Crafting Day Three Fragrances’s Online Store With Eurus Theme

eurus-theme-heath-&-beauty store

About Day Three Fragrances

Day Three Fragrances is a handmade fragrance store based in the United States. Their perfumes are inspired by the people and culture of the Dominican Republic with highlights of mamajuana, Dominican coffee, mangoes from Bani, and more. Ideally, every product of Day Three Fragrances is created with only the highest quality, skin-safe ingredients and avoids using animals as material.

Located in the health & beauty market, perfume is an extremely competitive product with many famous brands. Even though it is a newly launched brand, Day Three Fragrances has already made a big splash with more than 148 5-star reviews.

With the product being perfume and an orientation towards a high-end product line, Day Three Fragrances’s online store also requires a minimalist but luxurious appearance.

eurus-theme-heath-&-beauty store


The main product is handcrafted perfume, so Day Three Fragrances needs to create its own identity to compete with famous brands or competitors in the industry. Besides, to stand out from competitors in the market, they’re looking for speed, conversion-optimized, and suitable themes for small catalog sizes.

Therefore, Day Three Fragrances decided to use Eurus Theme aimed at focusing their product and conversion-focused features such as promotion banners, trust badges, product recommendations, cart upsell, etc.

How does Eurus Theme meet the needs of Day Three Fragrances?

Eurus theme played as a complete solution in helping Day Three Fragrances online store have ideal looks and optimize conversion. Beside their neat layout built by Eurus Theme, many other features are equipped and help the store to maximize revenue.

Provides full conversion optimization features

By using the Eurus theme, Day Three Fragrances didn’t need any marketing apps. Our theme included all the necessary features to make the store ready for sale, including:

  • Announcement bar, popup, and promotion banner with countdown banner – to highlight your special deals and increase urgency.
  • Cart drawer – to improve the checkout experience. Your customers can see all the important details from the sticky side cart itself. This can actually make it easy for your customers and give them a speedy checkout.
  • Sticky add-to-cart – to reduce cart abandonment. Having a sticky add-to-cart on your store will attract customers to your store and make their purchases from your store.

Increase average order value

Every store aims to increase average order value because it raises revenue without increasing the marketing and sales costs, including Day Three Fragrances. Ideally, Eurus’s cart upsell and smart product recommendation features are effective tools to encourage your customers to spend more, either by purchasing more or by buying more expensive products.

By guiding customers towards higher-priced options or complementary products, Day Three Fragrances can capitalize on additional sales opportunities and boost their overall profitability.

Compatible with social proof plugin

Social proof is key to building credibility and establishing trust with prospects. Online reviews are a powerful form of social proof, with 86% of businesses considering verified reviews critical in their purchase decisions, according to 2023 Software Buying Trends.

Among thousands of review apps, Jay Three Fragrances uses Review app to build trust and social proof. And,  Eurus is completely compatible without any further support. This means that right when you integrate Review app with the Eurus theme, there will be no cases of broken layouts or bugs appearing.

“Everything works great. It’s smooth, fast, and intuitive. I’ve used support one time and the response was great. The site looks great, and is easy to customize.”

Michael Paul
Co-Owner and Perfumer of Day Three Fragrances


A neat homepage layout and a very detailed product page were built:


The store is also fully equipped with upsell features

Auto product recommendations right on product pages
Convenient cart drawer and upsell

Finally, this online store gains excellent performance speed and core web vitals score on both mobile and desktop due to PageSpeed Insights:



Eurus Theme brings Day Three Fragrances a complete solution that revolutionizes their site performance. Not only great looks but also optimized speed and improved customer engagement, positioning Day Three Fragrances for continued growth and success in a competitive perfume industry.

“Everything is flawless”

From Michael Paul, Co-Owner and Perfumer of Day Three Fragrances

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