Tote Savvy – A Case Study with Shopify Theme for Accessories with Premium-looking


About Tote Savvy

Tote Savvy is a brand founded in the USA that originated from a mother looking for utility in her flexible tote bags. With only a short period of joining the commercial market, Tote Savvy has 2000+ customers trusting and giving good reviews about the product.

Their goal is to provide a solution for everyone, helping to bring more organization and order into daily life. Whether for work, travel, or caring for a baby, Tote Savvy’s inserts are designed to keep essentials neat and tidy. To empower their store with advanced features and good-looking, Tote Savvy reaches out to Eurus theme.

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The Tote Savvy’s Expectations

Tote Savvy aims to find a new theme with the best performance and built-in premium features. As a fashion brand, the store has high expectations for a theme that meets the needs of presenting products in an eye-catching, trendy, and high-fashion way. Besides, skillfully displaying product images and optimizing performance and conversion are also things Tote Savvy wishes.

Design elements with premium-looking visuals and conversion-optimized features to promote Tote Savvy’s product
Create more promotion sections with attractive layouts.
Boost store speed and performance

How Eurus Theme Spectacular Transform Tote Savvy Store

Tote Savvy experts identify Eurus as completely suitable for their expectations focused on a beautiful, eye-catching design and conversion-optimzed features. With multiple customizable sections, Eurus Theme provides solutions to help Tote Savvy perfect the design and conversion features such as product upsells, pop-ups, product recommendations, etc.

Announcement bar, Promotion banner: To highlight campaigns or discount promotions

Eurus provides many marketing tools, in which Tote Savvy has used 2 outstanding features: an announcement bar and a promotion banner to promote their attractive deals.

With announcement bars, promotion recognition is clearer, and the customer experience is also easier as they can click on the button right in this section.


Additionally, a promotion banner serves any campaign to improve customer recognition, as the section is enough to attract and retain customers with a directional button that allows customers to take part in the store’s activities.


Slideshows: For better visual storytelling & professional design

With the desire to set up a hero banner with more content and functions, Tote Savvy has chosen to put this Heading part in the form of Slideshows with attractive, eye-catching movements, supporting the promotion of necessary content.


Featured products and collections: To touch customers’s purchasing habits

To meet the need to bring best-selling or most popular products to customers cleverly and beautifully, Featured Products and Featured Collections of Eurus theme were set up.

Featured products and collections Shopify Theme

By showing products with an ideal layout and impressive location, Tote Savvy successfully caught customers’ attention and drove even more sales.

Quick buy and Cart drawer: To upgrade customers’s experience

Tote Savvy implemented a specialized and professional Quick Buy feature to speed up the shopping journey so that customers can order right without having to go to the individual product page of each product. With this Eurus’s feature, Tote Savvy has enhanced the overall convenience and efficiency of the purchasing experience.


Smart Product Recommendations: To boost sales and average order value

To better support upselling,  the product pages now include sections for product recommendations. In particular, these suggested purchases are automatically generated, featuring related products and collections visible on the cart, product page, and collection page. This section not only helps admins save time but also increases AOV (Average Order Value) by encouraging customers to explore complementary items.


Not only on the product and collection page but also cart page, cart upsell built-in Eurus helps Tote Savvy to attract customers to buy more.


Besides, as a Shopify partner helps optimize and arrange Tote Savvy Store, Eurus theme also supports designing good-looking elements to suit the needs of the business.


Successes of Tote Savvy Website

After working with the Eurus theme for no longer period, Tote Savvy expressed satisfaction with the new interface of the new website. Besides, they also appreciate the speed and greatly improved customer experience.

totesavvy founder
Creator Of ToteSavvy


“The Eurus theme has been great for our storefront. We were looking for a mobile-friendly theme with all of the added features like product upsells, pop-ups, product recommendations, etc., and this app fit the bill. After a few weeks of using the new theme, our site speed has increased allowing a better shopping experience for our customers. Support has also been great!”

Besides the good-looking, Tote Savvy is also very satisfied because the website speed has been greatly improved.


Ready to enhance your store by switching to Erus Theme

If your store is also having problems with the interface or features that need to be transformed, or you want to create a fancy store like Tote Savvy, the Eurus team is always ready to help you. With experience and experience of many projects with positive results, you can completely trust our Shopify experts to enhance your Shopify store.

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