Les Petits – Shopify Theme Migration to Excellent Speed

About Les Petits

Les Petits is a premier destination for high-end kids’ products, featuring a curated selection from multiple premium brands. The store offers everything from baby furniture and decorations to toys and childcare essentials, all with a focus on eco-conscious products like non-plastic toys and high-quality designs. Les Petits caters to discerning customers who prioritize quality and sustainability.


Les Petits’ website currently has many tracking codes and 3rd-party apps installed, causing Core Web Vitals to fail both on desktop and mobile.

As an online kids’ concept store, Les Petits relies heavily on its website as a primary sales channel. The website needed to be:

  • Clean, simple, and luxurious in design
  • Highly performant, meeting all Core Web Vitals metrics on both mobile and desktop devices
  • Integrated with the Judge.me review app, with custom design adaptations

Also, as Les Petits is an active website it’s crucial to preserve a seamless purchasing experience for their customers.

Eurus Theme’s Solution

Remain of current layout to preserve a seamless experience

Recognizing that the old theme is outdated and limited, Eurus Theme was selected to meet the design and performance needs of Les Petits. The Eurus team delivered a design that retained the essence of the current website but was optimized for conversions. Key improvements included:

  • Keep the same structure and layout of the old theme: Eurus team helps Les Petits maintain the current layout of its active website, to ensure the migration process does not disrupt the customer experience and website authority. 
  • Brand Alignment and Conversion Focus: The new design adhered to Les Petits’ brand story and vibe while enhancing sales and conversions. Clear CTAs and highlighted collections improved navigation and user engagement.

Eliminate 3rd-party app and surpass Core Web Vitals metrics

The initial goal when Les Pettis switches to Eurus Theme is to pass all Core Web Vitals metrics. Thanks to Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS technology, plus being app-free and setting up the theme with performance- optimization in mind, their store has seen a significant increase in website performance.

Eurus’s native functions help Les Petits replace 3rd-party apps to have a super fast site with perfect Core Web Vitals. Here is the expected result:

Mobile: Significant improvements in speed and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Desktop: Enhanced performance metrics, leading to faster load times and better overall user experience.

Replace 3rd-party apps without additional fee

Eliminating third-party apps not only enhances website speed but also enables Les Petits to save from $50 to $200 monthly. Leveraging the native features of the Eurus Theme, the brand can effortlessly incorporate:

#1 Product labels: Les Petits utilizes product labels to spotlight special discounts and streamline product discovery with new arrivals or trending items. These labels grab attention and steer users towards relevant products, driving up sales, and enhancing user engagement – integral elements for website expansion.

#2 Custom options: The product pages were designed to include custom options, ensuring that enough information is collected for personalized products. This feature enabled customers to provide specific details about their preferences, allowing Les Petits to deliver tailored products that meet individual needs.

#3 Product filtering: By allowing visitors to refine their product searches based on specific criteria, such as price, type of product, or brand, Eurus team assists Les Petits in streamlining the shopping journey, ensuring customers discover products tailored to their preferences. This functionality not only boosts conversion rates but also reduces bounce rates, fostering user engagement by simplifying the process of finding relevant items.

Also, Eurus provides collection circles for better display and filtering. “I personally find the option of having the collection circles for filtering really great and know that very few themes offer this”, said Lauren, store owner of Les Petits

#4 Cookie Notices: To ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, Eurus provides cookie notices to inform Les Petits’s visitors about the use of cookies or similar tracking technologies, ultimately enhancing user trust, legal compliance, and website functionality.

#5 Pre-order: To transform potential sales into actual purchases, the Eurus team implemented a pre-order function. This feature allowed customers to reserve products before they became available, boosting revenue and improving customer relationships by ensuring they could secure items in high demand.

Additionally, the theme comes equipped with over 40 customization sections, offering users endless possibilities for page setup. By forgoing another page builder, Les Petits further reduces expenses by over $20 per month.

SEO-focused to gain more traffic

Eurus provides moveable descriptions, ensuring optimal SEO for both products and collection pages. 

You have the flexibility to freely relocate these descriptions anywhere on the page. If there’s information solely intended for SEO that you prefer customers not to focus on, you can easily place it toward the bottom of the page.

Going beyond that, Les Petits can freely adjust heading levels (from h1 to h6) for each block or section. This meticulous control ensures that website headings are well-organized, contributing to enhanced SEO performance.

Optimize the mobile experience

Recognizing the importance of a tailored mobile experience, the Eurus team offered free customization for mobile layouts. This ensured a professional, clean appearance on mobile devices, facilitating a seamless shopping journey for mobile users.

The requirements of each store are different, and we are also happy to bring you the desired store.

Integrate review app

To establish trust and showcase social proof, Eurus team integrated the Judge.me review app and customized it to fit the store’s aesthetic. This addition provided immediate credibility and highlighted the quality of Les Petits’ products.


The migration to the Eurus Theme resulted in a significant enhancement of Les Petits’ online presence. 

Streamline user experience on both mobile and desktop devices

Superior performance and surpass Core Web Vitals

Enhanced SEO performance

Tailored mobile optimizations for better conversion

Save a huge amount of costs for Les Petits

“A HUGE thanks to Aiden on customer service and the entire Eurus theme for everything they have done with my store, https://www.lespetits.fr/ – I moved from another theme to Eurus primarily for site speed and the promise of passing all core web vitals on mobile and desktop, and they did not disappoint! Theme switching was a breeze, and they fixed everything I needed. A***! Thank you so much :)”

From Lauren, store owner of Les Petits


The migration to the Eurus Theme resulted in a significant enhancement of Les Petits’ online presence. With tailored mobile optimizations, effective integration of social proof elements, and a focus on boosting conversions, Les Petits is now better positioned to attract and retain high-end customers.