Broadcast Theme Shopify Review: Advantages & Disadvantage, Pricing

broadcast theme shopify review

Are you  looking for a high-end ecommerce Shopify theme that provides advanced features for the most optimized conversion? The Broadcast Theme might be your best choice in the modern Shopify theme Collection.  This theme’s ultimate goal is to send your brand’s stories to your customer by attractive layout, high-resolution and a reasonable storytelling flow.

In other words, this Broadcast theme Shopify becomes a standard UI for every clothing brand wanting to start an ecommerce store. Whether you’re now working in clothing, electronics, pet, F&B, or home decor niche, this theme still allows you to feature your products in a unique way.

We will give you detailed information of pros & cons, customer reviews, theme presets, pricing, noticeable features, and more. Patience throughout this article will help you to answer the core question “Is a Broadcast theme worth buying or not?”

Broadcast Theme Shopify: Overview

What is the Broadcast theme shopify ?

Crafted by Invisible Themes, the Broadcast theme isn’t your average storefront solution. It’s a feature-rich platform designed to elevate luxury brands. This theme truly shines when showcasing premium products like handcrafted goods or bespoke clothing. It empowers you with functionalities like sales-boosting announcement bars and upsells, all wrapped in a customizable package.

Styles of Broadcast Theme

In general, Broadcast does very impressive in creating a distinct style such as theme layout, unique storytelling, suitable niche for each preset which are rarely seen in others themes


clean style

The Clean style by Shopify Broadcast theme is the most versatile, allowing high-quality product photography to take center stage. It exudes a sense of effortless luxury and lets the product’s quality speak for itself

  • Vibe: Minimalist sophistication. Think crisp white space, neutral tones, and clean lines.
  • Suited Niche: Perfect for brands with a focus on simplicity and timeless elegance. Ideal for showcasing jewelry, luxury apparel, or minimalist homeware.


broadcast theme shopify review: mordern

The Clean style is the most versatile, allowing high-quality product photography to take center stage. It exudes a sense of effortless luxury and lets the product’s quality speak for itself.

  • Vibe: Sleek and contemporary. Utilizes a modern color palette with pops of color for accents.
  • Suited Niche: A great choice for brands with a focus on innovation and pushing boundaries. Works well for tech accessories, modern furniture, or high-end athleisure.


shopify broadcast theme: Bright

The Bright style incorporates playful fonts and a more whimsical layout. It creates a welcoming and approachable atmosphere, perfect for brands targeting a younger demographic or those offering products that evoke a sense of joy.

  • Vibe: Upbeat and cheerful. Leverages a light and airy color scheme with playful accents.
  • Suited Niche: Ideal for brands with a youthful or whimsical aesthetic. Perfect for showcasing children’s clothing, handmade toys, or brightly colored home decor.



The Bold style employs strong typography, a dramatic use of negative space, and high-impact visuals. It creates a sense of exclusivity and luxury, perfect for brands that want to make a lasting impression.

  • Vibe: Dramatic and statement-making. Utilizes a darker color palette with contrasting accents.
  • Suited Niche: A great choice for brands with a focus on luxury with an edge. Works well for high-end jewelry, designer handbags, or statement furniture.


At $360 USD, the Broadcast theme Shopify has an impressive feature set and a price tag to match. It is unquestionably fashionable and functional, but it is on the pricier end of the Shopify theme store scale.

Broadcast Theme Shopify Review: Features

Color Swatches

Color swatches: broadcast theme shopify

The Broadcast theme Shopify elevates the customer experience with its built-in color swatch functionality. This feature goes beyond simple text descriptions, showcasing product variants in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.

Unlike text descriptions, color swatches allow customers to see the exact color options available, eliminating any confusion or guesswork. With a single click, they can explore different color variations on the product image, getting a realistic sense of how the product might look in person. This can significantly reduce the risk of post-purchase disappointment due to color misinterpretation.

Broadcast’s color swatch functionality contributes to a professional and engaging online store experience, reflecting positively on your brand image.

Stock Counter

In the ecommerce field, the stock counters serve as a valuable tool for managing inventory. It monitors the remaining stock levels, therefore, you can identify popular products that might require restocking and avoid potential customer disappointment due to sold-out items.

The Broadcast theme has created extraordinary value for its customers by emphasizing one of the most vital aspects, which is the urgency while purchasing goods and services online.  The ability to assist people at your shop to do shopping correctly is what this feature gives. When it is time to refill, they find out that needed items are out of stock by listing the number of pieces available for each one.



The Shopify Broadcast theme takes advantage of cross-selling functionality. This functionality goes beyond just showing random products. It uses customer behavior and product data to recommend complementary items that improve the overall shopping experience.

Think of a customer who is just checking out a cool pair of sunglasses. The advertisement can play with the idea of a fashionable hat and a chic luggage bag that make a complete appearance and increase the average order value. This is a result of this targeted approach that not only helps the customers by providing them with relevant suggestions which complements their original choice, but also helps your store by putting your business profit on a higher proportion.

Broadcast enables you to use cross-selling options and fit recommendations into certain product categories or customer demographics. Targeting specific products is a cross-selling feature that encourages customers to explore more and results in them becoming regular customers.

Quick Add

With the Work by Instruction catalog, customers will no longer need to maneuver to a page showing details about the product before adding it to the cart.  To achieve favorable customer feedback, one must develop a smooth and user-centered environment. Quick Add boosts a nice and quick shopping process, and with this everything your customers want is available just at hand and they can complete the buying.

While Quick Add by Broadcast streamlines the process, it’s equally important to ensure customers have access to sufficient product information on the listing page itself. Including the key details like size, color, or material to avoid confusion or returns later.

Back to Top Button

Perhaps, one of the most common benefits that the extension is providing is the “Back to Top Button.” We have discovered that most of the themes don’t have this functionality which leads the consumers to view long product pages all the way to the top.

This brings about a customer experience of not being frustrated when they spend valuable time, especially on pages with lengthy product descriptions or high-quality images. With the addition of this feature which may seem not that significant generally, the Shopify theme Broadcast makes the difference with competitors and shows how they value the users.

Slide-Out Cart 

shopify broadcast theme

Shopify Broadcast theme eliminates the burden by providing the Slide-Out Cart, which shows as a handy sidekick beside the product they’re viewing. Adding goods or making updates is simple, keeping them engaged and ready to checkout quickly. Furthermore, Broadcast allows you to personalize the Slide-Out Cart to properly fit your brand, making it a seamless extension of your shopping experience.

Broadcast Theme Shopify review: Advantages & Disadvantage


Visual Storytelling

All of Broadcast presets offer a  high-quality image support, modern aesthetic, allowing your brand’s story to shine through. Showcasing your handcrafted jewelry with stunning close-up shots or highlighting the luxurious texture of your clothing with detailed product photography. Therefore, Broadcast empowers you to make your store to be a visually compelling product experience that engages customers and ignites their desire for your brand story.

High speed website

Broadcast theme Shopify prioritizes performance optimization, ensuring your online store loads quickly and seamlessly across all devices. Broadcast ensures a smooth browsing experience that keeps visitors engaged and ready to explore your offerings. Faster loading times not only enhance user experience but can also improve your search engine ranking, attracting a wider audience to your brand. This can be seen by a number of reviews by customers.

Dedicated Support Team

Shopify Broadcast theme offers a reliable support system to ensure a smooth experience. Whether you encounter technical obstacles or simply have questions about theme optimization, their dedicated support team is readily available to assist you. With their expertise at your disposal, you can focus on running your business and leave the technical aspects to Broadcast’s dedicated support team. Additionally, this theme receives more than 93% average rate of positive reviews.

Mobile-First Design


This theme is meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional user experience on smartphones and tablets. Responsive design ensures your online store adapts flawlessly to any screen size, offering a smooth browsing and buying journey for your mobile customers. Broadcast understands that mobile-first approach empowers you to reach a wider audience and convert them into loyal customers, no matter where they shop from.



Broadcast offers a premium feature set, and with that comes a premium price tag. Compared to some basic themes, its cost might be a hurdle for new sellers just starting their online journey. While the long-term benefits like increased sales and conversions can outweigh the initial investment, the upfront cost could be a deterrent for those with limited budgets. However, this theme might offer trials or introductory pricing to allow new sellers to experience its advantages before committing to a full purchase.

Unimpressive number of marketing & merchandising features

Broadcast theme excels in core functionalities but might lack the extensive marketing and merchandising tools some sellers crave. While it offers features like cross-selling, product reviews, and promo banners, it might not cater to those seeking a highly customizable marketing suite.

For sellers who want highly interactive product pages with features like before/after image sliders or in-menu promos. For those requiring a feature-rich marketing and merchandising powerhouse, Broadcast might not be the most comprehensive solution.

Alternative Theme to Broadcast Theme Shopify

Interested in launching your business but on a tight budget ? The Eurus Shopify Theme is the considerable alternative to Broadcast.

Eurus is a great option for entrepreneurs on a budget because it is presently at $230 USD. Explore Eurus and improve your online store right away to feel the power of a premium theme without having to pay a premium price tag!

Eurus Shopify Theme

Everything you require to succeed in the e-commerce industry is included in the Eurus Shopify theme, developed by BSS Commerce. There are now five presets available for this theme: Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, and Puff. This gives you a variety of options for all niches and selling objectives.

Eurus shopify theme

Eurus Outstanding Features:

  • Color Swatches: offers a dynamic operation to change different colors by simple click, eliminating the need for them through various product listings for desired color, saving time, and simplifying the buying process.
  • Quick view/ quick add: provides customers with the best shopping experience possible and must provide quick view mode. They can view the things with a single click and decide whether or not to purchase them.
  • Mobile-First Design: emphasizes mobile users with a design tailored for smartphones, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Advanced Customization: with 80+ templates and 40+ dynamic sections of product carousels, banners, footers, navigation menus, and more, you can control individual design components as well as every aspect of your store’s layout.
  • Built-in Marketing and Conversion Tools: includes cutting-edges features like pop-ups, a countdown timer, an event calendar, bundle and collection recommendations, and more.
  • Products & Collections Smart Recommendations: employs AI-powered recommendations to present your customers the most relevant goods and collections based on their behavior, purchase history, browsing patterns, and related keywords.
  • Prioritize Blazing Speed (Alpine.js with Tailwind CSS): offers lightning-fast loading times and a flawless customer experience, leading in more conversions.

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This review explored the Broadcast theme Shopify in detail, covering all the important aspects. We also introduced the Eurus theme as a budget-friendly alternative with a similar feature set. However, before you buy any theme, remember the key is to understand your brand’s unique style and values. Choosing the right theme depends on what best reflects your brand identity.