Top 10 Best Shopify Themes for Food Products update 2024

Shopify Food Themes

For a thriving business in the online major, having the finest theme is the critical parameter for the culinary. Shopify, which is loved by all for its substantial platform, will be the best place to start for any new entrepreneur in the food industry. This article reveals the top 10 best Shopify themes for food products stores tailored for restaurants, meal services, and food ventures. We showcase the finest Shopify food themes and outline selection criteria, ensuring your digital food market venture is successful and delicious.

Top 10 best Shopify Themes for Food Products

1. Crave

Theme Styles: 1 Style

Price: Free

Top 10 Best Shopify Themes for Food Products update 2024

The Crave theme is one the best Shopify themes for food products, with options related to the food and drink industry. By providing a vivid and pleasant design that matches the photos of high-quality food, the experience will be saturated with a mouthwatering feeling. This mixture is responsible for visitors to the emporium to drool over their fantastic products. The best things about this are that it encompasses a diverse payment system, is mobile optimized and includes important ingredients in the front.

Such a theme offers several distinctions, including the design of a website and converting elements. Crave thrives on instances and is configurable to match your brand’s image, bringing outstanding attributes like customizable cart checkout and cross-selling.

Crave is no doubt one of the Shopify themes with a unique fusion of design and functionality that are striking when striving to provide the ultimate food product.

What sets Crave apart:

  • Switching on the dietary preference and nutritional information for every product.
  • A mobile-optimized shopping experience, including a gift registry that integrates with the company’s app.
  • Marketing and conversion-focused functionalities.

2. Canopy

Theme Styles: Multiple (4 Style)

Price: $300

Canopy best shopify theme for food products

Building the Canopy theme was the work of Clean Canvas – a reputable player in the industry providing classic and multifunctional Shopify templates with a design that resembles Amazon’s website style. This theme offers a sleek and user-friendly layout with the fact of many configurable options, therefore, you will have an intense e-commerce experience here. It richly suits the distribution for drop shipper shipments and general product stores run in medium levels and above.

Highly adaptable to customization and having a lot of functions, it’s a good fit for such online stores wishing to stay clear, fascinating, and usable. It can be flexibly divided into different features, contributing to the convenience of selling food stuff on the platform and establishing it as the best Shopify theme for food products.

What sets Canopy apart:

  • In-store pickups and quick buy products.
  • Side-outs and web pop-ups for easy access.
  • Blogs, cross-selling, adjustable contact forms, and multilingual consumer assistance.
  • Integrate with animations, color swatches, high-resolution product views, and product zoom capability

3. Brooklyn

Theme Styles: Multiple (2 Styles)

Price: Free

Brooklyn best shopify themes for food products

Brooklyn captures the vibrant essence of a dynamic area, providing a versatile platform for showcasing food products and services. Concretely, the Playful one is designed for food & beverage stores which makes use of name contrast style to boost a variety of usage and interaction.

Developed to mainly present visual storylines and an efficient space utilization method, Brooklyn comes with CTA triggers within the banner section to generate timely sales. Interactive display placements, such as slideshows for food catalogs, cookery guides, and promotions, are at the top of the shopping list for the highest impact possible by a display.

Brooklyn’s quick shop window under the overhead sign mainly exhibits a limited number of products, such as pastries and tasty beverages. Through this tool, products that require prompt actions are highlighted right away. In addition to its excellent design and performance, it is clear that Brooklyn is one of the best Shopify themes for food products.

What sets Brooklyn apart:

  • Home videos to enrich food advertisements.
  • Slide-out cart for seamless product additions.
  • High-definition header slideshows for a variety of food stories.

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4. Foodie

Theme Styles: Multiple (4 Styles)

Price: $200

shopify food themes

Crafted with food and beverage stores and restaurants in mind, Foodie is a chic Shopify theme designed to optimize performance. It ensures a swift browsing experience through a smart section and image loading. Moreover, Foodie enhances promotional activities with features like cross-selling, promo banners, countdown timers, and popups to boost conversions.

Merchants can utilize its free trial for color and customization experimentation, making it ideal for businesses in the food industry. Developed by We Are Underground, Foodie offers a contemporary look suitable for online shops and physical storefronts. Notably, it serves a variety of purposes and has an age verification for products that are banned.

What sets Foodie apart:

  • Cart notes and quick buy options for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Age verifier, cross-selling features, and in-menu promos to engage customers.
  • Product image zoom and detailed nutritional info for an informative product display.

5. Pacific

Theme Styles: Multiple (4 Styles)

Price: $240


Pacific is a Shopify theme that is very appealing and has all the features required for stores with vast choices, including food stores. Recognizing its adaptability and invulnerability to coding, routine retailers may build an online storefront that suits their preferences. Its navigation functions include a multicolumn or sidebar menu, with fewer clicks for product discovery and engagement.

The excellence of the Pacific lies in its ability to demonstrate the vivid nature of the food products through crystal clear video and a refined design. The four styles—Cool, Bold, Bright, and Warm—complement and bring out the uniqueness of the brands of any food business.

Through the Pacific online store, owners can spotlight their merchandise and interact with consumers by adding home page videos to an SEO-friendly platform for shoppers on mobile devices. Having received positive feedback and a firm place in trusted Shopify themes, Pacific has become the best Shopify theme for food products, providing a great look for food industry companies online.

What sets Pacific apart:

  • Home page video integration for dynamic content presentation.
  • A sidebar menu for easy navigation across large catalogs.
  • Custom modules for diverse content types, including FAQs, blog posts, and reviews.
  • A multicolumn menu for displaying large product images attractively.

6. Turbo

Theme Styles: Multiple (6 Styles)

Price: $425

best shopify themes for food

Turbo is a high-capacity Shopify theme tailored for swift, mobile-friendly purchases, ideal for grocery stores seeking visual impact with extensive product ranges. Its fast delivery, enhanced by smart page preloading and customizable designs, meets diverse e-commerce needs.

Turbo transforms food products into a powerful marketing channel by emphasizing high-quality visuals and user-friendly browsing, boosting engagement and conversion rates. Its feature-rich design includes a mega-menu for easy navigation, convenient add-to-cart functionality, and an integrated newsletter popup for lead collection.

Moreover, Turbo can be customized CSS, giving brand differentiation and a sense of uniqueness. As the champion Shopify theme for food products, Turbo shopify theme provides food companies with the most compelling online presence.

What sets Turbo apart:

  • Tailored for high-volume and physical food stores looking for an edge in presentation and speed.
  • Enhanced features to spotlight products with upgraded layouts and dynamic content.
  • Designed optimistically, ensuring a seamless mobile and desktop browsing experience.

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7. Editions

Theme Styles: Multiple (3 Styles)

Price: $250

7 best shopify theme for food products

Edition is a cutting-edge Shopify theme for ecommerce aimed at introducing the regular food and drink subscription service in a minimalist fashion. The minimalist design of the full-width theme enables you to showcase your products continuously. It is a perfect choice if you are interested in the simplicity of your eCommerce store. Editions ensures ease of use, delivering customizable product page layouts, awesome FAQ and lookbook templates, and effortlessly navigable features.

Through the Selection theme by Pixel Union, Editions displays the must-haves of your store in a convenient and spacious layout. It provides a quick connect experience where the trademark can be added and set up per the brand’s requirements. The theme’s color modes include “Light,” “Spring,” and “Modern”, which makes it easy to distinguish and, at the same time, have a unique look. To be the best Shopify theme for food products, Editions refines and renovates your online store with its lovely design and valuable functions.

What sets Editions apart:

  • Cart notes, in-store pickups, and quick buy for enhanced shopping experiences.
  • Support for blogs, multilingual translation, FAQs, product badges, and more.
  • Features like infinite scroll and a homepage slider to display large, high-resolution images.

8. Taste

Theme Styles: 1 Style

Price: Free

shopify food themes

Your food business will be strongly positioned using a splashy theme called Taste, which will be the foundation of your site’s development. Its airy style creates the impression of product quality, provides space for product display, and promotes editorial content and storytelling. It suits you best if you’d like to launch your webshop quickly without spending money buying ready-made themes.

Taste’s design is perfect for stores that aim at a narrative background and quality display. Thus, the scheme is customer-friendly in respect of visual information. Enhanced search, filtering, and sorting options are on the front end of Taste, helping the site’s quick responsiveness and organization. Targeting food products, Taste is the best Shopify theme for food products that your online store should have due to its overall features and user-friendly design.

What sets Taste apart:

  • Free to use, making it an excellent choice for startups and established stores alike.
  • Supports detailed product information, including ingredients and nutritional facts.
  • Offers a sticky header for easy access to menu items and search.

9. Parallax

Theme Styles: Multiple (4 Styles)

Price: $240

Perhaps the most pronounced region of the Parallax theme is the fascinating parallax scrolling effect. It boasts style elegantly. This template has been specifically designed for dynamic and long-format home pages to suit the advertising needs of businesses. They can tell the story of who they are at great length and with creativity. By its call for full-width image panels, and slideshow, it is the best in the web development industry.

The improved user experience is fully equipped with homepage sections for customer testimonials, logo lists, promotions, and image galleries to make the interaction more appealing. This makes it the perfect pick for snack brands targeting to win customers with visually rich online experiences. Parallax provides the necessary support for displaying a wide range of content types, allowing users to find and retain their appetites in an interesting appearance.

What sets Parallax apart:

  • The parallax scrolling effect enhances creativity and visual storytelling.
  • Optimized for showcasing high-resolution images to make products stand out.
  • Features like customer testimonials add credibility and build trust with visitors.

10. Local

Theme Styles: Multiple (3 Styles)

Price: $360

best shopify theme for food products

Local by Krown Themes is one of the best Shopify themes for food businesses, which those who own a physical store with an online presence should find user-friendly. The arrangement of this service is flawlessly designed to go hand in hand with online shopping and provide features like a birth certificate check for restricted items. This theme is a potent weapon for food sites that require multi-entity, cohesive websites that can connect their online and offline customer bases.

Local is especially important for the sites of those online shops that own physical stores, linking the message to the brand. At the same time, Local facilitates online food business outreach and physical offer showcasing, possibly to equalize the customer journey between platforms.

What sets Local apart:

  • Supports essential features for food businesses, including cart notes, in-store pickups, and a quick buy option.
  • Includes an age verifier for selling restricted products responsibly.
  • Offers a variety of marketing tools, like in-menu promos, product badges, and a reviews banner.

How to Build Successful Shopify Food Themes?

Crafting a successful Shopify food store mirrors curating a delightful culinary experience. It transcends mere food, encompassing storytelling, presentation, and accessibility. Here are strategies to elevate your Shopify food store:

  • Customizable Home Page Sections: Develop your storefront to include exciting brand stories, sources of ingredients, and contacts in the community, so it becomes a center of attention.
  • Featured Collections: Highlight collections specializing in pasta, sandwiches, or desserts to provide customers with a guided tour of your culinary universe by stimulating discovery.
  • Quick Buy Option: Provide smoother ordering via “Quick Buy” offering on collection pages and the front side of search results that lead customers right to purchase.
  • Slide-Out Cart: Provide a slide-out cart, which would make order modification instances easy without breaking browsing and maintaining engagement with the customer.
  • Optimized One-Page Checkout: One-page layout for smaller inventories will help you to filter down the decision-making process and minimize bounce rates.
  • Pickup Availability: Spotlight how consumers pick up products, which will please consumers who like convenience and will also spur the community’s support.
  • Story-Focused Product Pages: Incorporate stories behind your offerings on the product pages, which will help you create bondage and differentiation between the products.
  • Customer Testimonials: Use of customers’ real testimonials is good practice for building trust with the same customers who are considering buying products.
  • Large Image Optimization: Presentation of products should use high-resolution images that display every angle of the product so that the site loads quickly and can be navigated easily.


Like choosing the perfect elements for a delicious meal, finding the best Shopify theme for food products is essential and may make all the difference. Remember, with Shopify’s flexibility, you’re never locked into a single choice; you can refine and adapt your digital storefront as your business grows.