Top 10 Best Shopify Themes for Services Business update 2024

Struggling to figure out the best appearance for your future store on Shopify? You don’t need to look anywhere! This blog will help you explore the 10 best Shopify themes for Services business in 2024.

We will go through these themes with all necessary information from advantages, disadvantages, superiority, prices, styles, making sure you’ll have space to choose the best that meet your business purposes. By the end, you’ll realize the keys to success and drive conversion effectively.

Did you know that more than half of Americans (57%) believed that an attractive website or online store is more likely to be trusted compared to the stores that don’t have websites.

What are you waiting for ? Check out the comparison table below to get the best shopify theme for services business ever.

Best Shopify Themes for Business in 2024: Overview

Rank Theme name Prices Styles Average rating
1 Eurus $230 Feature-rich and mobile first 98% positive
2 Broadcast $360 Incentivize sales 93% positive
3 Boost $320 Dynamic 89% positive
4 Pacific $240 Large inventories 85% positive
5 Nostalgia $250 Classic, elegant None
6 Galleria $280 Natural 99% positive
7 Align $320 Modern, performance None
8 Whisk $290 Minimalism None
9 Zest $300 Modern None
10 Gofarm $119 Basic, simple style None

1. Eurus ( highly recommended)

Eurus is the superior theme of the best 10 Shopify themes for services. Eurus offers a variety of pre-designed themes and customization options to suit different service-based businesses. . Currently, there are 5 styles are Breeze, Breath, Swirl, Whiff, Puff, with detailed guidelines

Eurus saves a large amount of your time on the theme that meets your services. This theme provides visual storytelling to transmit your brand’s story to customers, creating the close relationship for higher conversions.

Eurus - best shopify theme for services

Eurus outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

    • Dark Mode Switching: Supports immediate change of the storefront appearances, and reduces eye strain effectively.
    • Amazing Presets & Templates: Allows flexible customization to create a visually stunning store by 35+ dynamic sections, and 80+ templates Moreover, Eurus is optimized for all services and niches, including Fashion, Baby & Kids, and more.
    • Event Calendar: streamlines scheduling, guaranteeing smooth coordination for meetings, events, and workshops.
  • Powerful Promotion Tools: Drives sales and customer engagement with built-in features for creating targeted promotions, discounts, coupons, and free shipping offers.
  • Customization options: Offers extensive customization options to tailor the product display and user experience to your specific needs.

As you can see above, these features go beyond our expectations when compared in the price ranges. Powered by Tailwind CSS, and Alpind.js which was born to create unparalleled speed, fast loading time, Eurus Theme is the all-in-one solution you need to launch a high-performing store.

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2. Broadcast

Broadcast is a powerful, top-featured Shopify theme for ecommerce created to scale your conversion as a rocket.

Broadcast- shopify theme for service business

Broadcast theme outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • 20+ Pre-Built Sections: Expedite your store launch with broadcast’s pre-built content sections for pages like About Us, FAQ, and Contact.
  • Promotional Powerhouse: Increases sales with features like countdown timers, in-menu promos, and product badge
  • Mobile-Optimized & Speedy: Prioritizes mobile conversions and is built with performance optimization
  • Reduced App Dependence: Offers functionalities like one-click add-to-cart and upsells, potentially eliminating the need for additional apps.

The theme is suited for businesses that conduct a store for large transactions, and for physical storefronts.  Some salient features that can be listed are reducing reliance on additional apps, including features like one-click add-to-cart, product upsells, and robust promotional tools.

3. Boost

As its name suggests, Boost was created for boosting conversion purposes !

This impressive theme is packed with essential features from SEO tool optimization, performance enhancement features, and dynamic customizable sections. Boost offers all tools for you to create the best shopify theme for service business.

Boost - shopify theme

Boost outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Feature-Rich Sections & Content: Showcases your brand personality with engaging content sections and customizable promotions.
  • Competitive Advantage Tools: Boosts includes essential features like SEO optimization, performance optimization, advanced product filters, and more.
  • Expert Design: boasts over 10 years of experience and their expertise is reflected in the quality and functionality of the Boost theme.

There have also been negative reviews regarding customer support, although the developer offers a response outlining their policy on customization.

4. Pacific

Pacific is one of top scalable themes which is created for large inventory stores, including features such as multi-column menus, sidebar menus, promotions tools to facilitate product discovery. Pacific boasts the ability to grow with your business and can adapt to accommodate an expanding product catalog.

Pacific shopify theme

Pacific outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Stellar Navigation: makes product discovery easy for customers.
  • Scalable Design: allows it to adapt and grow alongside your business.
  • Customizable Pages: offers a variety of pre-built sections that enable you to create unique pages to suit your specific needs.

However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning user experience issue-related, unsuitable storytelling elements. While there’re some users who appreciate the helpfulness and responsiveness of the Pixel Union team.

5. Nostalgia

Inspired by classic and elegant displays, Nostalgia showcases an aesthetic design with simple detail. Including basic features are mega menus, quick view functionality, filter option to boost users experience.


Nostalgia outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Curated Content Presentation: allows you to showcase your products and content in a visually appealing way.
  • Additional Page Templates: Nostalgia includes pre-built pages for introductions, contact forms with maps, and campaigns.
  • Feature Packed: offers a surprising number of features, including variation swatches, mega menus, quick view functionality, cart drawer, and product filters.

This theme is surprisingly versatile and  can accommodate editorial content with longer text sections, it’s one of salient shopify themes for services brands focus on storytelling into their brand identity. Users appreciate the responsiveness of the Nostalgia team in addressing their questions and requests.

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6 Galleria

This theme is an image-focused theme designed for stores that prioritizes visual presentation  with features like a customizable gallery and a unique column slideshow, showcasing your products and brand. Galleria is praised for beaucase of its ease of use and support for rapid launch.

Galleria - shopify theme

Galleria outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Stunning Visuals: offers a variety of tools to create a visually appealing shopping experience, including a customizable gallery and a unique column slideshow.
  • Quick Setup: allows you to launch your store quickly.
  • Visual Storytelling: leverages imagery to support their brand story.

7 Align

Align is a modern, high-performance and accessible feature which is ideal for the  shopify themes for services. This theme boasts a simple, but still professional in some ways that are directly seen in the homepage.

By Buying built-in features for design, Align helps your store to showcase the advantages, and tell the brand’s story effectively.

Align - shopify theme

Align outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Conversion-focused Search: A powerful search function with instant predictive results helps visitors find what they’re looking immediately
  • Mega Menu & Flexible Navigation: Create simple menus or build complex mega menus
  • Promotional Powerhouse: Grabs your visitors’ attention with in-menu promotions, promo banners, and product badges

While Align boasts a feature-rich design, the price point of $320 might be a consideration for budget-conscious users. You can check Eurus theme which currently sells for 35%, with a wider range of functionalities for services.

8. Whisk

Spending time for a theme that reflects your unique brand identity ? You need to leverage storytelling and editorial content to connect with your customers. ? Or you sell age-restricted products or have a focus on visual content.

Whisk - shopify themes for services

Whisk outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Swatches & Quick View: makes product browsing a breeze with intuitive features like color and image swatch filters and a quick view function for instant product details.
  • Seamless Checkout: provides a smooth checkout experience with features like a sticky cart to keep customer purchases on track.

Whisk absolutely can not be more suitable for your Shopify theme for services. This theme focuses on organic shapes, captivating layouts, and easily editorial content. Empowering you to visually engage customers and make a lasting impression .

9. Zest

Zest is a mobile-first theme created to enhance the conversion rates for mobile devices perfered. Including feature-rich themes like flexible mega muni, smart view for product searching, filter options to encourage purchase on mobile. Zest  also boasts user-friendly customization options  that allow you to craft a brand story  with bold visuals and  engaging content.

Zest - shopify theme

Zest outstanding features by Shopify ⚡

  • Mobile-Optimized Design: prioritizes mobile users with features specifically designed to convert website visitors into customers on smartphones.
  • Easy Customization:  offers an intuitive interface that allows you to tailor the design to match your brand identity.
  • Brand Storytelling Tools: provides sections and features to help you communicate your brand story through visuals and engaging content.

10 Gofarm

If You’re a grocery store owner, Gofarm is created for you. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to run the store immediately, and efficiently. Gofarm with pre designed layouts for your home pages, empowering you to create a visually appealing and friendly UX for the best shopping experience.


Gofarm outstanding features by Shopify⚡

  • SEO Optimization: ensures your store ranks high in search results with features like Google Structured Data integration.
  • Fast Speeds: optimizes performance with a “No jQuery” build and proven fast loading times.
  • Multilingual Support: caters to a wider audience by offering your store content in multiple languages.

Key Factors for the Best Shopify themes for Services Business

There are a multitude of aspects that lead to your online selling success such as core features, attractive designs, or interest sales. When choosing a Shopify theme for your service-based business, prioritize themes that are mobile-friendly (responsive) and load quickly. These factors are critical for making a good first impression on potential customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

No one knows where a customer will come from. Sometimes they come from through ads, seeing your brands on social media, or their friends mention you. And checking about your brand product immediately, anywhere only happens for mobile phones.

It’s an essential device for most of us. Therefore, you must choose the theme that offers a strong responsive design, and performance as Eurus theme, which is the strongest evidence for responsive design.

High speed

Have you ever waited for a website which responses more than 10 seconds or not ? The answer is never if that problem did not come from your device. You must make sure your future shopify theme for services must fast, and quickly respond in the buying process.  It’s a core key for increasing conversion effectively.

Wrapping up

We just go through the 10 best Shopify themes for services with pros and cons, and 2 simple suggestions for long-term store development. Moreover, you can explore other interesting themes at Omni Themes to find the perfect fit for your print on demand business.