitement and urgency with features like countdown timers to promote limited-time offers

9 Praise


Praise by Commence Commerce is your potential weapon for building a Shopify store. This theme supports reflecting your unique brands intrinsic, identity, and driving sales. By storytelling tools, you will easily captivate your audience.

⚡Praise’s special features by Shopify

  • Storytelling Through Design:  includes product details and brand value in an engaging way.
  • Flexible Image Display: breaks free from the grid with Praise’s unique image display options.
  • Boost Sales with Color & Content: showcases featured products in specific colors, utilizes shoppable images, and even embed product cards.

Praise highlights the theme’s ease of use and exceptional customer support in many of the reviews. This can be a deciding factor for users who are new to Shopify or who value ongoing theme support

10 Parallax

Immerse yourself with captivation templates by Parallax, a Shopify restaurant template display visual storytelling, and product discovery.


Parallax theme’s special features by Shopify

  • Craft Your Dream Storefront: Unleash your creativity with full-width parallax images, captivating slideshows, and stunning videos.
  • Effortless Conversions: Parallax streamlines the path to purchase. Features like a slide-out cart, a lightning-fast quick buy option, and strategically placed promotions make completing a purchase a breeze.
  • Visual Storytelling: brings your homepage to life by static page into a captivating narrative, drawing visitors deepe.

This theme is perfect for specific reasons such as dropshippers, high-volume stores etc. If you refer to enhancing brand’s awareness, and conversion, Parallax might be your future store in the current e-commerce market.

What To Look For The Best Shopify Theme For Restaurant Websites?

Have you chosen the preferred themes for your online store yet ? Double check your future theme includes these aspects for the best development path, and effective conversion-driving.

👉 You can have a look at the Practical Guide on How to Choose The Best Shopify Theme to choose your compatible theme step-by-step.

Core Functionalities

We all know that content is king for any websites, but the effective Shopify theme for restaurants must include strong features for realty income. These features and tools ensure a seamless user experience and efficient website management. For example: menu management, Online Ordering, Table Reservation System, High-Quality Image Galleries.

Attractive Design

The visual appearance of your restaurant themes is  as important as its functionality. The captivated pictures are a very powerful factor to elicit your customer’s need, directly affecting their buying decision.

Personal message to you !

Now you just go through all the best Shopify restaurant themes which are carefully suggested with all top-features, and useful suggestions. We also mentioned the Eurus, the only theme that has a sale currently with outstanding features in this list. The future of prosperity is in your hands !